3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Working out isn’t always easy, especially when we’re not as motivated as usual so today I’d like to share three of my favourite ways to motivate myself to workout. Hopefully they get you off the couch the next time you’re feeling lazy.

#1 Put on your workout clothes.

We all know “if you look good, you feel good”. Either that or the fact that putting on workout gear and then NOT working out makes you feel pretty bad after taking them off. I’ve strategically paired all of my leggings with matching sports bras and chosen pieces that I look cute in so that when I put them on I actually want to go work out! Read more about my Workout Wardrobe here.


#2 Create mini challenges for yourself to get going.

Tell yourself you’ll do 50 crunches without stopping, 100 jumping jacks, even a 5 minute jog on the treadmill and actually do it! Even if that’s the only thing you tell yourself you’re going to do, once you do it you’ll want to keep exercising.

Try this workout every night (or morning) to get into a routine and then step it up once you’re ready!

#3 No workout, no sweets.

Make it a rule that if you’re not working out then you’re not eating sweets either. If I’m lazy to workout but I know I have plans to go out within that same week I’ll tell myself that I’m not allowed to indulge.

What do you do to motivate yourself to workout?




How to Stay Fit & Healthy in the Summer

You may or may not be wondering why the title of this post is specified to Summer, but if you really think about it summer (in Vancouver anyway) brings a lot of different conditions compared to other seasons. The sun and heat being two major game changers! Here’s how I stay healthy and fit in the summer.

  1. Stay cool and hydrated.

Hot weather and dehydration can add up to some serious bodily issues so make sure you’re drinking at least 8 eight-ounce cups a day! Especially on the days that you know you’ll be exerting more energy than usual.

  1. Choose fruits over pastries.

No not all the time, but most of the time. Eating healthy will surely make a positive impact in your body shape and how you’re feeling throughout the day. Go for natural sugars instead of processed. Remember people…a moment on the lips….forever on the HIPS!

  1. Get a good sweat in daily.

Whether it’s a jog around your neighbourhood or a full-on trip to the gym, working out will keep your happy feelings flowing, make you feel (or be) more productive, and ensure that you’re maintaining a fit summer bod.

  1. Take care of your skin.

Don’t slack on the skincare people. It’s uber important to take care of your skin in the summertime because there’s so much damage that the sun can cause. Wear the proper SPF, apply after-sun lotion, and ALWAYS apply your skincare at night.

  1. Don’t expose yourself too much!

If you’re like me then you love the sun… but don’t get carried away. Take breaks in between the rays during a day out in the sun and hangout in a shaded area for a while. You’ll feel rejuvenated and more energetic, I promise!

  1. Let yourself relax.

This is a tough one if you’re working, going to school, or have a pile of daily activities to keep you going. It’s so vital to relax your body and let yourself rest in the summertime, after all that’s what summer is about isn’t it? Resting your body and taking some time off will leave you feeling refreshed and more productive, and is ironically good for your health!

  1. Take your vitamins.

Not everyone takes daily vitamins, but it’s something to definitely consider in the summertime. We’ve got plenty of Vitamin D going on, but don’t forget about the other ones! Vitamin A helps repair skin damage from the sun and can be found either in vitamins or kale, strawberries, and kiwis. Vitamin C keeps your sweats glands in working condition, a must for the summer time and Vitamin E protects your skin from sun damage and increases physical endurance.

I’d love to know what your ways of staying fit and healthy in the summer are, so please feel free to share a few ideas in the comments section below!