Tips on Working from Home

Find out how to make the most out of working from home!


As someone who is constantly working from home, I’ve been able to figure out how to make the most out of my day. Most people think it’s working in your pjs from bed all day, but that’s definitely not the case. For me, a lot of thought is put into working from home because it’s THAT easy to curl right back up in bed.

I’ve tried sitting in bed all day working to get my task list checked off, and let me tell you now, it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried sleeping in and working later, but that wasn’t ideal either. In order to get my work done I need to wake up earlier, start my morning off with a boost of energy and tackle a to-do list one by one. Here are the ways that I get all of my work done at home.

Wake Up Early

This might mean something different to you, depending on when you usually get up, but for me it means 8 to 8:30am. I find that setting my alarm even an hour later than this (9am) prevents me from getting up right away. Being up with the rest of my household at 8am encourages me to make my bed, change my clothes and start the day.

Workout Right Away

I used to convince myself I couldn’t do this because I’d wake up hungry, too tired, etc, etc. However those were excuses and I’m glad I’ve put an end to them because working out as soon as I’m awake gets my blood flowing and helps me be more productive. Once the workout is over I can focus the rest of my day on what’s important. It doesn’t need to be a long workout, even 20-30 minutes will do you good!


If you workout you should probably shower too, but this is a win-win situation. If your sweat sesh didn’t wake you up, then a shower surely will! You’ll also be ready for the day in case you need to go out.

Prepare a Checklist

I find that physically writing down my to-do list the evening before really helps me to get things done the next day. Whether it’s on my whiteboard or a notebook, being able to prioritize and actually check things off throughout the day allows me to get more done. I also write down ideal times for getting things done, see my example below.

8am – wake up, workout, shower

9am – emails

10am – content creation for (brand)

Make Your Own Schedule

Every work shift has a start and an end time, so I try my best to do that for my own schedule too. If I’m waking up at 8am, having a workout, lunch break or running errands, then I’ll end my day around 5-6pm. However, in this industry your work is going on 24/7, so you just need to know when to stop answering your emails 😉 Knowing how to do this comes in handy when you have family or significant-other time planned.

I hope these tips help you get more done while working at home! If you have any other suggestions for increased productivity and organization please share them in a comment below! 🙂



My Favourite Summer Denim Trends

Denim is definitely an essential for the Spring and Summer months and I’ve recently been obsessing over denim jackets because they’re so versatile and can so easily be worn casually or dressed up for a night out. Denim in general though is convenient to throw on last minute and to pair with any outfit, so here are my favourite denim trends for summer.

My #1 place to shop for anything denim is TopShop because they have a petite section and I love how all of their denim fits. Next up would be Levi’s, Citizens of Humanity, Gap,  and J-Crew! Below I’ve linked similar pieces to the ones shown but different styles can really be found anywhere. 🙂

Denim Jumpsuits


You can shop this one here.

White Straight Leg Jeans


Shop a similar pair here.

Light Wash Denim Jackets

Cindy Light Wash Denim Jacket ayl_93097 WOMENS_1.jpg

Shop a similar style here.

Oversized Denim Jackets


Shop a similar style here.

Oversized and Distressed Denim Shorts


Shop a similar style here.

What other denim trends have you got your eye on for summer? 🙂



Summer 2018 Mood Boards

I’m constantly searching for inspiration, through Instagram, Pinterest, other people’s style and the little things that pass by in my everyday life, so I thought that for this summer I’d make a few mood boards to tie all of that inspiration up into single pages.

Mood Board: an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

This was my very first time creating them and it was super exciting and inspiring! It felt good being able to get an aesthetic of my thoughts onto an actual “board” (mine were digital). It was almost like my thoughts were coming to life, you know? Here’s the process that I went through to create the boards…

  1. I started out on Pinterest searching for fashion looks, makeup looks, colours and textures that I had in mind for a particular concept and saved them into a private pin board.
  2. I then opened up a word document and started downloading the Pinterest images to my desktop.
  3. Arranging the images was the trickiest part but as soon as I let go of the thought of making everything perfect I was able to work faster and I was definitely more relaxed.
  4. Once all of my images covered a page I saved the document as a PDF and voila! The mood boards were done.

Since I’ll be travelling this summer I created mood boards that incorporated the style, colours and textures that I’d like to wear on my trips. One of my mood boards is also an inspirational board for my everyday summer style in my home city, can you guess which one it is? 😉 (Hint: almost everything is the same colour!)

I highly recommend creating mood boards for yourself because not only is it a great way to stay inspired but I also feel like it’s a stress reliever. There’s something really satisfying about creating your own mood pieces 🙂

Here are my final boards! I might event print them out and create a mood board in my room but I’ll show that in another post if I do.

#1 Mood Board

#2 Mood Board

#3 Mood Board



Spring 2018 Accessory Trends

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m all about the accessories and I just can’t keep my hands off of them! Whether it’s sunglasses, jewelry, scarves or bags, I love how any accessory can pull an entire look together. Even with the simplest clothing an accessory can make a huge statement!

I also love that even though accessory trends change, a lot of them seem to come back years after their first trending season! One perfect example from this year is the return of FANNY PACKS!! Of course the higher-end pieces are being called “belt bags” but let’s be real, fanny packs are back, and it’s AMAZING if you ask me.

Let’s dive into this Spring’s accessory trends, shall we?

Teeny-Tiny Sunglasses

Yup, you read that correctly. Miniature “matrix” sunglasses are making a statement this season and I can’t complain because I’ve got a few pairs myself, hah! We’ve seen them on the runways, celebs and influencers alike this season and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

Shop Tiny Sunglasses: zeroUV, Verge Girl, ASOS

Structured Geometric Bags

We’re seeing a lot of structured, somewhat lunch-box looking bags both on the runway and in the streets this Spring! I personally love a good structured handheld bag so it’s a YAY for me!

Shop Structured Bags: Zara, TDE, ASOS

Baker Boy Hats

I feel like this has been a trend since Fall 2017….or is it just me? Either way the baker boy hat is looking like the perfect accessory to top of an outfit, get it 😉 These hats are being worn with dresses, jeans and even blazers too! Offered in a wide variety of materials, textures and patterns these hats are easy to pair.

Shop Baker Boy Hats: Topshop, ASOS, Forever 21

Belt Bags

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the fanny packs are in MAJOR action this season! I haven’t been able to get my hands on one just yet but they’re super convenient because they require no hands! They’re the perfect addition to any outfit, from dresses to pants, and make for a great compact bag for little on-the-go items.

Shop Belt Bags: Designer – Tradesy, Hudson’s Bay

Straw Bags

Why take a straw bag only to the beach when you can take it with you wherever you go?! These unique bags are super in this season, being worn not only in tropical destinations but also within the city! I haven’t invested in a small straw bag just yet because where I live (Vancouver, BC) it’s still pouring rain and it just doesn’t feel right to be carrying around a straw bag, you know?

Shop Straw Bags: Kembali Collective, Zara, Topshop

Statement Earrings

The tassel and bobble earrings have been big for quite a few seasons now and it looks like they’re being joined with more statement pieces, specifically minimalistic statement earrings (is that contradicting? Oh well.). For example, I’ve been seeing a lot of wire earring pieces in various shapes, like face silhouettes. I’m thinking of doing another post specifically on jewelry or earring trends so let me know if you want to see that in the comments below!


Shop Statement Earrings: Nina Kastens, ASOS, Zara

Layered Dainty Necklaces

One of my personal favourites is the dainty necklace trend because they’re simple yet add so much to a full look. One of my favourite shops for this type of necklace is Mejuri because the quality is fantastic and they have such a huge selection of styles! Not to mention, these dainty necklaces are easy to pair other jewelry like rings and earrings with as well.

Shop Dainty Necklaces: Mejuri, Shopevren, Verge Girl

What other accessory trends do you lovelies see circling around this season? I’d love to know so please feel free to share them in the comments below!



Easter Sunday Style

Easter Sunday is one of my favourite days of the year and it’s an occasion that I always dress up for. My Sunday consists of Church in the morning with my family, followed by a buffet style brunch, Easter basket hunting and then dinner! It’s quite a formal day for my family so this year I picked up a gorgeous long white blazer to wear. Here’s how I styled it…

I paired the dress with a pale blue chiffon scarf, white (faux) snakeskin heels and a Black Caviar Chanel wallet purse.

Blazer: Zara (Shop It Here)

Heels: Payless Shoe Source

Scarf: from my Mom’s closet (literally!)

I hope you’re all enjoying your long Easter weekend! Feel free to share your thoughts about my Sunday fit in the comments section below ☺️


Florals – OOTD Feature

Yesterday Vancouver was blessed with an incredibly warm and sunny day so of course I had to bring out the floral prints.

This past weekend I picked up this super cute dusty purple floral blouse from American Eagle. The best part was that it was on clearance! I got this top for under $10CAD can you believe it?!

I decided to go all out with this look and match my top to my shoes with these purple-y grey sock boots from Zara. I didn’t think it was time to pull out the sandals just yet 😉

I styled these two pieces with my light wash Mom jeans from TopShop and my white Gucci bag to top it off.

It’s safe to say that I felt super Spring-y in this fit! Hopefully we’ll start getting these warmer sunny days more often!


Sunday High Tea

Today’s activities consisted of high tea with one of my closest girlfriends and shopping! I visited a tea salon that I’d never been to before and it was so lovely. We went to Patisserie Fur Elise in downtown Vancouver and for the price that we paid I was very impressed with both the service, quality and amount of food we were served. Here’s a little recap of the tea and the outfit I wore!

Pants: Who What Wear collection from Target

Coat: Romwe Fashion

Silk Scarf: Babaton

Sweater: H&M

The table itself was gorgeous and they had cute twinkling lights underneath the glass making it that much more special!

When our tea arrived our server placed a mini sand timer on the table to let us know when it was good to pour.

We paid $30.00CA each for an entire tier and a tea of our choice. I chose Creme Brûlée tea and it was scrumptious!

This was the tier full of both of our servings of food and all of it was delicious. In fact I didn’t finish one of my sandwiches because I got full!

The smallest details made the tea even better, like this silver birdie tray that you could use to strain the tea when pouring it.

After high tea we headed to the mall where we both found amazing Tory Burch bags and splurged a little bit 😉

Stay tuned for the reveal of my bag this week on Instagram! @haleyestradaa


Vacation Diaries: NYE in Makati

On New Year’s Eve my family and I flew back to Manila from Bohol and went straight to the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati. We didn’t celebrate at the actual hotel but rather on top of a relatives apartment building where we could see all of Makati and the celebratory fireworks going on. I had never seen fireworks so big and close in proximity until this NYE. From every corner of the apartment building’s rooftop there were fireworks going on for as far as your eyes could reach.

Right in front of one side of the building were the Rockwell buildings outlined in a bright yellow lighting and this development had the largest fireworks. It was quite the sight indeed!

We ended up back at the hotel around 1:30am and crashed right away because of our travel fatigue.

On New Year’s Day I went shopping (again) and ended the day with a wonderful buffet meal at the Shangri-La, Makati. The buffet had every food you could possibly think of and it all tasted delicious.

Forward one day to January second and I’m flying out to our next destination…can you guess where? It’s closer to Vancouver but definitely still warmer!

Until next time loves.


How I Edit My Instagram Photos

The post you’ve all been waiting for! How I Edit My Instagram Photos is a very popular topic in the blogging world and something that is definitely learned and improved over time. It takes a few tries to figure out what contrast, highlight, shadowing, and clarity is perfect for your feed, but with the right apps and tips you’ll get there in no time!

Everyone is different in the way that they filter and edit their photos, however this tutorial will revolve around my style of editing and photos. It won’t be hard to grasp because I only use three apps on my iPhone 6S Plus!

1: Take the Photo

Taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

2: Open “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”.

This app involves the most editing so the captions in the photos below will explain. It’s a FREE app and very user friendly.

First I adjust the “Exposure” to brighten up the picture.
Next I remove some of the shadow for a clearer picture.
Finally I bump up the clarity to really make the picture stand out.

3: Open “Facetune 2”.

This is also a FREE app and I only use it to do one thing: make things WHITE. If you wonder how my photos get so bright and white, this + light editing is why! Take a look at the photos below to see how I edit on this app.

By using the “Whiten” tool, I’m making the sand lighter so that it doesn’t look so dull and grey on my feed. I often use this tool to whiten backgrounds and walls as well.

4: Open “VSCO”.

This app is the holy grail of preset filters, so if you don’t have it head over to the app store and get it now for FREE! I know a lot of people use a bunch of different filters, but personally I stick to the exact same one every time so that my entire feed is cohesive. The filter that I use on photos is called “A6”. Here’s a before and after of the filter:


If you have any other questions about how I edit my photos please leave them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer!



Why You Should Use a Day-Planner

In the age of technology and smartphones you might ask yourself why a paper and pen day-planner is even necessary. However I believe there are points that back up the idea of a traditional hand-written planner over an app.


With constant dings, buzzes, and notifications going off on our phones what’s another app to add to the madness right? Effective planning is difficult if an app is the only thing you use because once again, it’s just another app. Another click, swipe, and ignore. Trust me I’ve tried it and it didn’t work out too well.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

A paper and pen planning method enables you to create a system that works for you and be in control of the way you plan out your day and tasks. Take a look below for some of the reasons why a day planner is a good idea.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It relieves some of your stress.

Even if your schedule is packed and you don’t have even a minute to sit down during the day, seeing it written down on paper will make you feel like you have a handle on things.

It creates self-discipline.

You’ll get into the habit of writing things down so that you always remember when your next appointment, class, or shift is.

It can help you get more done.

Looking at your day or week written out on paper will help you see when there’s extra time hanging around to get other things done.

It can help you set goals.

For example, I schedule, plan, and have ready about a month worth of blog posts and videos at all times and it’s because of my planner. I set goals to have a certain amount written, shot, filmed, and edited each week. I know that if I screw up one week’s schedule then it’ll give me difficulty in the next. I’m a goal digger!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Here are a few of my favourite planners from Chapters – Indigo right now! Their links are in the caption.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 6.14.20 PM.png
Hadron Epoch Undated Hardcover Spiral Planner
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 6.15.32 PM.png Large Spiral Agenda
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 6.16.24 PM.png
17 Month Kate Spade New York Medium Planner
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 6.17.32 PM.png
 Pierre Belvedere Academic Planner – Rose Gold
Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 6.18.34 PM.png
17 Month Kate Spade New York Medium Planner


Do you prefer an app or a traditional day-planner? Let me know in the comments!