Why I Started Working Out

Since November of 2014 I have been working out at home. Today I’d like to share why I started working out and why I choose to work-out at home instead of a gym!

Why I Started Working Out

You might laugh at this, but I started working out because I noticed I was gaining weight from working at an ice-cream shop! I worked at Marble Slab Creamery for almost two and a half years and having ice-cream and candies right in front of me every single shift was extremely tempting! I never went crazy, but it was always there so over time I started to gain weight. Obviously, ice-cream is one of the most fattening foods you can eat and I was really noticing how it was affecting me, so I decided to do something about it. Now this is not to say that I was getting extremely overweight but my body was not in healthy and fit shape anymore.

What my Home-Gym Looks Like

I always had a home-gym consisting of the following:

  • Treadmill
  • Bike
  • Bench
  • Steps
  • Adjustable step
  • Weight rack
  • Other small workout items (exercise ball, skipping rope, ab roller, etc.)

I felt that for a beginner this was all I really needed, and the internet really helped me to get a routine of exercises down so that I would have a set schedule every time I worked out. It was that easy! It just took a little bit of determination and self-motivation.

Why I Choose to Work-Out at Home

Of course it’s been over three years since I started working out, but I’ve never actually purchased a gym membership for myself or even a week-long trial for that matter. I’ve been to an actual gym probably three times in my entire life, and that was because my boyfriend brought me along to his so that I could experience it at least once.

I work-out at home for the following reasons:

  • It’s extremely convenient.
  • It stares me right in the face every single day, forcing me to feel guilty if I’m being lazy! That’s a good thing to me!
  • It doesn’t cost me anything (except for cleaning time).
  • I’m an independent body (AKA major introvert) and don’t particularly like being surrounded by people when I workout.
  • It saves me waiting time because I’m the only one using my equipment.

Why I Continue to Work-Out

Working out makes me feel productive, healthy, and happy! I don’t have a goal weight or a goal body-fat percentage but I do have a goal relating to how I want to look and feel. My goal with working-out is to be in the best shape I possibly can be, and that includes eating right as well. I think that I will always have this goal because who doesn’t want to be in shape?! As we get closer to summer and bikini-season I’m really pushing myself to work harder and eat better so that I can enjoy my summer with a more lenient diet. I don’t wish that I looked like an ultra-thin and toned supermodel, but I do have an idealized version of my own body that I know is possible to achieve with hard work and determination!

Do you work-out? If you do, why do you do it? What motivates you?




40-Day Shopping Cleanse

I just finished my first full week of no shopping and I feel quite happy with myself. Some of you may be familiar with the term “Lent” but if not, I will explain. As a part of my religion, we annually take the 40 days before Easter to sacrifice certain things (in my case shopping), fast, reflect, and prepare for the upcoming celebration.

Why I chose shopping…

I have always been and probably always will be a shopaholic, it’s something that I love doing. I believe that if I’m working hard to earn money, I should be able to spend it the way I want to! Some of you may be able to relate. I’ve chosen to do a 40-Day Shopping Cleanse because 1) I need to learn how to save my money money better and 2) it’s something that is actually pretty difficult for me, it’s a challenge I want to take on.

What I hope to get out of this cleanse…

Hopefully by the time these 40 days are up, I will…

  • have a large sum of money saved up
  • have learned better self-discipline and control
  • trust that I’m capable of saving and not spending
  • be able to donate a generous amount to a charity

What I will be doing with part of the money I saved…

First things first, Lent is a time to be giving to others and doing service for others so in cleansing myself of shopping I can’t just do it for selfish reasons (as mentioned above). I know that I also need to be giving to others, and therefore a part of the money that I save will be donated. The charity that I will be donating to has an awesome catalogue full of different items (goats, clothing, household supplies, etc) that I can purchase for families in poorer countries.

Majority of my money will also be saved (hopefully for the rest of the year) leading up to my family trip to the Philippines/Hawaii in December. Aaaannndddd, another part of it will be spent on a new camera because I have yet to purchase one for myself, and with my annual LA trip coming up and my tropical trip at the end of the year, why not right!? That’s my shopaholic side coming out 🤷🏽‍♀️

Weekly Updates…

I plan to keep track of everything that I spend on during these 40-days and I will most likely be doing weekly updates as well. It’s going to be difficult, especially because there are so many wants on my wish list but I know it will be worth it in the end!

Until next time…





How to Take a Flat-Lay Photo

Today I am going to share with you my tips on how to take a perfect flat-lay photo! What is a flat-lay photo you may ask? Well, it’s a photo from a birds eye view of objects placed on a plain background. Here are some examples of flat-lays that I have taken:



Taking your photos in natural daylight will prevent blurry and dark shadows. In some of these photos there are shadows, but they are more natural and because they are in daylight, they are less blurry. Daylight also enhances the colours and textures of the objects that you are taking photos of.


Of course you don’t absolutely have to use  professional $500 camera to take a good photo, but the quality of the photo definitely depends on what type of camera you use. I personally use my iPhone 6S Plus to take my flat-lay photos and only on occasion I will use a professional Nikon camera.


I personally like to take my flat-lays on white or white marble surfaces, but a small pattern is fine too, as long as it is consistent throughout the photo. The example image above in the top right corner uses a patterned background that I actually made myself, but the objects on top are more or less plain and small, making for a good contrast.


I call them “props” because they might not always be the main objects that your photo is focussing on. For example, the photo of the Gucci Soho Disco bag has a candle as a prop, yet it is not the star of the photo, the bag is. Props can include:

  • flowers
  • magazines
  • candles
  • MacBooks, iPhones, or iPads
  • jewellery


White space is pretty self-explanatory, you don’t want a bunch of clutter in your photos or on your Instagram feed so make sure that you have decently sized spaces between your objects.


Obviously if you place a rollerball perfume or a pen on a flat surface it will roll away, so a small piece of tape comes in very handy when you want to take a photo. Just make sure that you can’t actually see it.


Once you have take the photo you can actually edit the background to get rid of any spots or dullness. For example the right-side photo below is clearly edited, and I’ve done this so that the background matches my white theme on Instagram. You can simply whiten your backgrounds or brighten them to make them stand out more. I also suggest that you use an acne spot remover on any editing app to remove spots from your background.

I hope that these tips help you take amazing flat-lay photos! If you have other tips let me know in the comments below!



Purse Must-Haves

When I was growing up I used to be quite the hoarder, and I’m talking about a 5-7 year old hoarder. The amount of bags and purses that I had FULL of random sh** was insane! I would collect them all, leave them in my 3’x3′ closet, and pick a random one when I was going out. Fortunately I have learned the concept of purging and organizing, and that’s what today’s post is all about! In order to keep an organized and easy to access purse there are a few things that you absolutely need to have at all times. These are items that can be packed in one smaller bag and switched between purses too.

The variety of items here are based on my own personal day-to-day needs and might vary from person to person but nonetheless they are very helpful to have!

Travel Sized Dry Shampoo


For me this is a must, my hair gets oily quite easily so having this is extremely useful when I’m on the go. A travel sized bottle can be purchased at any drugstore (Shoppers Drugmart, London Drugs, Walmart, etc) and fits even in a smaller purse!

Oil Blotting Sheets


I have combination skin (dry and oily in different parts) so keeping oil blotting sheets helps when I’m out on a hot day or when I know I won’t be home for a while. My skin doesn’t get super, super oily so I just purchased a little compact with sheets at Forever 21. I think they were around $5 CAD.

Hand Cream


It’s murphy’s law that whenever my hands get dry at work or school that I don’t have hand cream on me, so I’ve made it routine to bring a small one with me at all times. Sometimes even washing my hands dries them out so a mini moisturizer works wonders!

Tinted Chapstick


I was going to say just plain chapstick but why not tinted! Even with no makeup on, a tinted chapstick can make you look more put together. I use the Unique Pink lip balm from Sephora. It actually adjusts the tone of pink depending on the tone of your skin, how “unique”!



No matter what anyone tells you, you should be wearing sunglasses even on a cloudy day! The UV and UB rays can be quite damaging even if you can’t tell, so why not bring a long a pair of glasses everywhere you go?

Roll On Perfume


I personally have like 15 roll on perfumes and most of them have bigger versions on my shelf as well, so just in case I feel like smelling extra during the day I have this option!



And no, I do not mean an entire bottle. A small ziplock bag of 5-10 of these will last you quite a while. It’s always safe than sorry right! I get headaches at the most random times, sometimes even when the weather changes (lame right) so back up Advil saves me.



We all know why we should carry these around. When they magically disappear from your head during the day you know you’ve got backup. I highly recommend keeping a large stock of these at home because once they come out of that ziplock bag in your purse they almost never make it back in.

Breath Mints/Gum


Keep your breath fresh throughout the day, but do not mistake them for something to snack on or else you’ll be out in a day!



These aren’t always necessary but they are good to have when you know you’ll be waiting a while for something and feel like passing the time with some tunes.

Mini Deodorant 


It’s always good to be conscious of your body odour during the day, especially if its warm outside! A mini deodorant takes up barely any space and is definitely good to have in emergencies.

Tell me what your purse must-haves are, I would love to know!



Skinny Silk Scarf Obsession

If you know me, you know that I love to accessorize. I love to look put together at all times, accessorize with simple pieces, but at the same time make a statement! Recently I’ve been really into skinny silk scarves. Obviously in Vancouver we’ve been experiencing temperatures below freezing, but these dainty pieces still manage to keep me warm too! You can even bring these cute little things into Spring season with you!

Another great thing about skinny silk scarves is that there are a number of ways you can style them. They can instantly turn a boring outfit chic and make you feel pretty and presentable. Check out my looks below for some inspo! All of my scarves used below (except for last photo) are from Aritiza, they have quite the selection! Check their website out here.

1.Around your neck…

Looped around your neck once…
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Looped around your neck and tied once…

2. Around the handle of a purse…

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

3.With a blazer…




What’s Your Excuse?

It’s a New Year and that means that we’ve all got a fresh start and a clean slate. Why not start it off with a bang! I’ve got a lot of things planned out for 2017 as a Consultant for Rodan+Fields, and although I’m still in school and working another job, I will always be able to work my business alongside my Mom. Consulting for Rodan+Fields is such an amazing opportunity and I’m so happy that I was able to become one this young and early on in my life. And you can too!

My latest video is all about confronting the excuses that have stopped or are stopping you from taking up this amazing opportunity.

Watch Here!

How to Be a “Goal Digger” in 2017

By Urban Dictionary definition a goal digger is

: one who desires the finer things in life but is happy to work hard and set goals in order to get there.

That my friends is something we should all be able to do!

As we ring in the New Year and say goodbye to 2016 it’s time to look back and reflect on our past years goals. Did we set goals for ourselves that were easy to achieve? Or did they challenge us? Did we give up half way through the year or even half way through January? Did we really desire to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves?

I’m sure we all have different aspects of our lives that we wish to change or develop and now it’s the perfect time to really think about them and figure out what it is we can do this upcoming year to make a difference!

What do you want to change in your life?

Whether it be spiritual, personal, relationship, career, finance, or health related there is always something we can be doing to improve the way that we live. If you can remember what goal(s) you set for yourself at the beginning of 2016 and you were able to achieve what you hoped for then congratulations! Most people actually don’t follow through with their resolutions though. Below is a list of the top 5 New Year resolutions made by Canadians in 2015 going into 2016. Pay close attention to one very similar characteristic in all of them…

  1. Living a healthier lifestyle
  2. Focus on the positives
  3. Spend more time with family and friends
  4. Be true to one’s self
  5. Learn something new

If you noticed that most of them aren’t very specific you’re right! Of course some individuals do make more specific resolutions in each category but overall most people will make resolutions so vague that they’re near impossible to achieve! So here are the secrets that I believe will work in helping you become a GOAL DIGGER in 2017.

1.  Make Sure Your Desire For Change Is Strong

It’s simple, if you don’t have a desire to make a change then that change isn’t going to happen like you want it to or even at all! When you’re planning your New Year resolutions take a step back and take time to think about what changes you really desire in your life. This might even mean thinking back to what you wanted at the start of 2016. If you had a goal and didn’t even get close to achieving it, then it might be better to focus on something else. But if you feel it’s the right time now and you really want to try and achieve that goal again then just do it! It’s an inside thing, you can try telling yourself to workout 5 times a week, but if your hearts not in it, how good are your workouts really going to be? Probably not as good as they could be!

2. Narrow Down Your Goal

Unlike the top 5 resolutions above, make sure to narrow down your resolutions and goals. Instead of telling yourself you’re going to “live a healthier lifestyle” narrow it down by saying you’ll workout 4-5 times a week for an hour each time or switch out your eggs for egg whites in the morning! Narrowing your goals down makes them much more achievable.

3. Create A Time Frame

What’s a goal if you have until death to achieve it! (some goals might be exceptional though) But in order to make visible changes in your life and achieve goals that you know will enhance the way you live you need to set a time frame to complete them in. Is your goal short term or long term? Typically a New Years Resolution applies to a goal that you want to achieve within that year, so let’s focus on that. It’s important to know what resources (like time or money) are needed to achieve your goal because those can either be barriers or aids. Also think of what branch your goal falls under such as finance, health, habit, or skill. Each different branch takes a different amount of time to achieve and some might take you longer than you hope for depending on the situation. If it’s a good habit you’re trying to achieve then that can develop quickly if you stick to it! If its more personal, career, or relationship related then it may take longer.

4. Keep Your Goals In Mind At All Times

If that means having them written on every piece of paper you can find then do it! Your desire for change is what will really push you to keep working towards your goals. A Pinterest board could be a good option as well, to remind you why you want to achieve your goal or to motivate you to work towards it. If you do create a board though try not to drool over unrealistic images (Example A: fitness photos!). Pin photos that are reasonable for the goals you have set for yourself instead of possibly putting yourself down in the long run realizing that you didn’t achieve the dream body you’d been looking at the entire year.

5. Be Positive & Believe In Yourself

This is very important because we all have the power to put ourselves down and stop ourselves from achieving what we desire. Our minds can do crazy things to us! So if you can believe in yourself then you’re already halfway there.

Who’s ready to take on 2017!!  Let’s all be goal diggers and remember that without a goal there can be no real success!





Little Changes

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve said to ourselves “I should have done this sooner” or “I wish I didn’t procrastinate”. The task(s) that we “wish we did sooner” may have seemed unimportant in those moments of procrastination, but we all know that they turned out to be critical in the end when we needed them done! Whether it be studying for an exam, eating healthier, applying for a job, or even doing the laundry, I’m telling you that it’s the little changes that matter the most.

A lot of people are afraid of change and what it might do to them, but small day to day changes are what establish habits and structure in our lives. Once good habits are developed, positive change spills over into other parts of our lives, like our jobs and relationships. Owning a business with my Mom has made me think about efficiency in a new way and has helped me realize that if I’m not able to make little changes in my everyday life, then I can’t expect for big changes to happen.

I took some time a while back to think about all of the things that I needed to get done and about what daily activities made me feel the most satisfied. A lot of the changes I’ve made are mind & body related, but it makes sense because we all know that if you’re happy and healthy, almost everything else in life seems easier and less stressful. I’ve created an easy-to-follow guide on the little changes I’ve made in my life that I think everyone should take a crack at too!

1. USE AN AGENDA – Get organized, Be organized, Stay organized

Using a daily planner or an agenda is a must if you want to get, be, and stay organized. I have always been the organized type myself, but I do find that sometimes I forget things and lose track of what I need to do. I personally think that a physical paper and pen agenda is the best, but there are apps that you can use too! I say this because they are touchable and therefore they encourage you to get into the practice of writing down important things. I have tried online agendas but I find that because I’m on my phone so often I end up ignoring reminders or swiping them away! Here are the reasons why you should use an agenda:

  • It reduces stress; replaces having to remember every task, meeting, or event yourself
  • It creates self-discipline; you get into the habit of writing important things down, and simultaneously develop organizational skills
  • It helps you get more done; it makes you aware of free time you might not normally be aware of and therefore presents time for you to get more things done in
  • It helps with goal setting; get an agenda that has a note section and scribble away when you think of goals and ideas! These could be daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly goals and because you are constantly checking your agenda you’re constantly reminded of what you need to do
  • *TIP* invest in a stylish agenda like the ones below so that you actually enjoy writing in it. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about a chic Kate Spade agenda!


I’ve always been a list-maker, and whether or not that’s you, a list can always help to keep you on top of the tasks you want to complete! I like to make lists whenever I know I’m going to have free time, this might be in the morning on the weekend or when I get home from work in the evening. When I make a list I like to challenge myself, or in other words, make it almost unreasonable for the amount of time that I have to complete it. It might not work for everyone, and some people may be overwhelmed by a long list of tasks, but I find that it prevents me from being able to sit down and scroll through social media without feeling guilty. Efficiency is key!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 5.16.19 PM.png
Chapters/Indigo always has the cutest notepads!


Here’s a weird example; I like to clean all of my white shoes, especially sneakers. Is it something that I enjoy doing? Not exactly. But it’s one of those tasks that I tend to put off until the minute that I need to wear them and they’re speckled with dirt. Kind of like I mentioned at the beginning of this post! What helps me to take action and do the things that I put off is writing them down. I recently bought a pretty glass whiteboard from Ikea and I’m constantly writing down the tasks that I don’t really enjoy doing but need to be done. Having them right infront of my face everyday forces me to get ‘em done! (it’s just a bonus that the board is super cute;)

Browse around Ikea or Home Sense to find a cute whiteboard like mine!


I don’t know about you, but I cherish my sleep. Unlike those childhood days when I wanted to stay up all night, I can barely stay awake past 12am now (how lame right?!). As a student with 2 jobs I know that it’s super important for me to get the proper amount of sleep every night so that I’m not exhausted or grumpy the next day. I try to get 8 or more hours of sleep every night, and most of the time that means going to bed at 10pm. It’s very tempting to go on my phone before bed, but I know that it usually results in me staying up for an hour or so longer. Here are the benefits that I find I get from sleeping early:

  • Better sleep; the earlier that I sleep, the better I sleep and the less I wake up during the night.
  • More productive mornings; the earlier that I sleep, the earlier that I wake up. Now it does take a couple of days for this to actually happen (in my opinion) because your body has to adapt to a new schedule, but once it does, you’ll be up early with higher energy levels and ready to take on the day!
  • More energy; it’s kind of self-explanatory, the earlier you sleep the more energy you have during the day because you’re getting more hours (that is, if you have to wake up at a certain time)
  • Less caffeine intake; I’m not a coffee lover, but I have used it as a crutch a couple of times in the past when my sleeping habits weren’t so great. Going to sleep earlier prevents me from reaching for the java in the AM.


By refresh I mean.. wash your face, have a shower, get a workout in, drink some water, or have a cup of green tea! Anything that makes you feel awake, do it! I’ve made it a habit to wash my face and do my morning facial routine as soon as I wake up everyday, and I always feel a little more energized when I do. When you feel good, you do well (in almost every situation).

I’m not talking complete dieting or cutting out an entire category of food though! I’m a believer of treating yourself when you deserve it, but I also make sure that I balance and monitor how much I’m eating of certain foods. I personally don’t like to drink a lot of milk or eat a lot of bread, so I switch out toast in the morning for granola and yogourt or coconut almond milk. It’s not that I think they’re unhealthy though, they just make me feel bloated rather than energetic (how I want to feel after I eat). By keeping an eye on the foods that I eat and reducing how much I eat foods that make me feel guilty, I feel more energetic and happy! It also improves my workouts!


Not everyone enjoys working out, but I guarantee that once you do, you will feel happier and healthier instantaneously! I’ve upped my weekly workouts to 5-6 days a week because I know that it makes me feel better and makes me more productive in other areas of my life. Exercising doesn’t have to be a full on sweat-sesh in the gym though. A jog around the block or a quick at-home ab workout work just as well! Getting in the habit of exercising develops self-discipline and can motivate you to be more productive. So turn on whatever music gives you a buzz and get to work!

You’re only one workout away from a good mood!

Do you have little things that you do during the day that move you closer to your goals and make you feel happier, healthier, and more efficient?

Story Time

Hey there! As you may have read on my “About Me” page, I’ve started this blog to share with all of you (who are interested of course) about my journey through life as a young female entrepreneur and Consultant. Today I’d like to share a little bit more about myself and how I became a Consultant for Rodan + Fields.

10 Deets About Me:

1.I am the eldest of 7 children. I know right, CRAZY!

2. I have always had a creative side! I’ve taken pottery, painting, drawing, sewing, and dancing classes over my years. I even got a professional wooden easel and paint set for Christmas one year. I’m currently channeling my creativity through my Instagram account, YouTube Channel, and this blog!

3. I’ve also always been active. I’ve tried almost all of the sports you can think of. Gymnastics, competitive swimming, tennis, softball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cheerleading, skiing, snowboarding, the list goes on.. but my favourites were gymnastics and cheerleading (probably because I’m such a girly girl! hehe). I don’t play on any teams now but I have a home gym that I work-out in almost every day. Fitness and health are very important to me.

4. My Dad owns a furniture business called E9 (Estrada 9, aka my family), and because I’ve grown up watching him, I’ve always had a drive to do something business related. I am currently studying business courses and I’m planning to get my Bachelors of Commerce with a specialization in Marketing.

5. I started working part-time when I was 14 years old, and since then have worked 4 different jobs. I never stopped working while I was in school because I believe that if I can make money for myself then why not do it? Working has always motivated me to work towards my goals and aspirations. Being employed at such a young age really gave me independence and a sense of responsibility.


6. My guilty pleasures are perfume, macarons, and anything Tiffany & Co.


7. I’m obsessed with white. This might just be because I have the tendency to perfect things and everything around me has to be organized but white will always be clean, simple, and chic!

8. I’m not so great at cooking but I do love to bake (when I find the time to). When I was younger that’s all I would do in my spare time, it was never electronics or video games. Instead you could find my teeny-tiny self pushing a sheet of cookies into the oven!

My go to website for recipes is Sally’s Baking Addiction.

 9. Although I love white, my favourite colour is burgundy.


10. I’ve always wanted to have my own blog and business. I’m not a journalist or a writer though, keep that in mind while you’re reading. Fun Fact: English was always my least favourite subject for some reason!

I hope I didn’t just bore you with facts! But I feel that it’s necessary for you all to know me a little more in depth before I share my story.

I was never planning on becoming an entrepreneur, or even running a business for that matter, so I can’t help but think that it was all meant to be! In October of 2016, a close family friend approached me and my Mom about attending a Rodan + Fields event, no strings attached. Now this wasn’t the first time my Mom had heard of the skincare company, but it was the first time she was approached with the idea that I could go with her. We attended the event (that the Dermatologists actually spoke at) and I was intrigued by the idea that I could be running a business with my Mom at the age of 18! The stories of  the Consultants that spoke were mesmerizing and definitely attractive. And so we signed up as skincare Consultants and business partners that evening. I didn’t have a vivid idea of what being a Consultant was like but I knew that it was something I couldn’t pass up.


We hit the ground running during the first few weeks after we had signed up and boy was it an adrenaline rush!! We were promoted to Executive Consultants within our first month!I have never felt so empowered, motivated, and in control of my life and my success.

The great thing about Consulting is that we choose how we want to run our business and because of that my mind has been overflowing with ideas (literally overflowing, I can barely write them all down on one sheet of paper!) It took me a couple of weeks to realize what my WHY was for being a Consultant but I did eventually figure it out and take action. It’s the reason why I created this blog!


I want to empower young people to go after the life that they’ve always wanted by sharing my experiences and my journey as a young entrepreneur. I’m talking lifestyle, career, relationships, and so on. I understand that not everyone’s situation is the same, but it’s the little changes that make a huge difference and I’m super pumped to share with you the changes I’ve made in my life to enhance the way I’m living and to move closer towards my goals and ambitions! Becoming an entrepreneur/Consultant has made me realize that we are all capable of doing anything we want to if we work hard every day and keep our vision in sight. Yes we’ve all heard this before but it’s real for me right now and I’m in control of where I’m going. Not only that, but I’m having fun while working hard. What a splendid combo! It feels absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to share more with you all.