Touch-Up Products You Should Keep in Your Purse

I believe I’ve already done a post about the necessities you should keep in your purse but today I’ll be sharing what my favourite touch-up beauty products are in my bag! These are quick fixer-uppers that you can use throughout the day for a touch-up on your makeup or skin. They’re petite too which makes them even easier to carry around with you all the time.

(1) Glossier Cloud-Paint

(2) Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

(3) Sample Sized Watts-Up Benefit Highlighter

(4) Oil Blotting Sheets (Forever 21)

(5) Christian Dior Creme de Rose Balm

(6) Chanel La Crème Main


Do you have different touch-up products that you carry in your purse at all times? Please share them in the comments below!




Purse Must-Haves

When I was growing up I used to be quite the hoarder, and I’m talking about a 5-7 year old hoarder. The amount of bags and purses that I had FULL of random sh** was insane! I would collect them all, leave them in my 3’x3′ closet, and pick a random one when I was going out. Fortunately I have learned the concept of purging and organizing, and that’s what today’s post is all about! In order to keep an organized and easy to access purse there are a few things that you absolutely need to have at all times. These are items that can be packed in one smaller bag and switched between purses too.

The variety of items here are based on my own personal day-to-day needs and might vary from person to person but nonetheless they are very helpful to have!

Travel Sized Dry Shampoo


For me this is a must, my hair gets oily quite easily so having this is extremely useful when I’m on the go. A travel sized bottle can be purchased at any drugstore (Shoppers Drugmart, London Drugs, Walmart, etc) and fits even in a smaller purse!

Oil Blotting Sheets


I have combination skin (dry and oily in different parts) so keeping oil blotting sheets helps when I’m out on a hot day or when I know I won’t be home for a while. My skin doesn’t get super, super oily so I just purchased a little compact with sheets at Forever 21. I think they were around $5 CAD.

Hand Cream


It’s murphy’s law that whenever my hands get dry at work or school that I don’t have hand cream on me, so I’ve made it routine to bring a small one with me at all times. Sometimes even washing my hands dries them out so a mini moisturizer works wonders!

Tinted Chapstick


I was going to say just plain chapstick but why not tinted! Even with no makeup on, a tinted chapstick can make you look more put together. I use the Unique Pink lip balm from Sephora. It actually adjusts the tone of pink depending on the tone of your skin, how “unique”!



No matter what anyone tells you, you should be wearing sunglasses even on a cloudy day! The UV and UB rays can be quite damaging even if you can’t tell, so why not bring a long a pair of glasses everywhere you go?

Roll On Perfume


I personally have like 15 roll on perfumes and most of them have bigger versions on my shelf as well, so just in case I feel like smelling extra during the day I have this option!



And no, I do not mean an entire bottle. A small ziplock bag of 5-10 of these will last you quite a while. It’s always safe than sorry right! I get headaches at the most random times, sometimes even when the weather changes (lame right) so back up Advil saves me.



We all know why we should carry these around. When they magically disappear from your head during the day you know you’ve got backup. I highly recommend keeping a large stock of these at home because once they come out of that ziplock bag in your purse they almost never make it back in.

Breath Mints/Gum


Keep your breath fresh throughout the day, but do not mistake them for something to snack on or else you’ll be out in a day!



These aren’t always necessary but they are good to have when you know you’ll be waiting a while for something and feel like passing the time with some tunes.

Mini Deodorant 


It’s always good to be conscious of your body odour during the day, especially if its warm outside! A mini deodorant takes up barely any space and is definitely good to have in emergencies.

Tell me what your purse must-haves are, I would love to know!