Dry Brushing 101

I recently discovered dry brushing and added it to my daily routine, so today I want to share all of its benefits with you!


I recently added dry brushing to my daily beauty routine and thought I’d do up a little 101 guide on the beauty hack for you. For starters, let me explain what exactly dry brushing is! Dry brushing is basically what it sounds like, brushing your skin with a dry body brush. It’s usually done before showering and has a few great benefits.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

  1. Exfoliates and smooths. As you can imagine, brushing your skin is an amazing way to exfoliate because of the natural bristles. By brushing the skin with this tool, it helps to loosen and remove dead skin cells, therefore making your skin much smoother.
  2. Lymphatic drainage. If you haven’t heard of this before then it might sound complicated, so I’ll explain it simple terms. Your body is made up of lymph (it’s a fluid) and the body detoxifies through lymph vessels. Since a lot of the lymph vessels are right below the surface of your skin, dry brushing helps to stimulate normal lymph flow in the body. This basically means that the brushing is helping your body naturally detoxify!
  3. Smaller pores. Since the natural bristles help to exfoliate the skin, your pores are regularly being cleaned out by the dry brushing. As a result, pores appear smaller and the skin smoother!

How to Dry Brush

It’s been said that dry brushing creates energy as it increases circulation, so doing it in the morning before a shower is best! You can even do it twice a day if you feel like it. Always brush towards the center of the body as the heart and chest area are where lymph is drained. Very little pressure is needed if you have a firm brush!

Legs: Brush from the ankles upward in long strokes and repeat around 8-10 times per leg.

Arms: Brush from the wrists to the armpit in long strokes, repeat 8-10 times per arm.

Circular motions can be used on the abdomen, back and armpits.

Where to Buy a Dry Brush

Below are a few options for dry brushes, they’re not super pricey and definitely don’t need to be splurged on! Any firm, natural bristle brush will work. Larger ones with long sticks can be used for the body, and smaller gentler bristled brushes can be used for the face.

After dry brushing daily for about 3 weeks now, I’ve found that my skin is much smoother than before and seems to also be a bit tighter in stubborn fattier areas. I also find that the small bumps on the back of my thighs have disappeared! If you have any questions about dry brushing feel free to comment below.