Paris Café Guide

While I was in Paris I made it a goal to visit as many cafés/restaurants that I could. I love experiencing the food of new places, and I knew that cafés are a huge part of the one I was in! Since I visited so many, I thought I’d do up a guide and review of each one for you. Hopefully this will help the next time you plan a trip to Paris!

Café de Flore

Oh the famous Café de Flore. When we visited the St. Germain area I knew that visiting this café was a must. I just had to see what all the fuss was about! After all, it is ALL over Instagram and Pinterest. The outside of this spot is definitely an eye-catcher but I wanted to see if the food and drinks were really worth the wait. When we arrived every outside table was taken, and we had to wait about ten minutes to secure a spot of our own. The staff was friendly and quick at setting up our table. The menu was of decent size with many options. I got a coffee with milk, fresh orange juice and a ham and cheese toast. Here’s what I thought overall:

Food: 8/10, the coffee and food was great however the orange juice they served was verrrryyyy sour! I’d definitely go back to try out more dishes though!

Service: 10/10, very attentive, kind and welcoming!

Price: 6/10, everything was a little pricier than other cafés I had visited, but I guess that’s what comes with going to a popular place!

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Angelina Paris

I had been waiting since my last trip to visit this popular spot. I had heard raving reviews about their famous hot chocolate, so of course I had to try it! We visited the location that’s right across from the amusement park near the Louvre, and didn’t have to wait even a minute to get a table. The staff was extremely kind and well-mannered. We came here starving so of course ordered full meals and drinks! I ordered the mushroom truffle ravioli and it was AMAZING. My friend ordered a club sandwich and both of our dishes were very good sizes. I can honestly say though that I was completely stuffed after my meal. After the ravioli I ordered just the hot chocolate for dessert and it was super creamy and rich. I’d definitely recommend sharing one pot between two people as it is very heavy, but nevertheless very delicious too.

Food: 10/10, everything I ordered was absolutely delicious!

Service: 10/10, staff was very attentive and spoke English well!

Price: 9/10, the prices were decent in my opinion as the serving sizes were quite big, but also tasted amazing!

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DS Café

This was the first café we visited when we arrived in Paris. It was only a couple of blocks down from our Air BnB and had great healthy options on the menu. We ate here twice and both of my visits were pleasant! The food was wonderful, however the service was not the best as we had to ask multiple times for more water, and had to wait a very long time to actually order our food. I ordered a Norvegian Bagel (avocado, smoked salmon, cream cheese) and it came with a side of potatoes and salad, which I was not fond of at all. The second time, I ordered the avocado toast which again came with the same sides. The avo toast was great though! The drinks I ordered were the Machiatto and Matcha Latte, and out of the two I’d definitely recommend the Matcha!

Food: 7/10, the main dishes were great but the sides they served were very mediocre and not very pleasant!

Service: 4/10, felt like there wasn’t much service at all.

Price: 8/10, for the fresh veggies and healthy options, I felt that their prices were fair! I also found that the price for dishes with fresh salmon was amazing compared to back here in Vancouver.

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Thierry Meunier

This was more of a pastry shop than a full café however they did also have bottled drinks and coffee available to order. It was right beside DS Café so we visited a few times. The baguette sandwiches were not the best as the butter and cream cheese was clumped along the bread rather than spread. The drinks were decent and the pastries were hit or miss. The madeleine that I had from here was not very good, however the chocolate cake was delicious and moist!

Food: 4/10

Service: 6/10, the staff behind the counter seemed very snappy and impatient but it could have been worse!

Price: 5/10, pricing was decent however the quality of most of the food we tried wasn’t up to par.

Café Kitsuné

I can’t say much about this because we visited the very tiny location that was inside of Jardin du Palais Royal. I ordered the White Matcha which was a mix of white hot chocolate and matcha latte. The drink was just okay, and when I got about half way I started to get clumps of matcha in my mouth. Something no matcha latte should ever have!

Drinks: 6/10, I was very excited to try this place out, but was disappointed by the quality of my drink.

Service: 7/10, I can’t say much because we only spoke to one person behind the counter but they seemed friendly!

Price: 4/10, obviously this place was in a prime tourist spot and therefore the prices were ridiculously high. I believe our drinks came out to be about 6 or 7 euros, and our cups were tiny. Definitely not worth it!

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Creperie Framboise

I had to include this spot because it was SO delicious! We visited this creperie in Passy, more of a local area and it was very low-key. I got a crepe with chopped hazelnuts, nutella and chantilly (whipped cream). My friend got one with nutella and banana and the both of us were very impressed! I definitely could have eaten another.

Food: 10/10, would definitely recommend the sweet crepes!

Service: 6/10, our server seemed nice but did not know very much english so it was difficult to ask questions.

Price: 10/10, our crepes were each about 7 to 8 euros and I felt that was fair for the size of them and taste!

Le Paradis du Fruit

We stopped here for a late lunch one day and it was delicious. The service was decent and the restaurant was clean and lively. I ordered the toasted pita with mozzarella, pesto and tomato and it was delish. My friend ordered their superbowl full of veggies and it was a huge serving. All of the vegetables coming out looked very fresh, hence worth the price. Our server was great at answering questions, spoke English well and was attentive. Their menu also had a lot of cocktail options making it a great spot for a drink outside on the patio!

Food: 10/10

Service: 8/10

Price: 7/10, it was affordable but definitely on the pricier side for the fresh vegetable dishes!

There you have it! I’ll add any new spots I go to the next time I visit!