5 Ways to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

With summer approaching very quickly I think it’s about time that we figure out how to keep our makeup looking fresh all day. Especially through high humidities and scorching temperatures that try to melt it off! I personally already have very oily skin so in combination with heat my makeup tends to move all over the place, unless I’m consistent in touching it up throughout the day.

Here is what I do throughout the day to keep my makeup looking fresh…

1.Exfoliate 1-2 times a week to keep a clean canvas for my makeup.

Exfoliating gets rid of dead and unnecessary skin on the surface of your face and creates a clean canvas for you to apply your makeup.

2. Wear waterproof makeup.

I like to wear waterproof mascara in warmer weather because it stays on much longer and doesn’t smudge. My favourite one is “Lights, Camera Splashes” from Tarte!

3. Apply a face primer.

Primer is meant to help keep your makeup on so what better time is there to use it than in the summer?! Make sure to choose one that’s right for your skin conditions or else the primer could end up being useless!

4. BB Cream over foundation.

Less is always more in heat and even though I don’t wear foundation I know that using something lighter like a BB Cream in the heat is better, both for your skin and longevity of your makeup.

5. Use Blotting Sheets or Pressed Mineral Powder.

I always keep either oil blotting sheets or pressed powder in my purse to touchup those oily spots (usually my T-zone and chin) throughout the day. Blotting sheets are better because they don’t result in a caked look like some powders do but they can also pull off any makeup you have on, so pick your poison! 😉

What do you do to keep your makeup looking fresh all day?




The Importance of Removing Your Makeup at Night

We’ve all been there, done that. Removing your makeup can become a chore after a long day and unless you know the real reason behind the task you probably won’t do it. Even if it is just a swipe of mascara or a couple dabs of concealer, by leaving it on your face overnight you’re doing more harm to your skin than you think!

I’m no dermatologist but I do know a thing or two about proper skin care, so here’s what can happen when you don’t remove your makeup before bed.


You don’t need to be an Einstein to know this one! Your makeup collects environmental bacteria throughout the day so it’s obvious that if you don’t wash it off it will most likely be seeping deep into your pores.


In follow up to the clogged pores issue, the bacteria that sits on and eventually in your skin can cause acne to form. The solution for this is as simple as using a facial cleanser!


A lot of the makeup that we wear has drying effects because it’s not meant to sit on your face permanently. Facial coverage makeup like primers, concealers and foundations are probably the worst out of all for your skin if you’re sleeping in them. They’re thick, often oil-based and completely block your pores. Your skin has a certain routine to renew itself and if it’s clogged with product then it definitely can’t do its job! If your skin can’t breathe properly then you’re likely to see a dehydrated and dull face in the morning.


Believe it or not, eye makeup can still do damage while you sleep. Unless you stay in one position the entire night, you’re bound to rub your eyes on your pillows or even with your hand. Smudging the eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara into your eye and all around can cause a lot of irritation which might lead to puffiness, redness, and even small bumps. If the makeup happens to clog the oil glands or hair follicles then bacteria can form and result in styes and inflammation.


Over my years of wearing makeup I’ve tried a few different removers, but one of them has continuously impressed me. I have combination skin and it’s also quite sensitive so this remover is gentle, oil-free, and works like a charm for regular and waterproof makeup.

Rimmel London – Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

So what will it be…facial cleanser or blackheads, acne, dehydration, and dullness?! What are your thoughts on removing your makeup before bed? Let me know in the comments!