Nexcare Pimple Patch Review

I’m usually not one to get pimples on a regular basis, maybe one or two a month during that time, but recently I had a huge breakout on my chin and I had no idea why. It had me searching high and low for products that would get rid of them ASAP. It was quite unusual because there were about four pimples that surfaced at the same time. Thankfully, earlier that week I had seen a girlfriend of mine post about pimple patches and her IG stories intrigued me to try them out.

Pimple patches work as protective covers and sponges for all the gross sh*t that’s inside. It’s suggested that you puncture the pimple before applying the patch so that there’s an exit point. They work best when the pimple has already become white and is right at the point where you want to pop it.

I ordered the Cosrx Patches from Amazon, but since they didn’t arrive as soon as I’d hoped, I picked up the Nexcare Pimple Patches instead. This was my first time trying anything like this, so I thought I’d give a “first impressions” review!

How to Use Them

  1. Make sure your hands are clean and the area of the pimple is completely clean.
  2. Puncture the pimple, preferably at the pore, with the tiniest needle you can find or a sterile lancet.
  3. Using tissues (do not go skin to skin) or the ends of q-tips, gently squeeze out any excess oils.
  4. Apply the pimple patch. Leave it on until it changes from translucent to white. This means that the pus and oil has been absorbed.

First Impressions

I applied four different pimple patches on my first try and two out of the four actually worked. The other two didn’t work as well and I know will be coming back because not all of the oils were absorbed. I can tell because there is still swelling in the area.

The two pimple patches that worked flattened in about 3 hours, however I do have small dark spots. Hopefully they will disappear with my consistent skincare routine.

The packaging doesn’t tell you to rupture the pimple first, however I do believe that creating an exit point is what makes the product work best. Next time I use these I’ll try to find a smaller needle, as I feel like the small pin I used was a bit too large and may have caused the dark spot that is now left.

A couple of things that I didn’t love about the Nexcare Pimple Patches were 1) the thickness of the patches and 2) how well they stuck to my skin. I’ve heard that the Cosrx brand is better in both of these ways so I’m excited to try those ones out. The Nexcare patches were very visible because they were so thick, and I had to keep pressing them down onto my skin because the edges would actually lift after a few minutes, especially if I was talking or eating.

Overall, I do think that the pimple patches work but I’m looking forward to trying out the Cosrx brand to see how they compare. If you want to see a review on those ones let me know in the comments! You can shop the Nexcare Pimple Patches here.




Acne Spot Treatments That Work

Lately I’ve been struggling with acne more often than usual. This is partly due to hormones and partly due to all of the sweets I consumed over the holidays. Either way, I’m paying for it now. So today I thought I’d share the acne spot treatments that actually work for me. This isn’t a list of “best reviewed” spot treatments, but rather a list of things that I’ve genuinely tried and can honestly say have helped get rid of my spots, or at least make them smaller.

I’ve never had severe acne so please keep this in mind while reading. I typically start to flare up in my chin area when it’s that time of the month, or when I’ve been eating too much junk food and sweets. And if you know me at all, you know I love sweets. So I’d say I need spot treatment for at least one week out of every month.

My skincare routine never stays the same for longer than a month and although I switch up serums, cleansers and moisturizers from time to time, my acne spot treatment always remains the same. Once you find something that works, you gotta to stick with it. So here they are…

#1 Rodan & Fields – Unblemish Dual Intensive Acne Treatment

This has been my #1 since the day I laid eyes on it (November 2016), however it’s a tad pricey so I’ve been testing out other options in the meantime. This treatment helps overnight if I have a pimple that’s about to surface. It really helps to prevent it from enlarging and it dries it out pretty well too.

#2 The Body Shop – Tea Tree Oil

This is the product I’ve been using over the past week and I love it because it seriously dries out my spots overnight. If I need a quicker fix then this is my go-to spot treatment. I use a q-tip to apply a small amount on top of my pimples and they’re smaller and less red when I wake up.

If you thought the list would be longer then I apologize, but it is difficult finding acne spot treatments that genuinely work the way they’re supposed to! Next up on my list for review is the Mario Badescu drying lotion, I’ve heard great things about it. If you’ve tried it already I would love to hear your thoghts on it in the comment section below. Let’s kill this acne together!