3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Working out isn’t always easy, especially when we’re not as motivated as usual so today I’d like to share three of my favourite ways to motivate myself to workout. Hopefully they get you off the couch the next time you’re feeling lazy.

#1 Put on your workout clothes.

We all know “if you look good, you feel good”. Either that or the fact that putting on workout gear and then NOT working out makes you feel pretty bad after taking them off. I’ve strategically paired all of my leggings with matching sports bras and chosen pieces that I look cute in so that when I put them on I actually want to go work out! Read more about my Workout Wardrobe here.


#2 Create mini challenges for yourself to get going.

Tell yourself you’ll do 50 crunches without stopping, 100 jumping jacks, even a 5 minute jog on the treadmill and actually do it! Even if that’s the only thing you tell yourself you’re going to do, once you do it you’ll want to keep exercising.

Try this workout every night (or morning) to get into a routine and then step it up once you’re ready!

#3 No workout, no sweets.

Make it a rule that if you’re not working out then you’re not eating sweets either. If I’m lazy to workout but I know I have plans to go out within that same week I’ll tell myself that I’m not allowed to indulge.

What do you do to motivate yourself to workout?




Workout Wardrobe

What you wear while working out is obviously not the most important thing in the world, however wearing the right outfit to the gym or even at home can boost your confidence and enhance your workout. I’ve never been the type to spend hundreds of $$$ at a Nike Outlet Store or any fitness store for that matter, but if I see something cute and it’s on sale then I’ll grab it!

If you read this blog post, about why I started working out, then you’ll know that I exercise at home and don’t have a gym membership. The outfits that I wear while working out are for me, and me only. It’s not about trying to impress anyone (there’s no one to impress if I’m at home anyway) but rather feeling good. When you look good, you feel good.

Here are some tips for creating your perfect workout wardrobe!

Buy matching sets.

Matching sets are so satisfying and super easy to pair when you’re about to workout.

Aim for neutral colours.

Don’t get me wrong, bright colours are poppin and can also boost your energy, but neutrals will be so much easier to make outfits with! Go for black, white, olive green, tan, navy, and grey!

Invest in the better quality items.

There is a big price difference if you’re choosing between cotton or spandex and dry-fit, but in the long run you’ll want to invest that little bit more into pieces that will last. Skip the cotton leggings, they won’t last long!

Design and texture is everything.

Sports bras in specific have so many different designs and straps, so why choose the boring ones?! Buy the ones with a little mesh or multiple straps. They make you feel good and they’re especially cute when you take progress pics 😉 The same goes for leggings too! Try mesh stripes or a mesh strip up the side of your leg.

Check Marshalls, Winners, and Ross.

It doesn’t hurt to look for cheaper designer options right? Check your local discounted stores for popular brands like Nike and Adidas.

Take a look at some of my favourite workout fits below!

CK Camouflage set from Macy’s; Nike Air Max Theas
White Lululemon sports bra; Crane & Lion leggings from Winners; Nike Air Zoom Strong Trainers
Black Nike tank top; black sports bra from Target; Navy Blue and Mesh leggings from Winners; Nike Flyknits
Yellow, Blue, and Black sports bra from Aritzia; Nike Pro leggings
Green Lululemon leggings; White and Blue Lululemon sports bras; Adidas Tubular Shadow shoes.

What’s your favourite thing to wear to the gym?