Paris Café Guide

While I was in Paris I made it a goal to visit as many cafés/restaurants that I could. I love experiencing the food of new places, and I knew that cafés are a huge part of the one I was in! Since I visited so many, I thought I’d do up a guide and review of each one for you. Hopefully this will help the next time you plan a trip to Paris!

Café de Flore

Oh the famous Café de Flore. When we visited the St. Germain area I knew that visiting this café was a must. I just had to see what all the fuss was about! After all, it is ALL over Instagram and Pinterest. The outside of this spot is definitely an eye-catcher but I wanted to see if the food and drinks were really worth the wait. When we arrived every outside table was taken, and we had to wait about ten minutes to secure a spot of our own. The staff was friendly and quick at setting up our table. The menu was of decent size with many options. I got a coffee with milk, fresh orange juice and a ham and cheese toast. Here’s what I thought overall:

Food: 8/10, the coffee and food was great however the orange juice they served was verrrryyyy sour! I’d definitely go back to try out more dishes though!

Service: 10/10, very attentive, kind and welcoming!

Price: 6/10, everything was a little pricier than other cafés I had visited, but I guess that’s what comes with going to a popular place!

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Angelina Paris

I had been waiting since my last trip to visit this popular spot. I had heard raving reviews about their famous hot chocolate, so of course I had to try it! We visited the location that’s right across from the amusement park near the Louvre, and didn’t have to wait even a minute to get a table. The staff was extremely kind and well-mannered. We came here starving so of course ordered full meals and drinks! I ordered the mushroom truffle ravioli and it was AMAZING. My friend ordered a club sandwich and both of our dishes were very good sizes. I can honestly say though that I was completely stuffed after my meal. After the ravioli I ordered just the hot chocolate for dessert and it was super creamy and rich. I’d definitely recommend sharing one pot between two people as it is very heavy, but nevertheless very delicious too.

Food: 10/10, everything I ordered was absolutely delicious!

Service: 10/10, staff was very attentive and spoke English well!

Price: 9/10, the prices were decent in my opinion as the serving sizes were quite big, but also tasted amazing!

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DS Café

This was the first café we visited when we arrived in Paris. It was only a couple of blocks down from our Air BnB and had great healthy options on the menu. We ate here twice and both of my visits were pleasant! The food was wonderful, however the service was not the best as we had to ask multiple times for more water, and had to wait a very long time to actually order our food. I ordered a Norvegian Bagel (avocado, smoked salmon, cream cheese) and it came with a side of potatoes and salad, which I was not fond of at all. The second time, I ordered the avocado toast which again came with the same sides. The avo toast was great though! The drinks I ordered were the Machiatto and Matcha Latte, and out of the two I’d definitely recommend the Matcha!

Food: 7/10, the main dishes were great but the sides they served were very mediocre and not very pleasant!

Service: 4/10, felt like there wasn’t much service at all.

Price: 8/10, for the fresh veggies and healthy options, I felt that their prices were fair! I also found that the price for dishes with fresh salmon was amazing compared to back here in Vancouver.

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Thierry Meunier

This was more of a pastry shop than a full café however they did also have bottled drinks and coffee available to order. It was right beside DS Café so we visited a few times. The baguette sandwiches were not the best as the butter and cream cheese was clumped along the bread rather than spread. The drinks were decent and the pastries were hit or miss. The madeleine that I had from here was not very good, however the chocolate cake was delicious and moist!

Food: 4/10

Service: 6/10, the staff behind the counter seemed very snappy and impatient but it could have been worse!

Price: 5/10, pricing was decent however the quality of most of the food we tried wasn’t up to par.

Café Kitsuné

I can’t say much about this because we visited the very tiny location that was inside of Jardin du Palais Royal. I ordered the White Matcha which was a mix of white hot chocolate and matcha latte. The drink was just okay, and when I got about half way I started to get clumps of matcha in my mouth. Something no matcha latte should ever have!

Drinks: 6/10, I was very excited to try this place out, but was disappointed by the quality of my drink.

Service: 7/10, I can’t say much because we only spoke to one person behind the counter but they seemed friendly!

Price: 4/10, obviously this place was in a prime tourist spot and therefore the prices were ridiculously high. I believe our drinks came out to be about 6 or 7 euros, and our cups were tiny. Definitely not worth it!

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Creperie Framboise

I had to include this spot because it was SO delicious! We visited this creperie in Passy, more of a local area and it was very low-key. I got a crepe with chopped hazelnuts, nutella and chantilly (whipped cream). My friend got one with nutella and banana and the both of us were very impressed! I definitely could have eaten another.

Food: 10/10, would definitely recommend the sweet crepes!

Service: 6/10, our server seemed nice but did not know very much english so it was difficult to ask questions.

Price: 10/10, our crepes were each about 7 to 8 euros and I felt that was fair for the size of them and taste!

Le Paradis du Fruit

We stopped here for a late lunch one day and it was delicious. The service was decent and the restaurant was clean and lively. I ordered the toasted pita with mozzarella, pesto and tomato and it was delish. My friend ordered their superbowl full of veggies and it was a huge serving. All of the vegetables coming out looked very fresh, hence worth the price. Our server was great at answering questions, spoke English well and was attentive. Their menu also had a lot of cocktail options making it a great spot for a drink outside on the patio!

Food: 10/10

Service: 8/10

Price: 7/10, it was affordable but definitely on the pricier side for the fresh vegetable dishes!

There you have it! I’ll add any new spots I go to the next time I visit!




How I Manage Work When I’m on Vacation

Since I’m just getting back from my Paris vacation, I thought it would be fitting to share how I manage my work while I’m away. By now most of you know that I’m a full time blogger, so the work never really stops. It’s not a regular 9-5 gig, it’s more like a 24/7 job. The work that I put in, is what I’m going to get back and therefore I’m working almost all of the time in some way. Whether it’s engaging on IG, writing a blog post, filming a video or brainstorming for my next content, I work really hard to make sure that I’m capitalizing on my time.

Working from home sounds like an easy way out, but there are times when I wish my job was only 9-5, Monday to Friday! It takes a lot of self-motivation and dedication to get everything I need to do done. When I go away, even for a week or so there’s a lot of planning involved so that I don’t need to “work” while I’m on my trip. There are some major things that I do to prepare for vacation and tie up my work before I leave, and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

#1 Create a list of all the content I need available while I’m away.

The very first step in prepping is to create a list of all the content I’ll be needing on my trip. This includes every blog post (1/week) and YouTube video (2/week). For the trip I was recently on, I needed to have two blog posts and four videos completed before I left. It doesn’t sound like a lot at first, but when considering the amount of work and time it takes to produce the content, it’s A LOT.

In addition to the content needed on my trip, I had to get all of the content done that was due before I left. To give you a better picture, that totaled to six blog posts and nine YouTube videos. It’s always intimidating at first, but the next couple of steps really helped me to stay on track and get things done in a timely manner.

#2 Schedule production days and editing days.

Once I have my excel sheet lists of content, including content titles and posting dates, I move on to scheduling when I’m going to produce them and edit them. Doing this allows me to get the work done but not overwork myself. It’s all about working smarter, not harder 😉 For example, one of my YouTube videos that I’ll be posting, I filmed while I was in Paris, and I edited it on the plane ride home! Who needs in-flight movies when you can be productive?! Below is what my schedule looked like!

Blog Content Schedule
Left to Right: posting date, content title, status
YouTube Content Schedule
Left to right: posting date, content title, production/editing date, status

#3 Automate posting dates.

Instead of manually publishing each blog post and YouTube video while I’m away, I automate the posting date and time. Thankfully both YouTube Studio and WordPress have this feature, or else it would be very annoying to worry about while on vacay.

Automating posting date and time on WordPress.
Automating posting date and time on YouTube.

#4 Bring a small planner on vacation.

Once all of my content is created and ready to post, I move on to preparing what I’ll physically be bringing on my trip, a planner! Instead of my big regular planner, I usually bring a small notebook to remember important things on my trip. What I write down in my notebook is listed below.

  • brands that I need to shoot while on vacation (clothes, shoes, etc.)
  • content I need to create (vlogs, photos for blog, etc.)
  • due dates for Instagram postings
  • due dates for content submission to brands
  • outfit guide

I could do all of this on my iPhone Notes app, but I work better when things are physically written down for some reason!

#5 Plan outfits head to toe.

For my recent trip to Paris, I was working with a few clothing brands so I had specific looks that I needed to shoot while I was there. Instead of stressing about what to wear, accessorize with and style while on my trip, I prepared all of my brand outfits ahead of time. This is the outfit guide that I mentioned on the list above.

For example, if a brand has sent me four items to style on my trip, I will write down exactly what I’ll be wearing from clothing to accessories with suggestions on when and where I could shoot the look. Below is an example of what my guide looks like.

White strappy
– white beret
– gold Gemini necklace
– beaded purse
– in front of

#6 Schedule time for emails.

Since I was traveling with my best friend who is also a content creator, we were both able to schedule a bit of time each morning to respond to pressing emails. Email responses aren’t a big deal because most of the brands I work with are notified that I’ll be “OOO” beforehand. However, I do like to keep track of what’s coming in so that it doesn’t pile up when I get back home!

#7 Go with the flow.

I know it sounds silly, but this is a major part of managing my work while on vacation. Whenever I go away, I always need to remind myself that I’m on vacation and if work things aren’t going the way I originally planned, it’s OK. Things usually tend to work themselves out anyway, and stressing over content creation or emails doesn’t help. Going with the flow is KEY!

And there you have it, those are the ways that I manage work while I’m on vacation. I hope this post was helpful if you’re a fellow content creator just starting out and planning a vacay! Let me know if you have any tips of your own in the comments!



My In-Flight Essentials

A list of my absolute essentials for the plane!

Travel can be stressful in many ways, and one of my least favourites is having to carry a ton of stuff on the plane. It seems to happen every time I travel and I’m putting a stop to it. Whether it’s because my checked luggage was overweight or because I packed unnecessary items, I often end up with a 10lb purse on the plane. For the France trip that I’m currently on, I told myself that I would aim to strictly pack my personal bag with only essentials. Guess what? I successfully did it, and here’s what I packed.

Essentials to me, well also by definition, are things that are absolutely necessary. So I decided that the items I usually pack which I thought were necessary, actually weren’t because I never ended up using them during my travels! The items that I pack now are things that I KNOW I’m going to use either in flight, or before and after.

Wet Wipes

I usually pack a hand sanitizer for my travels but I realize that I don’t really use it! When I’m in-flight I’ll just get up to wash my hands in the restroom and when I get off the plane I also go straight to the restroom, so hand sanitizer is kind of pointless to me. Instead, I’ve packed super light and easy to carry wipe packets from Fur. Since they’re so thin, it’s almost like they’re not even in my bag and they’re much better to clean off or refresh during the flight.

Sleeping Mask & Ear Plugs

I only pack these two things when I’m on a flight that’s longer than four hours. I’m a very light sleeper so ear plugs are absolutely essential, and if I’m trying to sleep and someone has their reading light on, then a sleeping mask also comes in handy.

Lip Balm

Duh. Instead of bringing my whole collection of glosses, lipsticks and liners, I’ve cut it down to one lip balm that I love. The most hydrating one that I own is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and it also gives off a nice glossy look if enough is applied! Win-win!

Laptop & Charger

Since a personal bag gets heavy so easily I try to choose my heavier items wisely. Something that’s essential for me is my laptop and charger. It allows me to get some work done on the flight and ensures it’s safe and secure during travel!

Passport & Wallet

Okay these are completely obvious necessities, but I store them together in one flat pouch so that I don’t lose anything. The pouch I use is also big enough for my boarding passes, trip itinerary and any other documents I get while traveling. Since the pouch is flat, it’s easy to stick it in my bag and forget about it!

Emergen-C Packets

The last thing I want while travelling is to get sick, so I pack two or three Emergen-C packets for my flight to give my immune system a little help! These are also super flat and easy to pack.

Pack of Gum

This isn’t just for fresh breath though! Chewing gum on the plane helps with ear pressure, which happens quite a lot for me. I make sure I have one full pack before flying.

What are your in-flight essentials?



Paris Outfit Look Book

As many of you know, I traveled to Paris for the very first time this summer, so obviously I had to plan out my entire wardrobe from head to toe! Paris has been on the top of my travel bucket list for years so when I finally booked flights with my best friend I immediately went into excited planning mode. And when I say planning, I mean over-planning, but that’s just me naturally 🙂 So today I’m sharing what I wore in Paris and where you can find the pieces too! All of the items I wore will be linked below the images, happy shopping!

Day 1 – Exploring St. Germain

On our very first day in Paris we both arrived at the airport early in the morning (around 9am) so we had a full day ahead of us! I went for a girly but casual look with sneakers, a ruffled dress and straw bag. Boy, it was hot out! But this little number kept me cool because it was a really light material.

Blue Ruffled Dress

White Platform Sneakers

Straw Bag

Day 2 – Breakfast at Ladurée, Arc de Triomphe & Shopping

Our second day in Paris was a little better planned out than the first because we weren’t as tired and had a better idea of what we wanted to do. We started the day off with breakfast at Ladurée on the Champs-Élysées, walked over to the Arc de Triomphe for some photos and then spent the rest of the day shopping! I went with a floral print and heels on this day because I wanted to feel extra pretty for breakfast!

Floral Dress

White Kitten Heels

Day 3 – Galeries Lafayette & Eiffel Tower Picnic

Our last full day in Paris was spent doing more shopping (obvs) and ended off with a lovely picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve never seen a bigger or more beautiful mall than Galeries Lafayette! Every level had tons of stores and you could say we went a little crazy in there 😉 Our picnic started off a bit rough because we weren’t in an ideal spot, but once we moved and found a better location to set up we didn’t want to leave! I did an outfit change between these activities, so look below to see the details!

White Tie Top (I can’t find this top so here’s a look alike)

Denim Skirt (This is also just a similar skirt because I bought mine a year ago!)

White Eyelet Dress

Although we didn’t spend much time in Paris, I was able to get a feel for the culture and style of the city. It was just as I expected and I can’t wait to visit again! Have you been to Paris? Share your favourite Paris activities/attractions or tourist spots below!




Mexico Travel Diary

Last week I went on my very first vacation to Mexico and it was a wonderful and much needed get-away. My family and I stayed at the 5-Star Iberostar Resort in Playa Mita and although I haven’t been to many resorts, I can say that this was definitely one of the best I’ve seen. It truly felt like a 5-Star experience, especially because it was all-inclusive. Below are the highlights of my trip and experience at the resort. Hopefully if you haven’t been to Mexico before this will convince you to book your next vacation there 😉 It is seriously beautiful!



Let’s talk about what’s important first, the food! 😛 Since this resort was an all inclusive, anywhere we went we were able to order food and drinks without having to worry about holding money. There were two buffet style restaurants, one was extremely large and the other was a little smaller and closer to the pool. I expected the food to be sub-par as it was buffet style and all-inclusive, but the food was AMAZING! This definitely made our trip more enjoyable because the variety of food was very wide too. Everyday around noon one of the chefs would come out to the mini poolside hut and make either burgers, hotdogs, tacos or paella.

The highlight of my food experience here was the Japanese Teppanyaki. Honestly, I was nervous to eat sushi while in Mexico but it turned out to be very delicious and the show that our chef put on was marvellous!



The staff at the resort were all very helpful, friendly and involved! Majority of our days were spent poolside and there were always activities going on which made it super fun, especially for the younger kids. A few of the activities that went on during the day were water aerobics, salsa and meringue dance, biking, water volleyball, beach volleyball, and many more. The staff would even go up to everyone poolside and let them know what activities were happening next. This might seem easy but the resort was HUGE so it was a nice gesture for them to remind us what was going on.

Processed with VSCO with h4 preset

The only service that disappointed me was room service. The very first time I ordered, a simple plate of chicken nuggets and fries and a brownie dessert, we waited 2 hours and then ended up cancelling it completely because it was getting too late. However when my cousin and her boyfriend ordered the exact same thing on a different night, theirs came in 15 minutes! So clearly there’s a bit of inconsistency with the room service timing.


This resort went above and beyond to provide amazing entertainment for all of its guests. Each evening there was a show in the theatre either in concert form or music/lip-syncing performance. The shows that we watched were themed Boogie Nights, Rock, Pop Love Songs and Las Vegas and they were each about an hour and a half long. The singers, dancers and band were extremely talented and every show was put on very well!

Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

In addition to the shows, on a few of the evenings before the show times there would be a set up in the lobby with games and drinks that corresponded with whatever theme that nights show would be. On one of the evenings it was Mexican festival themed so there were multiple traditional games going on and a booth dedicated to tequila 😉 Another evening was Las Vegas themed so they had a “make your own cocktail” stand and poker games all around the lobby.


As soon as we walked into the lobby we were in awe of how beautiful the resort was and I really appreciated their attention to detail in the design. Throughout the entire building there were gorgeous pieces of furniture, light fixtures and art making it really feel like a 5-Star building. The views of the ocean were insane and at sunset there was enough seating and viewing points for everyone to watch. The pools were in the centre of the resort but a little closer to the beach so that there was easy access if you wanted to go down for a dip in the ocean.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Overall my stay at Iberostar was unforgettable and a fantastic first impression of vacationing in Mexico. I would 100% go again! If you have any specific questions regarding the resort please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me here!



My Airplane Essentials

Plane rides can be a real pain, especially when you’re unprepared, so today I’m sharing what my airplane essentials are when travelling! I’m flying to Mexico this week so I thought the topic was fitting 🙂

When packing my personal airplane bag, either a purse or backpack, I like to categorize all of the items that I’m bringing. This makes packing easier, quicker and ensures that I don’t forget anything.

The categories that I create lists by are toiletries, medical, tech, accessories and miscellaneous. Below are the items that I usually include in my personal bag within these categories!


  1. Moisturizer: For face and hands because airplanes are so drying! Right now I’m loving my Chanel hand cream (TSA approved) and I think I’ll bring my Tula Day and Night cream because it’s also small enough and super moisturizing.
  2. Lip Balm: If I ever forget to pack my lip balm I always buy a new one at the airport because that’s how necessary it is for me on flights LOL. I love bringing my squeeze tube lip balm from Vaseline because it’s clear, very hydrating and works well under glosses and lipsticks.
  3. Face Mist: A face mist is something that I like to use after I’ve already applied moisturizer. I love my travel sized Clinique Moisture Surge face spray because it keeps my skin hydrated for a long time.
  4. Pressed Powder: This is a great way for me to touchup my skin upon arrival and it’s super convenient to carry around. I love the matte pressed powder from the Maybeline FitMe collection.
  5. Mini Highlighter: I try to fly with the least amount of makeup on possible but carrying around a mini highlighter works wonders when I want a glow upon arrival! I really like the Benefit Watts Up sample sized highlighter, and I apply it under my brow arch, in the inner parts of my eyes and also on my cheekbones.


  1. Advil: For those nasty headaches and back aches from the chairs LOL.
  2. Emergen-C Packets: I always carry these with me when I travel because I’m so paranoid of getting sick! Plus they’re great for a boost of energy if your flight is longer than 5 hours.
  3. Cold-FX: I don’t usually take these on my flights unless it’s a really early morning. They’re for prevention of cold and flu which I find really important if I’m travelling far. This is what kept me healthy when I flew to Manila and Hawaii.
  4. Bandaids: You never know when you might need one!
  5. Sanitary Wipes: These aren’t really for medical purposes but I keep them in this category anyway. They come in handy when you’re snacking on the plane or need to wipe something down.


  1. Phone Charger
  2. Portable Charger: I bring a portable charger for my phone for when I get off of the plane and still have some travelling to do before arriving at my destination!
  3. Camera: I like to pack my camera in my personal bag so that it doesn’t get damaged in checked luggage. It’s also convenient if I decide to take photos or vlog while flying!
  4. Earphones


  1. Sunglasses
  2. Hair Ties
  3. Jewellery: I hate packing my valuables in checked luggage because there’s a chance of the whole bag getting lost, so I pack them in my personal bag or wear them on the plane.


  1. Magazines: Depending on how long my flight is, I love bringing fashion and gossip magazines for the plane. I’m not a big reader so it’s always magazines over a book.
  2. Jacket or Sweater: Airplanes get really chilly, imo, so I like to bring an extra sweater that’s small enough to pack in my bag just in case!
  3. Passport
  4. Wallet
  5. Travel Itinerary: This is usually just a few papers that include my travel plans, flight info and other important things like phone numbers, locations, etc.

What do you pack in your personal airplane bag? Share below in the comments!



5 Ways To Stay Organized While On Vacation

An enjoyable vacation for me is always well planned and organized. I find that when I don’t have to worry about putting together outfits or planning my days I’m much more relaxed! This does take some extra organization beforehand, but it’s definitely worth it. Scroll down to read my tips on staying organized while on vacation!

  1. Plan ahead of time. It sounds obvious but most people don’t do this! I like to plan my trips at least three months ahead of time so that I have a set schedule by the time I head to the airport. This includes booking flights, booking hotels or Air BnBs, transportation within my destination (unless it’s Uber), and an activity itinerary!
  2. Create detailed itineraries. It’s easier to write down a list of attractions and events you want to visit while on your vacation, but it’s better to plan the dates and times that you actually want to go. I always create a detailed itinerary for each vacation that I go on because it eases my mind before travelling and let’s my brain relax when I get to my destination. The details of these itineraries include date, time, method of transportation and the amount of money I assume I’m going to need for food and shopping. I’ve created a template that you can use for your next vacation itinerary too! -> VACATION ITINERARY TEMPLATE
  3. Buy tickets early. To avoid long lines and sometimes higher prices I always buy tickets for events or attractions before I travel!
  4. Brainstorm outfit ideas. Outfits are probably the biggest deal for me, but I’m not ashamed! I love feeling good in what I’m wearing, especially on vacation. I’m definitely not the type to let go of my style when travelling so I always plan every single outfit early. I create mood boards on Pinterest and Instagram that include the style that I want to portray on vacay and then I execute! I plan everything from head to toe (accessories, clothing, shoes) and write it all down in a chart. This way I can avoid overpacking and when I’m actually on vacation I don’t have to worry about pairing pieces!
  5. Use packing cubes. I only recently started using packing cubes but WOW are they a life changer. They make life SO much easier when travelling!! I categorize each cube into shirts, pants, undergarments, swim suits, pyjamas and toiletries and it saves me so much time when unpacking and looking for items.


Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.04.07 PM.png
Compression Packing Cubes

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.05.23 PM.png
6 Set of Pro Packing Cubes

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.06.17 PM.png
Water Proof Packing Cubes

How do you stay organized while on vacation? I’d love to know! Comment below with your travel tips 🙂



Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.06.17 PM.png

How to Prevent Sickness While Travelling

Travelling can often bring on sickness, especially if you’re on long haul flights often, so today I’d like to share my tips on how to prevent that from happening! A couple of these tips were given to me by my best friend and when I was travelling last December I tried them out and successfully avoided any illness on my trip.

Sickness while travelling can arise from a multitude of factors some of them being fatigue, large groups of people in close quarters, exposure to foreign diseases, and stress. Therefore it’s important to cover your bases before and during your trip to ensure those bugs don’t get to you!

  1. Do your research before you go. Depending on where you’re travelling to, there may be viruses and diseases that you need to prepare for. Sometimes this involves getting shots beforehand and other times it just means avoiding specific types of foods and water.
  2. Stock up on Vitamin C packets. Every single morning while travelling I take an Emergen-C packet or tablet in a glass of water and not only does it boost your energy but it also helps support the immune system.
  3. Take Cold-FX daily. Taking Cold-FX pills helps prevent flu and cold symptoms and reduces their frequency, duration and severity. I honestly think that taking these was a huge factor in why I didn’t get sick during my three week trip.
  4. Drink from disposable water bottles, not tap. Wherever you go if you know it’s not 100% safe to drink from the tap then don’t. Even in restaurants you should ask for a bottle of water rather than a glass because you never know where it might be coming from.
  5. Pair up your sleeping schedule as soon as you can. If you know you’re going to by flying during the nighttime hours of your destination then sleep as much as you can to catchup to that places time zone.
  6. Carry a hand sanitizer at all times. Keep those airplane and airport germs away!

Do you have any other sickness prevention tips for travelling? Share them in the comments please!



Touch-Up Products You Should Keep in Your Purse

I believe I’ve already done a post about the necessities you should keep in your purse but today I’ll be sharing what my favourite touch-up beauty products are in my bag! These are quick fixer-uppers that you can use throughout the day for a touch-up on your makeup or skin. They’re petite too which makes them even easier to carry around with you all the time.

(1) Glossier Cloud-Paint

(2) Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

(3) Sample Sized Watts-Up Benefit Highlighter

(4) Oil Blotting Sheets (Forever 21)

(5) Christian Dior Creme de Rose Balm

(6) Chanel La Crème Main


Do you have different touch-up products that you carry in your purse at all times? Please share them in the comments below!



Vacation Diaries: NYE in Makati

On New Year’s Eve my family and I flew back to Manila from Bohol and went straight to the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati. We didn’t celebrate at the actual hotel but rather on top of a relatives apartment building where we could see all of Makati and the celebratory fireworks going on. I had never seen fireworks so big and close in proximity until this NYE. From every corner of the apartment building’s rooftop there were fireworks going on for as far as your eyes could reach.

Right in front of one side of the building were the Rockwell buildings outlined in a bright yellow lighting and this development had the largest fireworks. It was quite the sight indeed!

We ended up back at the hotel around 1:30am and crashed right away because of our travel fatigue.

On New Year’s Day I went shopping (again) and ended the day with a wonderful buffet meal at the Shangri-La, Makati. The buffet had every food you could possibly think of and it all tasted delicious.

Forward one day to January second and I’m flying out to our next destination…can you guess where? It’s closer to Vancouver but definitely still warmer!

Until next time loves.