Sunday High Tea

Today’s activities consisted of high tea with one of my closest girlfriends and shopping! I visited a tea salon that I’d never been to before and it was so lovely. We went to Patisserie Fur Elise in downtown Vancouver and for the price that we paid I was very impressed with both the service, quality and amount of food we were served. Here’s a little recap of the tea and the outfit I wore!

Pants: Who What Wear collection from Target

Coat: Romwe Fashion

Silk Scarf: Babaton

Sweater: H&M

The table itself was gorgeous and they had cute twinkling lights underneath the glass making it that much more special!

When our tea arrived our server placed a mini sand timer on the table to let us know when it was good to pour.

We paid $30.00CA each for an entire tier and a tea of our choice. I chose Creme Brûlée tea and it was scrumptious!

This was the tier full of both of our servings of food and all of it was delicious. In fact I didn’t finish one of my sandwiches because I got full!

The smallest details made the tea even better, like this silver birdie tray that you could use to strain the tea when pouring it.

After high tea we headed to the mall where we both found amazing Tory Burch bags and splurged a little bit 😉

Stay tuned for the reveal of my bag this week on Instagram! @haleyestradaa



Best Tea & Macaron Spots in Vancouver

I am a tea and macaron fanatic and if you feel the same way then these places are for you! I’ve been drinking tea since elementary (decaf back then of course) because of my Grandma. To this day I still get excited to open up her gigantic tea drawer when I go over to her house. I like my tea sweet with a little bit of half and half and a macaron is the perfect little treat to pair with it. If you’re in Vancouver or just visiting, check out some of these spots, they will not disappoint!

1. Soirette 

This tiny cafe is stunning inside and serves everything from single macarons and tea to high tea and cakes! Every time I go here I order the plate of 6 macarons because there are just too many to choose from!


2. French Made Baking

When I was in high school this was my go-to spot when I was craving macarons and tea. I would even get surprise deliveries of their macarons in between classes from my oh-so-sweet boyfriend! It was just a few blocks away from my school and I was in love with their teeny-tiny macarons. This little cafe is definitely Paris inspired and serves small meals like crepes and sandwiches as well! They have a pretty good selection of loose leaf teas and their regular lineup of macaron flavours are to die for. This is also the place to go to if you want to attend baking classes!


3. Thierry

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, Thierry is a cozy spot specializing in handcrafted chocolates, pastries, and of course macarons! Unlike French Made Baking, Thierry’s macarons are slightly bigger but oh so delicious to taste. Their other chocolate delights are amazing and their chai tea latte is SO GOOD.


4. Faubourg Paris

This spot screams Paris, and that’s exactly what they want you to feel like when you step through their doors. Their bakery and cafe items are all freshly made and their macarons are just perfection. Faubourg is also right in the heart of downtown Vancouver and a great spot to stop at in between shopping.


5. London Heritage Farm Tea Room

This spot is a little farther out from Vancouver but it’s a classic tea room that’s worth trying out. I have only ever been here for high tea, and always with my Grandma, but I’m never disappointed. The tea room is in the original London Heritage Farm house, a beautiful white home located right on the Fraser River. Wedding photo shoots are often held here and from the windows of the house you can sometimes see them taking place. This is actually where I took my Prom photos with my boyfriend! They turned out lovely.

6. Adorabelle

Also a little ways out from Vancouver, located in Steveston Village, Richmond this tea room is only a few years old but resides in an Old Courthouse that was built in 1925. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the inside though! The ceiling of the team room is a blue sky and a ground view of the eiffel tower. It’s as if you’re sitting right below it! Adorabelle also offers gluten free options for their baked goods and high tea, making it a great place to go to for all. My favourite tea here is “Paris” and although they do not have macarons, their house made baked goods are amazing.

7. Ladurée

Ladurée is another very Parisian house full of tea, pastries, and macarons. Their traditional macaron recipe makes for an even tastier treat with your tea! The house itself is quite beautiful and adds to the overall experience when you walk in.

If there are other macaron and tea spots that you know of I would love to try them out! Comment below or use my contact form here. I hope you enjoy these sweet spots!