The Best Camera for Bloggers

Over the past couple of years I’ve been using what I feel is the best camera for bloggers. Today I’m spilling all of the deets on it!


I started blogging for fun in December of 2016 and at that time I was taking photos and videos on my iPhone 6 Plus. Looking back now, it wasn’t the best quality but it did the job and I didn’t really know otherwise. A few months into blogging I realized that I wanted to improve on the quality of my content, even though it was still just a hobby on the side. I really wanted to see how far I could go with it and I was excited to explore my other options in the equipment sector.

After some lengthy research online and reviews by people I looked up to, I decided to save up and invest in the Olympus Pen E-PL8 Camera. I was nowhere near an expert on cameras but from what I had read, it looked to be the best option for what I was doing on Instagram, my blog and YouTube channel.

At the time I was in my second year of college, working part time and blogging on the side. I saved up my money as soon as I could and purchased the camera in the spring of 2017. Since then I have been using my E-PL8 camera for everything that I do on my social media platforms. I’ve been able to experiment with different types of photography and the quality of my content has definitely improved in comparison to using my phone.

Today I’m sharing all of my favourite features of the camera and the factors that made me decide to purchase it. If you’re just starting out as a blogger or content creator and are trying to find the perfect camera, hopefully this article will help you out! Let’s get started!

#1 Appearance and Build

The very first thing that I noticed about the E-PL8 camera was it’s luxurious appearance. The camera is available in three colourways; white, brown and black. Obviously I went for the white version because it aligns with my personal style the best. The body of the camera is leather grain and brushed aluminum, making it feel almost like an accessory. Which is perfect for creators who always have their camera on them! The camera also has grips on each side making it easier to hold if I’m filming a video or shooting selfie-style photos.

#2 User Friendliness

The next deciding factor for me was how user-friendly the camera is. Majority of the features on the camera make it super easy to use for a first-timer like myself. I was worried about having to educate myself a ton before using the camera, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy navigating it actually was.

The touch screen is one of my favourite features because it makes shooting so much quicker and convenient. I also love the multiple shooting modes and iAuto which selects the best of the 42 modes automatically for you. I would say that 90% of the time my camera is on iAuto because, like I said, I’m not an expert and it helps get the perfect shot every time.

#3 Flip Screen

Have you ever tried taking a selfie with a camera, without knowing whether or not you’re actually in the shot? Selfies on the E-PL8 don’t have this issue because the entire touch screen flips down! This is one of those features that makes shooting very simple. I also love the flip screen because it makes shooting flatlays, or images from above, a total breeze.

#4 Built-In-Wifi

One of the features that I could not live without is the built-in-wifi. Having the ability to connect my camera to my phone within a minute is insanely convenient. This feature enables me to do two things, import photos quickly from camera to phone and view my camera shot remotely on the Olympus App.

When I’m out and about shooting for campaigns, I like to view my photos right after they’re shot. It’s much easier to see details on my phone rather than my camera, and the quick import feature makes this possible. The Olympus App on my iPhone also allows me to connect to my camera so that I can see what the camera sees, on my phone. This feature comes in handy when my camera is on a tripod and I need to be in the shot! If you visit my Instagram page, about 50% of my photos are taken using this feature.

Photos I’ve Shot With the Olympus PEN E-PL8

I recently posted a video of my tips and tricks for using the Olympus E-PL8 Camera, so if you’re interested in seeing it you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and watch here. If you have any other questions regarding the camera feel free to comment them below or DM me on Instagram!



*Advertisement: This post is sponsored by Olympus. All opinions and thoughts are true, honest and my own!*


Fort Langley Photo Album

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot with Moe Sasan, from ShotSpot Mobile Photo Studio. This would have been my first professional photoshoot during my blogging career, and it was a lot of fun! We got some amazing shots so I thought I’d do up a little post including my favourites.

Shot Spot is a mobile photo studio, plain and simple. Rather than your typical one location studio, Moe’s studio is on wheels and travels to YOU. How convenient is that?!

The studio fits 4-5 people and is located in the Shot Spot van. It sounds silly at first, but once you step inside it really feels like a professional headshot studio! I was amazed at the photos he took just sitting in the van. There’s lighting, props and backdrops making it easy to get the perfect shot.

The great thing about Moe’s company is that he shoots both indoor (inside the studio) and outdoor. So depending on the type of photos you want taken, it’s easy to drive to a shoot location and snap a couple pics. For our photoshoot we agreed that Fort Langley, BC fit my aesthetic perfectly.

Moe was great at directing poses, getting the best lighting and photographing the perfect moments. He shared with me that he prefers to photograph street style and “blogger style” images, which obviously was a huge plus for me! So if you’re a blogger or a creator in the Lower Mainland, this is a great option for you. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the shoot. I’ve edited the right side images with my regular filtering so you can compare the original to the edited.

If you have any questions about ShotSpot feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram!



Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

This past week I posted a gift guide for your hubby, so now it’s time to focus on you! I’ve curated a list of the best products that launched this year, from beauty to fashion, and also included some of my personal favourites. Tried and true to their reputation! 😉

Whether it’s to treat yourself or gift something special to a loved one, these amazing gifts are sure to WOW their recipient! They range from affordable to luxury making it a useful list for every budget 🙂

Skincare & Bodycare

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.00.42 AM.png

Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask – $59CAD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.01.14 AM

Summer Friday’s Overtime Mask – $54CAD


The Body Shop – Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner – $15CAD


The Body Shop – Japanese Camellia Body Cream Moisturizer – $36CAD


The Body Shop – Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring Body Butter – $21CAD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.21.13 AM.png

Jowaé Hydrating Water Mist – $13.65CAD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.26.40 AM.png

Lilah B. Aglow Face Mist – $64CAD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.28.30 AM.png

La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream – $230CAD



Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil – $45USD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.04.11 AM.png

OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray – $32CAD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.05.08 AM.png

OUAI Hair Oil – $35CAD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.07.08 AM.png

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask – $46CAD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.08.32 AM.png

Briogeo Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Spray – $26CAD


Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème – $30CAD

Fashion & Accessories


The Daily Edited – Monogrammed Phone Case – $50-60USD


The Daily Edited – Monogrammed Clear Travel Case – $90USD

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.33.24 AM.png

Pop & Suki Takeout Bag – $404.53CAD


Bonlook Blue Light Protection Glasses – $145-175CAD


Mejuri Zodiac Ring – $88CAD


PDG Ultradown Mika Wrap Jacket – $158CAD

From Rachel Tights Subscription – $27.50/month

Happy Shopping!



Holiday Gift Guide | Boyfriend Edition 2018

Gift giving season is upon us and if you’re a last minute shopper like me, then here are 15 gift ideas for your hubby!

I honestly find getting gifts for guys the most difficult. Whether it’s my Dad or my boyfriend, nothing I see in store or online seems good enough to give! So I’ve done some of the heavy lifting and figured out what’s trending for guys this year.

Hopefully this will help you pick out a gift that’s perfect for your man. Maybe he even needs some of these items! 😉 #winwin

Portable Charger

You can’t go wrong with a portable charger and you’re in luck this year if your boyfriend doesn’t have one already! Here are a few popular ones:

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 8.47.56 AM.png

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

AUKEY 20000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank

Portable Charger, Xiaomi Mi Slim Power Bank Pro 10000mAh

Virtual Reality Device

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box gift idea, this is definitely one of them. The VR devices today can get pretty pricey, but if you’re on a budget then this soft Google device will do the trick and save you some bucks.


GoPro Google OEM Daydream View, VR Headset


Guys will wear the sh*t out of their at-home slippers (I’ve seen it firsthand) so why not get him a brand new pair? Maybe even splurge a little bit and get him UGGS!


UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper


This can be a tricky gift to give, but a great one nonetheless if you know what style of sunglasses your BF likes. I think that Raybans are always a safe option! Below is a little bit of inspo for you!


26 Best Sunglasses for Men in 2018

GQ: Best Sunglasses 2018


I don’t know about you but my boyfriend doesn’t wear gloves when it’s cold at. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have any, or maybe he just doesn’t care LOL. Either way, a pair of gloves is a useful and thoughtful gift to give!


Canada Goose Workman Gloves

Tech Touch Commuter Gloves

Toque or Beanie

Just like gloves, a toque or a beanie (whichever is your mans style) serves as a great gift, maybe even just a stocking stuffer. You can even go the extra mile with this gift and get a designer one!


Best Made Co. Cap of Courage Lambswool Beanie

Canada Goose Arctic Disc Merino Wool Toque Beanie

Lip Balm & Hand Cream Duo

Even though they may not admit that they need or use lip balm and hand cream, they do. This is a wonderful stocking stuffer because it’s so small!


Fuzzy Coat

The teddy coat trend is huge this year, again, and not just for women! There are tons of amazing teddy coat options out there for guys.


UO Sherpa Exterior Trucker Jacket

UO Ultra Shaggy Bomber Jacket


I’ve passed my fragrance obsession on to my boyfriend and I’m not mad about it hehe. If your man is running low on his favourite cologne, give him a new one! We all know these things are pricey! Better yet, choose a cologne that you like the smell of 😉 There’s a 50/50 chance he’ll like it and wear it for you.


Shop Men’s Cologne

Amazon Alexa or Google Home

If your budget is a little bigger this year, give your boyfriend the gift of convenience with an Amazon Alexa or Google Home. I personally love the Amazon Alexa but have also heard great reviews on the Google Home!

Google Home

All-new Echo Dot (3rd gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal

Designer Wallet or Card Holder

It’s always nice to receive a designer gift and if you’re not up for spending thousands of dollars on one, then a wallet or card holder is a great alternative.


Burberry Horseferry Leather Cardholder

Saint Laurent Logo Embossed Cardholder


Keep your man warm this holiday season with a new robe! Everyone loves lounging around the house in a robe, am I right? 😛 I don’t think you can go wrong with this gift!


Nordstrom Thermal Robe

UGG Brunswick Robe

Wireless Ear Buds

If you’re up for a little research then this is a great gift option. Luckily I’ve done some of the work for you already! 😉 Here are some of the best wireless ear buds out there in 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 9.06.29 AM.png

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

Apple AirPods

Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Charging Case


Everyone needs pajamas at some point or another, even your guy. Better yet, how about a matching couples pajama set!?! I wish I’d thought of this sooner for my boyfriend! LOL.


Nordstrom Men’s Pajama Set

Munki Munki So Sheepy Pajamas

Majestic International Fresh Ink Stripe Silk Pajama Set

Candle or Diffuser

Let’s be real here, this may just be a gift to yourself 😉 If your guy has his own place then candles or a diffuser will be a great addition, especially during the holidays. If you get him a diffuser you can also grab a multi-pack of essential oils for him to choose from!


Saje Dawn to Dusk Diffuser Kit

Boy Smells – Kush Scented Candle

Boy Smells – Cedar Stack Scented Candle

What did you get your man for Christmas?



5 Days of Giveaways

This year I’ve decided to do five giveaways to show my appreciation and love for you guys! I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities and experiences this past year and a big part of it was because of you!

Starting today I’ll be posting a daily giveaway for five days (Monday-Friday) and you will all have a day to enter each one. This post will remain at the front of my blog the entire week so that you always know where to find it! Each day you can enter the giveaway mentioned by commenting on this post.

**Please note that these giveaways are only valid for Canadian Residents.**


1. Come back to this post each day (Dec. 3-7) to find out what the giveaway is.

2. Follow the directions associated with each giveaway “Day X”.

3. Share this post with your family & friends!

Winners will be contacted via Instagram DM 🙂

DAY 5 – Lancôme La Vie est Belle Perfume

Entries open now until 4pm Sunday, December 9th!

This beautiful floral scent could be yours! This is a fragrance that makes life more beautiful and inspires true happiness.

TO ENTER: Visit my Instagram post HERE and follow the instructions there!

DAY 4 – $100 Worth of Brand New Assorted Skincare & Makeup


I don’t know about you but I love a little surprise gifts so today I’m giving away a box full of assorted skincare, makeup and body care! This box of goodies will serve as an awesome selection of stocking stuffers or a wonderful treat for yourself! 🙂

DAY 3 – $100CAD Plenty Giftcard


Plenty is one of my favourite Canadian clothing stores and they have a ton of amazing clothing items and accessories! They house brands such as Monk & Lou, PDG, Ribbon Luxe, BB Dakota and more! See their stuff here.

DAY 2 – Full Line of JOWAÉ Skincare (over $150CAD Worth)


This year I was introduced to the Korean-French skincare brand, Jowaé and because I love it so much I want to gift the entire line to one of you! This gift will include 10 different skincare products from hand cream to face wash.

DAY 1 – The Body Shop Gift Set



Goodluck you guys! xoxo

5 Ways to Pose for the ‘Gram

Are you stuck for poses? Seeking inspiration for your weekly Instagram photos? Look no further, here are five different poses that you can use for your #OOTDs 😉

#1 Look Back At It

This is a great pose for showing off the backside of your outfit or any heels that you might be wearing!


#2 The Walk By

Show a little attitude by doing a walk by photo! You can capture this on an iPhone or a professional camera by completing a burst photo of you walking.


#3 The Knee Pop

This pose looks great close up or far away. I personally love using this pose for a details shot.


#4 Look Afar

So you don’t want to look straight into the camera huh…why don’t you try looking away! Your photo will turn out with a laid-back and effortless look.


#5 Hand to Hip

This pose is a little more flirty and goes great with a smile. I love this pose while wearing a dress or skirt because it helps to flare out the bottom a little bit!


What’s your favourite pose? 🙂



5 Easy Ways to Save Your Money

It might be a little early to say this but….the holidays are only a few weeks away which means a lot of us are starting to save for gifts, events and other festivity expenses. That’s why today I’m going to share my saving tips! Even though they may be small they certainly make a difference when you add it all up.

I recently read “Less: A Visual Guide to Minimalism” and it turned me in a different direction, more specifically, away from spending and consuming so much during my day to day life. This book helped me to realize that if you’re truly spending on and consuming the right things, there’s really no need to be constantly opening your wallet. This is relevant to basically everything you spend on, from food to clothing, there are tons of ways you can save your dollars.

Here are some of the easy ways that I save money!

  1. Learn how to DIY. As a girl who focuses a lot on beauty and takes a lot of photos, I used to spend quite a bit on waxing and threading my face. For over a year now I’ve been threading my eyebrows and upper lip myself. Thread is dirt cheap and the process isn’t hard to learn (find my tutorial here). This will save you a few bucks a month especially if you find yourself visiting the salon quite often. It can also be applied to your nails! Get your own gel machine and polishes, I guarantee it’ll be cheaper than the salon.
  2. Invest in a good coffee machine. Why do we always choose Starbucks over a home-made cup of coffee in the morning? It’s probably because the home-made stuff isn’t as good, but what if it could be? If you spend a little more ONCE on a coffee machine that allows you to make lattes that you love, you won’t feel the need to spend $$$ every day at your local cafe. After all, buying coffee grounds once a month or even once every two months will definitely end up saving you money.
  3. Use GasBuddy. If you’ve got a car, you know how expensive it can get to be driving around all the time. Be smart about where and when you gas up! It’s as easy as using an app, seriously. GasBuddy compares the prices at your local gas stations, so you know where to go to save some mula!
  4. Don’t walk into a mall or store without a need. Shopping used to be a really bad habit of mine because I would go out simply to “look around” and FIND something that I wanted. I’ve learned now that this is super dangerous and results in you spending hundreds every month on unnecessary sh*t. My rule now is, if you don’t NEED an item in the store, don’t walk in. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll save.
  5. Sell your pre-loved items. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been selling my used clothing, home decor, accessories and more. Why not get a little money back from the things you spent your coin on?! Even if you’re not making a profit, it all adds up and you won’t feel so bad purging 😉

There are many other small ways that I save my money, but these ones are my mains. If you’ve got any tips of your own please share them! 🙂



The Best Fashion Coffee Table Books

I’m a huge fan of room decor especially in the book department so I’ve created a list of my favourite coffee table books for you! I particularly love fashion and design coffee table books because they look good on display AND they can be used for flatlays 😉

However they can get pricey so if possible, search for used books in good condition or wait for them to go on sale in store. The Chanel book that I own is used but looks almost as good as new! I got it at a used book store for $15 cheaper than the retail price .

Chanel: Collections and Creations




Tom Ford: Ten Years


The Fashion Book










All of these books can be purchased from Indigo-Chapters and Amazon.  If you have other fashion coffee table book suggestions please share them below!



6 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

As a result of the poll I posted on Instagram stories, the majority of you voted for V-Day Date Ideas rather than your classic gift guide, so here it is!

Valentine’s Day is not loved by all but you have to admit that there’s always a special feeling in the air on the day of, at least I think so. Today I’ll be doing a bit of the work for you and sharing some of my favourite date ideas. These can count as BFF dates too!

  1. Home Cooked Meal – Not everyone enjoys going out to restaurants all the time so this idea is perfect if you really want to wow your partner. Personally I’d take a home cooked meal from my boyfriend over a restaurant dish any time!
  2. Champagne and a View Point – Take him or her out to one of the best views in the city and bring along two glasses, a bottle of champagne and maybe a sweet treat like chocolate covered strawberries! Try going for the sunrise or sunset!
  3. Movie Night – It’s not an extraordinary date but it’s a great option if you’re on a budget. Don’t leave out the popcorn though!
  4. Art Class – Got time during the day or maybe in the evening? Take a one-time art class with your partner and see if you can sneak in a couple glasses of wine! Not only can it be romantic, it’s also fun!
  5. Indoor Picnic – Similar to a home cooked meal but different in the sense that you’ll literally be setting up a picnic on your living room floor. I think it’s a great idea if you’re looking to do something different and have some fun with it.
  6. Breakfast in Bed – If your significant other has work on Valentine’s Day you can express your love by surprising them with breakfast before they head out the door!

Got any other ideas? Share them below in the comments!




How to Free Up Your Weekends

I don’t know about you, but I love to have freedom on my weekends, AKA, I like not having to worry about finishing assignments or getting work done for deadlines. I’d say 90% of my weekends are laid back, and my secret is… I work my a** off during the week! I’ve broken down my habits during the week so that hopefully you can free up your weekends as well.

The key to weekend freedom is simply this, DO NOT WASTE PRECIOUS WEEKDAY TIME. As much as I’d love to spend my evenings catching up on Netflix shows and scrolling through my social media, I don’t. I’ve developed the habit of getting done what’s important before sitting down to relax.


  • Complete assignments in between classes.
  • Complete assignments ahead of time.
  • If you write class notes, write them in the evenings from Monday-Thursday.
  • If you’re taking an online course, read your chapters in the evenings and complete discussions or weekly activities in between your classes.
  • Pay attention in class so that you don’t have to take time outside of class to catchup and re-read what you’ve just been taught.

Asides from exam time, I really do try hard to keep my weekends free because that’s my time to refresh my brain for the upcoming week. When it’s exam time I follow these guidelines but do a lot of my studying on the weekends.


  • Accept that if deadlines aren’t met it is NOT the end of the world. If you’re stressing out about not meeting a project deadline or something similar then take a step back and re-evaluate. Stressing yourself out will likely cause you to take double the amount of time to finish the task.
  • Stay OFF of your phone. If you work in an office like me and sit at your desk for 7/8 of the day then you know how tempting it can be to check your phone every so often. I’ve learned to keep my phone either in my desk or bag so that I don’t waste time doing useless things on it when I should be working!
  • Do not bring work home with you. What’s done is done and if you’ve managed your time correctly then your deadlines should be completely feasible! Don’t bring work home on the weekends because it will prevent you from getting the proper relaxation that your mind needs and will carry stress over into the next week.


  • Put your phone down. So obvious right? Trust me, it saves a TON of time.
  • Exercise regularly and eat right! This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think time saver but it certainly is. Exercising and feeding your body the right types of energy will boost your productivity.
  • Use a planner or agenda. Documenting your to-do lists ahead of time will save you stress, protect you from forgetting things, and keep you on track.

How do you free up your weekends babes?