My Experience with Body Contouring

Over the past few months I’ve been going to The Skin Girls (TSG) for body contouring and I feel that this post is long overdue! Many of you have asked me questions about it on IG, so I want to share everything I can with you in this post. If you still have questions after reading this you can always comment below or DM me on IG!

Area Contoured: UPPER ARMS

The reason I chose to get my arms contoured is because it’s always been a stubborn fat part on my body and something that I was always insecure about. We all have idealistic images of our own bodies and no matter what I did or ate, my arms just wouldn’t tone down the way I wanted them to. I knew that with a healthy diet and consistent working out, this treatment would pay off and get me the results I wanted.

How it works…

BodyFX is a form of body contouring that permanently reduces fat and tightens your skin. In simple terms, it basically zaps your fat with heat. I’ll leave the technical explanation for the pros. The machine that TSG uses heats up to 42 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature that fat melts at.

How it feels…

I’m not going to lie and say that this procedure is painless because it depends on your pain tolerance. For me, the procedure on my arms burns for very short periods of time when the machine heats up to its highest temperature, but after the treatment I feel normal and don’t experience any sort of pain.

In regards to how your skin looks after, depending on your skin type there may be bruise-like marks where the area has been heated and suctioned. Since I naturally bruise easily, I always leave with red marks and over the next few days after treatment they begin to turn purple. But they do not hurt. These marks last up to a week and a half for me. Some people don’t experience any marks at all, it really depends.

What it costs…

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with The Skin Girls so the treatments I’ve had done were complimentary. Body Contouring at TSG costs $299CAD/session plus tax. Before you gasp at the price, average costs for this type of treatment are usually around $599CAD and from the results I’ve experienced, I would certainly pay for this treatment myself.

Did it really work…

After my very first session of Body Contouring at TSG I couldn’t immediately see results because of the red marks and also because it takes up to 4 weeks for the fat to dissolve. After about two weeks I noticed that my arms had toned down a bit. They say that each session typically lowers your fat percentage by 5%. Now after three sessions I can see a huge difference from before the treatment (pictured below). I’ll update this post a few weeks after the session I have today to show you my final results. I’m happy with the way my arms look now and am no longer insecure about them, so I think my 4th session will be my last.


In addition to getting these treatments done I have been watching what I eat, not crazy dieting, but eating in moderation and working out consistently. I believe that working out 5-6 times a week has really helped to maintain the fat loss and tone down my arms. The bulkier parts of my arms, the upper shoulder area, are mainly muscle now which is what my goal was in the first place! If you’re looking to slim down your arms and you workout, don’t expect to get stick-thin results as muscle plays a huge role in their appearance.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below! If you’re local and are interested in visiting The Skin Girls you can get 10% off services by mentioning my name “HALEY10”.