My Bedroom Decor

I’ve received so many requests for this post so here it FINALLY is! A room tour to show you all of my decor, where it’s from, and why I’ve chosen to decorate the way I did! I wasn’t exactly sure how I would write this post so it’ll mainly be photos of my bedroom followed with links of similar decor items.

My bedroom walls are a very pale shade of grey with white trimming and all of my furniture is white so naturally I knew I would be decorating it with colours and pieces that pop.

PS. I grew up with the aspiration of one day becoming an interior designer but since that isn’t happening I just decorate my own spaces as if I actually am a complete PRO. I visit Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and every other site you can imagine to find inspo and then I MAKE IT HAPPEN for myself! It really is the best way to get exactly what you want out of a room.

While I am still a student and I have a certain budget, all of the pieces in my room, from furniture to decoration, are affordable. I’ll caption each photo with the stores that I purchased my decor from, but I can’t guarantee you’ll find the exact pieces.

My bedroom has a gold, black, and white fashion theme and it’s very simplistic. With that being said, let’s get into the goods!

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White furniture makes a small room look much bigger than it is in reality. My bed and cubicle shelving unit are both from IKEA.

Kallax Shelf Unity – High Gloss White

Brimnes Daybed

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Instead of inserting boxes into each shelving unit I’ve used three of them for decoration/storage. I like to keep the colours very similar so that there’s a nice overall look and feel in the room. For example, each item in the “decoration” boxes has black and/or white and gold.

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Each decorative piece on top of this unit is from Marshalls or Winners. It’s not hard to find great pieces that match and they’re very affordable too. This glass piece on the right was on clearance because one piece of glass is missing, but I’ve angled it so you can’t see! I use this one to store some of my silk scarves because they’re too pretty to tuck away.

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This jewelry box is from Marshalls, the Chanel book is from a used-books store, and the Vogue magazine is just an everyday purchase from the drugstore. I’d like to purchase a few more designer books to make this stack higher too! If you visit my Instagram page and screenshot this exact post, you can find similar books on Like to Know It.

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Although these pieces don’t have much meaning, they really add something to the room. The abstract shape is from Marshalls and the hourglass is from IKEA. It can be found here.

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I’m always on the go AND I love looking at handbags so I recently installed these floating shelves from IKEA to display all of mine! They’re already starting to overflow…but that’s an issue for another time. I really try to make use of the things I have to decorate my room.

Lack Wall Shelf

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My fragrances are some of my most prized possessions so they deserve their very own shelf! This gold mirrored plate is from Marshalls and the white mini vase is from the dollar store.

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There’s not too much in this picture and that’s the point. Since there’s already so much going on in my open-closet I felt it was necessary to keep my storage bins to a minimum and use the same colour throughout. The white makes the shelves look more spacious and less cluttered.

Kuggis Box with Lid

Kvarnvik Box Set of 3

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This wall was a DIY project that I did recently and I printed out my own posters then purchased cheap frames from the dollar store. I filmed this DIY project so you can find it here. Once again I’ve used my theme colours black, white, and gold to match the rest of the room. Here are a few similar frames from IKEA.

Silverhojden Frame -Gold

Marietorp Frame – Black

My work space is always tidy and I keep it that way by minimizing what I have on my desk. There’s gold accents here and there with my Kate Spade calendar and IKEA lamp and the magazine rack serves as a point of contrast in the room. Unfortunately the white board from IKEA is discontinued so I’ve tagged a similar one.

Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack

Arstid Table Lamp

Kate Spade Desk Calendar

Vemund WhiteBoard

Lack Wall Shelf

A few places that you can look for room decor similar to mine is Pottery Barn, Chapters-Indigo, and Etsy! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.






Aritzia Warehouse Sale Haul

Oh yes it’s that time of year again. It’s just about September but we’re not thinking about going back to school, we’re thinking about the Aritzia Warehouse Sale! From August 30th to September 4th the Vancouver Convention Centre is a mad-house full of female Vancouverites and tons of clothes and accessories. This year in particular happens to be THE largest warehouse sale Aritzia has ever hosted. With a whopping 85 000 square feet, this sale is sure to make your head spin, so here’s a few tips from personal experience, specific to this years sale!

  1. Dress for comfort. I definitely did and I have no regrets. Lugging IKEA sized bags around is not something you’ll want to be doing in a cute fit! Not to mention, if you’re one of the early birds like me getting there an hour before opening (6am) you may not even have the energy to put an outfit together.
  2. Dress in something tight and simple. Yes tight and simple can still be comfortable.  I opted for a black body con dress this year with a zip-up and vans and it was the best decision I’ve ever made at a warehouse sale! It was super easy to try on tops (any kind, blouses, tight, off the shoulder, etc) and even pants! My dress was stretchy so I didn’t even bother going into the fitting room to try on pants, I just pulled it right over!
  3. Early bird gets the worm. Everyone has different opinions, but I honestly think that going early will guarantee you a good spot in line and some amazing finds too. I arrived only an hour early and was inside within 10 minutes of opening. The racks seemed to be somewhat organized still and it wasn’t hard at all to find good pieces.
  4. Grab first, take a closer look after. This year we’re provided IKEA sized bags to gather items, so shove them in and look closer after! Honestly if you see something you like, even a little bit, Don’t waste time, before you know it that piece will be gone!
  5. Avoid big bags, bring a small cross body. 100% you will get bag checked and have to wait in another line if you bring a large bag. Go for a small cross body bag or none at all!
  6. Have a game plan and check tags. Going in there blind as to what you want to get will be extremely difficult, so make sure you have an idea of what items you want ahead of time. If there’s more than one of an item compare the price tags! Prices definitely vary all around the sale so be sure to grab the cheaper one.

More info about the Sale:

Vancouver Convention
Centre – West
1055 Canada Place
(under the grass roof)
Parking next door

Wednesday, Aug 30th 7am—9pm

Thursday, Aug 31st 7am—9pm

Friday, Sept 1st 7am—9pm

Saturday, Sept 2nd 7am—9pm

Sunday, Sept 3rd 9am—7pm

Monday, Sept 4th 9am—7pm

They accept Cash/Debit/Credit and all sales are final!

Now for the fun part….let me show you what I got this year at the sale!

I ended up getting four tops, one pair of jeans, and a peacoat!
The Castings Jeans: $39.99 (Retail: $175); Babaton Damien Blouse: $39.99 (Retail: $80); Wilfred Pignon Knit Top: $19.99 (Retail: $80)
Wilfred Croquis Sweater in Nutmeg: $39.99 (Retail: $125); Wilfred Chå’ur Knit Top: $19.99 (Retail: $98)


This peacoat was the highlight of my haul! Look below to see the discount I got on it!


Got any other tips for the Aritzia Warehouse Sale? Share them below in the comments! Happy Shopping everyone! Stay tuned for photos of me in my new pieces too 😉