My In-Flight Essentials

A list of my absolute essentials for the plane!


Travel can be stressful in many ways, and one of my least favourites is having to carry a ton of stuff on the plane. It seems to happen every time I travel and I’m putting a stop to it. Whether it’s because my checked luggage was overweight or because I packed unnecessary items, I often end up with a 10lb purse on the plane. For the France trip that I’m currently on, I told myself that I would aim to strictly pack my personal bag with only essentials. Guess what? I successfully did it, and here’s what I packed.

Essentials to me, well also by definition, are things that are absolutely necessary. So I decided that the items I usually pack which I thought were necessary, actually weren’t because I never ended up using them during my travels! The items that I pack now are things that I KNOW I’m going to use either in flight, or before and after.

Wet Wipes

I usually pack a hand sanitizer for my travels but I realize that I don’t really use it! When I’m in-flight I’ll just get up to wash my hands in the restroom and when I get off the plane I also go straight to the restroom, so hand sanitizer is kind of pointless to me. Instead, I’ve packed super light and easy to carry wipe packets from Fur. Since they’re so thin, it’s almost like they’re not even in my bag and they’re much better to clean off or refresh during the flight.

Sleeping Mask & Ear Plugs

I only pack these two things when I’m on a flight that’s longer than four hours. I’m a very light sleeper so ear plugs are absolutely essential, and if I’m trying to sleep and someone has their reading light on, then a sleeping mask also comes in handy.

Lip Balm

Duh. Instead of bringing my whole collection of glosses, lipsticks and liners, I’ve cut it down to one lip balm that I love. The most hydrating one that I own is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and it also gives off a nice glossy look if enough is applied! Win-win!

Laptop & Charger

Since a personal bag gets heavy so easily I try to choose my heavier items wisely. Something that’s essential for me is my laptop and charger. It allows me to get some work done on the flight and ensures it’s safe and secure during travel!

Passport & Wallet

Okay these are completely obvious necessities, but I store them together in one flat pouch so that I don’t lose anything. The pouch I use is also big enough for my boarding passes, trip itinerary and any other documents I get while traveling. Since the pouch is flat, it’s easy to stick it in my bag and forget about it!

Emergen-C Packets

The last thing I want while travelling is to get sick, so I pack two or three Emergen-C packets for my flight to give my immune system a little help! These are also super flat and easy to pack.

Pack of Gum

This isn’t just for fresh breath though! Chewing gum on the plane helps with ear pressure, which happens quite a lot for me. I make sure I have one full pack before flying.

What are your in-flight essentials?




My Airplane Essentials

Plane rides can be a real pain, especially when you’re unprepared, so today I’m sharing what my airplane essentials are when travelling! I’m flying to Mexico this week so I thought the topic was fitting 🙂

When packing my personal airplane bag, either a purse or backpack, I like to categorize all of the items that I’m bringing. This makes packing easier, quicker and ensures that I don’t forget anything.

The categories that I create lists by are toiletries, medical, tech, accessories and miscellaneous. Below are the items that I usually include in my personal bag within these categories!


  1. Moisturizer: For face and hands because airplanes are so drying! Right now I’m loving my Chanel hand cream (TSA approved) and I think I’ll bring my Tula Day and Night cream because it’s also small enough and super moisturizing.
  2. Lip Balm: If I ever forget to pack my lip balm I always buy a new one at the airport because that’s how necessary it is for me on flights LOL. I love bringing my squeeze tube lip balm from Vaseline because it’s clear, very hydrating and works well under glosses and lipsticks.
  3. Face Mist: A face mist is something that I like to use after I’ve already applied moisturizer. I love my travel sized Clinique Moisture Surge face spray because it keeps my skin hydrated for a long time.
  4. Pressed Powder: This is a great way for me to touchup my skin upon arrival and it’s super convenient to carry around. I love the matte pressed powder from the Maybeline FitMe collection.
  5. Mini Highlighter: I try to fly with the least amount of makeup on possible but carrying around a mini highlighter works wonders when I want a glow upon arrival! I really like the Benefit Watts Up sample sized highlighter, and I apply it under my brow arch, in the inner parts of my eyes and also on my cheekbones.


  1. Advil: For those nasty headaches and back aches from the chairs LOL.
  2. Emergen-C Packets: I always carry these with me when I travel because I’m so paranoid of getting sick! Plus they’re great for a boost of energy if your flight is longer than 5 hours.
  3. Cold-FX: I don’t usually take these on my flights unless it’s a really early morning. They’re for prevention of cold and flu which I find really important if I’m travelling far. This is what kept me healthy when I flew to Manila and Hawaii.
  4. Bandaids: You never know when you might need one!
  5. Sanitary Wipes: These aren’t really for medical purposes but I keep them in this category anyway. They come in handy when you’re snacking on the plane or need to wipe something down.


  1. Phone Charger
  2. Portable Charger: I bring a portable charger for my phone for when I get off of the plane and still have some travelling to do before arriving at my destination!
  3. Camera: I like to pack my camera in my personal bag so that it doesn’t get damaged in checked luggage. It’s also convenient if I decide to take photos or vlog while flying!
  4. Earphones


  1. Sunglasses
  2. Hair Ties
  3. Jewellery: I hate packing my valuables in checked luggage because there’s a chance of the whole bag getting lost, so I pack them in my personal bag or wear them on the plane.


  1. Magazines: Depending on how long my flight is, I love bringing fashion and gossip magazines for the plane. I’m not a big reader so it’s always magazines over a book.
  2. Jacket or Sweater: Airplanes get really chilly, imo, so I like to bring an extra sweater that’s small enough to pack in my bag just in case!
  3. Passport
  4. Wallet
  5. Travel Itinerary: This is usually just a few papers that include my travel plans, flight info and other important things like phone numbers, locations, etc.

What do you pack in your personal airplane bag? Share below in the comments!



What’s in my beach bag?

When it comes to the beach you always want to be prepared, aka always having your bag packed right. Staying out in the sun for more than an hour can be pretty dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right items with you. Let me share with you what I pack in my beach bag 🙂

What’s in my bag?

Sunscreen & Tanning Oil

Obviously a must! I usually apply SPF 30 lotion and then SPF 4 tanning oil on top. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours!


Protect those eyes people!


Just in case you really start to feel the heat. Better yet wear it to the beach instead of packing it!

Towel or Sheet

A large towel works but you know what’s even better? A fitted bed sheet! Grab a double-king sized fitted bed sheet, lay it upside down, and fill the 4 corners with bags. You’ll have your own DIY walls and sand won’t seep onto the sheet!

After-Sun Lotion/Aloe Vera

If you plan on going out for dinner after a day at the beach then I recommend bringing an after-sun lotion to hydrate and cool down your tanned (maybe burnt) skin.


In case there’s a concession or some ice-cream near by 😉

Games/Cards/Sports Equipment

A must if tanning the whole day isn’t for you. Bring a football or volleyball to make the day more fun!

R+F SPF Lip-Balm

Don’t forget about the lippies! They can get burned just as easily as any other part of your body. You can find the SPF lip-balm that I use here.

OUAI Wave spray

Whether you travel to the beach with your hair up or down, the OUAI wave spray will make your hair look effortlessly wavy and stylish! No one has to know there’s product in your hair 😉


Unless you’d rather play music on your phone, a mini speaker will change the mood of your beach day within seconds!

Advil or Tylenol

The sun can definitely bring on headaches, so I usually bring a small bottle of Advil or Tylenol just in case.

What’s in my cooler? All of the essentials so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary $$$.


Fresh fruit, pre-made sandwiches, chocolate, nuts, etc.

Water Bottles

There’s no limit to how many water bottles you should bring. If you know there’s a place nearby that you can refill your bottles at then bring one or two with you and refill throughout the day!

Ice Packs

You don’t want that water and food to get warm!

What do you pack in your beach bag loves?


Packing a Carry-On… the Right Way

The title of this post might be misleading because if you know me then you know that I am in no way a smart packer! But I’m definitely working on it. I’m the type of girl to pack a full sized suitcase for a week of travel or a carry-on suitcase for a 2-day retreat. Yup, no self control. Overpacking used to be my specialty, but I’m changing my ways. I’ve realized that overpacking doesn’t do anything for me except give me more options to stress out over! So I’ve decided to share my tips on how to pack a carry-on the right way.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be flying out to Toronto for a business trip and since I’m only going to be there for 4 days, all I get is a carry-on bag and a personal… I’m up for the challenge! Although it did take me a little longer to pack when keeping all of these points in mind…. and by a little longer I mean 2 hours. But I’ll get the hang of it eventually 😉

  1. Pack outfits not options. For a 4-day, 3-night stay I decided to pack outfits for the following: 3 business show days, 1 workout, 2 dinners, pyjamas, and a comfy outfit for the hotel.

Imagine the possibilities if we were all to have unlimited suitcase space..

2. Pack double-duty pieces that are all a part of the same colour palette. Most of my clothing is monochromatic or completely black so therefore this part isn’t hard for me. All I have to do is pack pieces that I can mix-and-match with each other in different outfits.

3. Do not pack unnecessary items. Yes, I mean that gigantic bottle of shampoo/conditioner that you love. The hotel or place you’re staying will most likely provide these for you, but if you’re picky like me then you can purchase some travel-sized bottles from the dollar store and fill them only with what you need for the trip. Other unnecessary items might include blow dryers, towels, face cloths, 10 pairs of shoes etc. Also remember that you can only bring liquid bottles up to 100mL in a carry-on!

4. Limit your shoe options. Once again, choose shoes that you know you can wear more than once. I personally love white sneakers, so a pair of Adidas Superstars will work perfectly with different outfits. Pack your shoes at the bottom of your luggage in a bag that will prevent them from dirtying your clothing!

5. Roll your clothing. As you can see in my photo, rolling your clothes makes them smaller and can save you room in your luggage for bulkier items. Yes you’re probably thinking that your clothes will get wrinkled, but what hotel doesn’t have an iron you can use! If there are more delicate items then simply fold them and lay them on the top.

And how you might ask, does one travel with such a small amount of clothing? Black is the answer.

6. Pack a personal bag. This is the best part of packing in my opinion. Being allowed a carry-on AND a personal bag (such as a purse or backpack) does wonders for an overpacker like myself. Put the items that you will need easier access to in your personal such as your wallet, chargers, iPads or tablets, basic makeup, Advil or Tylenol, magazines, and sunglasses! I also like to keep my personal organized by placing smaller items in a little bag.

Ready to fly!

I hope my tips help you out on your next little getaway or business trip!