My Go-To Gold Jewellery Pieces

When I first heard about Mejuri, a Canadian based luxury jewellery brand, I was still in my Tiffany & Co ONLY obsession. Every piece of my daily-wear jewellery was from Tiff & Co except for a few Pandora rings and it was all sterling silver, because I’m a simple gal (so I like to think) and didn’t want to own a hundred different pieces that I would barely wear…until I found Mejuri and my entire perspective of jewellery changed. I developed a love for gold pieces and the beautiful designs that the brand offered.

I remember following the brand on Instagram for a while as I was just starting up my blog and growing my Instagram portfolio and they were one of the first brands to reach out to me for a collaboration! I was in complete shock (good shock obvs) and extremely grateful for the opportunity so I said yes and a beautiful relationship formed 🙂

Each of the pieces in this post are truly special in their own ways and have a unique spot on my jewellery stand. I find myself going between my Tiffany & Co pieces and these gold pieces depending on my mood and outfit. However I still feel like I have a very simple jewellery collection, which is one of the things that I love about Mejuri. Their pieces have this ability to shine but in the most minimalistic way. It’s gorgeous!

Lotus Necklace

My very first piece was the Lotus Necklace which is made up of gold vermeil and a beautiful white sapphire stone. A very dainty but layer-able piece that I find myself wearing almost every day!

Layered Spheres Choker

Pictured below are both of the Mejuri necklaces that I own, the top being the layered spheres choker. I actually wear them both exactly like this! 😛 It’s also gold vermeil and extremely dainty which I really like in chokers.


Between Hoops

Before these earrings I really wasn’t a hoop wearing gal but I couldn’t pass up these beauties. What I love the most about them is that they’re flexible and not stiff like a lot of hoops, which makes it easier to put them on and take them off!


Trio Hoops

Out of all of my Mejuri earrings these are my FAVE! I absolutely love the simple link design and the way they dangle on my ear. They’re perfect for any outfit, casual to formal and they’re not too heavy!


Pearl Hoops

These cute hoops were actually the first earrings I received from Mejuri and they’re perfect in my opinion because one I love the gold and two they have mini pearls attached! They’re super great for layering on the ear and I like to pair them with my actual Tiffany & Co pearls.


If you’re interested in the brand you can click here to check them out, shop and get free shipping! I always want to be 100% honest with you babes on here though so I will let you know that for each purchase I’ll make a small commission. <3 Make sure that you see this at the top of your page when you’re shopping so that you can get that free shipping!

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.40.45 PM




5 Fashion Faux Pas You Don’t Even Know You’re Committing

Imagine this…you buy a five hundred dollar outfit, get all done up for a night out, arrive to the party feeling like Beyonce, and then someone taps you on the shoulder to tell you that you’ve got lint on the back of your pants. Without even noticing how good you look! Sounds horrible right? Unfortunately many people don’t even think to check for little fashion faux pas like this and walk out of the door looking a little less refined than they’d hoped for. Below are a few small fashion faux pas that you may not even know you’re committing 😉

  1. Hair, fibres and lint on clothing. It happens to the best of us but should really be thought of before going out! It’s as easy as using a lint roller and takes less than a minute.
  2. Pants stuck in boots. It sounds a little silly but can look messy if it hasn’t been done intentionally. Before stepping out double check that your pants are outside of your boots.
  3. Showing bra straps. It’s not always a bad thing depending on what the outfit is but in most cases, bra straps are not supposed to be shown, like when wearing formal dresses or blouses. Use a pin or tape to stick those straps in place!
  4. Spaces between blouse buttons. For bustier gals this is an ongoing problem, sometimes I even find myself having this issue with tighter tops! Try going up a size or pinning the spaces between buttons of a blouse in place to avoid this little slip up.
  5. Underwear lines. It seems simple but can be quite irritating! Even if you think nothing is showing, just do a triple check before you go out.

Do you have any other common fashion faux pas that should be added to this list? Comment them below! 🙂



The Blog Series: Posting What Makes YOU Happy

This month I’d like to focus on the topic of posting what truly makes YOU happy. A blog is not only a place where people go to read, learn and be inspired, it’s also a creative outlet for you! Most blogs are started simply because the writer wants to share something about what he or she loves, however it can easily turn into a chore if you’re not writing about what you’re actually interested in.

I personally write about topics that are appealing to me, things that I could talk about for hours! They’re also topics that are always changing and evolving which makes it a little easier to be so invested in them. Since I’m a consumer of both the fashion and beauty industries I’m already looking for the latest and greatest products and/or trends. I love trying out new skincare and makeup products and then sharing my thoughts on my blog! Fashion on the other hand is something that I love but I’ve realized that it doesn’t come easily to me when I try to write about it. Clothing and accessories inspire me in many ways but I feel like I’m not as engaged by it as I am with beauty. But that’s OK. It took me a while to realize this but when I finally did and I started writing more about other topics I felt happier!

The same goes for Instagram and other social media platforms because they’re all meant to be creative outlets for YOU. You shouldn’t feel forced to post anything or keep things the same just for an aesthetic. I’ve struggled with this quite a bit on Instagram, trying to have a cohesive feed, have everything match and really keep everything as perfect as possible but it was exhausting. So exhausting that I started to feel unmotivated and quite disappointed to be honest. I wasn’t doing it for myself anymore but rather for all of the eyes looking at my account, which isn’t completely bad, but when that’s all you’re focussing on it can really consume you. It’s especially hard to stay happy with your feed on Instagram but once you relax a little and go with the flow, good things will happen! There are days where I’m completely in love with how my feed has turned out and days where I wish it would all disappear but I take the good with the bad and don’t fixate on it so much. I’m learning to post what makes ME happy.

This is a short little post but I just wanted to remind any of you that may be starting a blog or already have one how important this is <3 If you have other thoughts on this topic please feel free to comment below 🙂






Spring Brunch Outfit Ideas

One of my favourite pastimes during the Spring season is brunching! I love that it’s basically a breakfast date that lets you sleep in AND gives you a reason to dress cute 😉 It’s perfect for my schedule because I wake up early Monday to Friday and on Saturdays I get to sleep in a bit and make plans! So in honour of brunching here are a few cute and casual outfit ideas.

#1 Flowy Midi Skirt and Sweater

This is a trend we’ve been seeing quite a bit this season and I’m obsessed with it!! It’s the perfect combo for spring weather and even better for bloated tummies at brunch 😉 Pair this combo with sneakers or sandals and you’re good to go! H&M has some great flowy skirts right now and they always have basic sweaters that pair well. It’s my favourite place to shop at the moment!

#2 Mom Jeans and a Blouse

Another semi-casual but “nice enough for brunch” look, but also one of my personal favourites. You can never go wrong with basics right? I’ve started to realize that when I’m shopping nowadays I really only pick pieces that I know for a fact I’m going to wear multiple times and with many different outfits. Mom jeans are an essential and a white button up blouse is too! Slip on sandals or loafers look great with this look 🙂

#3 Trousers and an Oversized Sweater

Have you noticed the trend yet? Every outfit has some aspect of oversized or flowy-ness because we all know that brunching gets us bloated AF! Cigarette trousers and an oversized sweater are better for a more casual brunch, maybe at your local cafe, but nevertheless look amazing with a good handbag, pair of sunnies and flats or loafers!

#4 Sundresses

This is one closet item that I have yet to shop for this season because like I said above, I’m looking for pieces that I’ll wear multiple times and the floral dresses just aren’t it for me. I’m the type to wear a floral piece once or twice but then let it sit in my closet for months afterwards, so getting neutral coloured dresses is really important to me! However the floral trend going on right now is gorgeous and pairs really beautifully with sandals or mules. You could even get away with mid-calf boots!

#5 Matching Suit with White Sneakers

I’ve always wanted a matching colourful suit, maybe baby pink or blue because it pairs so nicely with a white t-shirt and white sneakers! It can be worn formally or casually and  really gives off that “put together” vibe.

Which outfit idea is your fave?!



Influenster – Test Products for Free!

If you’re a blogger, YouTuber, or have some sort of social media influence then you definitely want to hop on the Influenster bus! Influenster is a community of over 3 million social savvy shoppers that review products and brands and test products for free based on social media influence.

Influenster is a great place to:

  • read honest reviews about products (beauty, fitness, style, travel, etc)
  • compare products
  • learn about the newest products
  • read about product tips and tricks
  • write reviews on products you have tried

I only joined Influenster a couple months ago but I’m already in love with it! I’ve even received my very first “VoxBox”, a complimentary gift to review. I reviewed the Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner in the colour LOLITA! It was an easy process too. I was chosen, sent an email, and shipped the item.

Review of the Everlasting Lip Liner

The lip liner itself is verryyy nice. I find the colour a tad too deep for my liking but the application is smooth and it stays on! I wore the lip-liner for an entire day and was quite shocked to see that at the end of the day almost 100% off the product was still on my lips! I think I’ll try out some other colours from her collection. You can find all of them at Sephora!

Shoot me some questions if you’re just starting out on Influenster!




Easter Weekend Outfit Ideas

As my usual posting day this Sunday is actually Easter and I’ll be too busy eating and spending time with the fam, I’ve decided to post today instead!

I don’t know about you, but Easter weekend is one of my favourite celebrations of the entire year. It’s like the epitome of Spring! Being surrounded by family, flowers, and of course food & chocolate brings me so much joy.  Traditional Easter festivities of my family include:

  • dressing up fancy-schmancy on Sunday (florals, pastels, and all)
  • going to Easter Mass at our Church
  • going to a buffet style brunch at a gorgeous golf-course called Mayfair Lakes
  • multiple Easter egg/basket hunts
  • Easter dinner with the entire family

This is the annual tradition that seems to always stay the same, and I think thats why I enjoy it so much and always look forward to it months ahead of time!

Now I love to dress up and Easter brings the best opportunity to wear florals and pastels (two of my favourite things) so here are a few of my Easter outfit ideas! This year I purchased a dress at the Hudson’s Bay from Calvin Klein and I’m in LOVE. They were having a sale too which was a double score for me 😛

  1. Classy and feminine; this is my Easter outfit this year!

2. Cute and flirty; this look is very fresh, girly, and a great choice if you like to show off your legs!

3. Casual and chic; this look is great for a day of activities where a dress or skirt isn’t the most appropriate!

4. Laidback; this look is definitely more relaxed and aimed for a day of straight chillin’.

5. Glammed up; this look is one of my favourites, although I could never see myself actually wearing something this glamorous for Easter Sunday! This one is tailored for a late night party or fancy dinner out? If that even happens on Easter Sunday… I don’t know.

You may have noticed that two of the three pairs of shoes that I wore for these outfits are from Payless Shoe Source… now you know one of my most prized little secrets. Payless has a fantastic collection of shoes for amazing prices!! It’s only a matter of looking and trying on 😉 They also often have sales of BOGO, 20-40% off, and more. The two brands that usually have the cutest pairs in store are Christian Siriano for Payless and Brash.

I hope that you enjoyed browsing over my Easter outfits! Let me know what you think! Happy Easter Weekend loves!