How I Edit My Instagram Photos

The post you’ve all been waiting for! How I Edit My Instagram Photos is a very popular topic in the blogging world and something that is definitely learned and improved over time. It takes a few tries to figure out what contrast, highlight, shadowing, and clarity is perfect for your feed, but with the right apps and tips you’ll get there in no time!

Everyone is different in the way that they filter and edit their photos, however this tutorial will revolve around my style of editing and photos. It won’t be hard to grasp because I only use three apps on my iPhone 6S Plus!

1: Take the Photo

Taken with an iPhone 6S Plus.

2: Open “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”.

This app involves the most editing so the captions in the photos below will explain. It’s a FREE app and very user friendly.

First I adjust the “Exposure” to brighten up the picture.
Next I remove some of the shadow for a clearer picture.
Finally I bump up the clarity to really make the picture stand out.

3: Open “Facetune 2”.

This is also a FREE app and I only use it to do one thing: make things WHITE. If you wonder how my photos get so bright and white, this + light editing is why! Take a look at the photos below to see how I edit on this app.

By using the “Whiten” tool, I’m making the sand lighter so that it doesn’t look so dull and grey on my feed. I often use this tool to whiten backgrounds and walls as well.

4: Open “VSCO”.

This app is the holy grail of preset filters, so if you don’t have it head over to the app store and get it now for FREE! I know a lot of people use a bunch of different filters, but personally I stick to the exact same one every time so that my entire feed is cohesive. The filter that I use on photos is called “A6”. Here’s a before and after of the filter:


If you have any other questions about how I edit my photos please leave them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer!