My Everyday Gold Jewelry

Jewelry is something that I don’t talk about very much on here, but wear every single day. It’s one of the accessories that I cannot go a day without wearing! I stick to very minimal and simple pieces and I love gold over silver. I always get asked where I get my jewelry from on IG so today I thought I’d go over my “everyday” pieces and link them so you can shop!


I don’t like leaving the house with naked ears, and if there’s one type of jewelry that I’m going to wear on a “lazy” day it’s earrings! Depending on my outfit and mood I like to wear a variety of ear pieces. From statement earrings to studs, these are the pieces I always gravitate towards when getting ready.


I seldom wear necklaces, but when I do, I like to layer! Layering is the perfect trick to get away with a dainty and bold look. All of my necklaces are dainty, besides a couple pendants and since they’re all gold they go really well together. These ones below are my top picks at the moment.


I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing rings, I love them so much! I used to be a one or two ring type of girl, but now I like to go all out and deck out both hands with jewelry. Most of the rings I wear have a special meaning to me. These are my go-to’s.


Out of all of my jewelry I find myself wearing bracelets the least, but that might just be because it’s winter and my wrists are covered most of the time. I do however have a couple bracelets that I love to put on for a date night or fancy event!

You can get a 10% discount on some of these pieces by shopping through my link here. I will earn a small commission if you end up purchasing. But like I said, it’s very small 🙂 Happy Shopping!