Fool Proof Ways to Tone for Summer

It’s that time of year again when we all want to tone our bodies for summer and get leaaannnnn. If there’s one appearance goal that I have it would definitely be to tone my body and cut down on stubborn fat. It’s easier said than done, but with consistence and dedication it is definitely possibly. Here are a few ways that help me to tone my body for summer!

#1 Reduce Your Calorie Intake

The body needs to be in a calorie deficit in order to truly burn fat cells on its own. You can do this by eating and drinking less calories than you burn off in a day. When you burn more calories a day than you’re eating or drinking, your body will begin to shrink fat cells for energy!

The best way to figure out how many calories you should eat/drink a day is to use a fitness app or website. It’s all based on your gender, age, weight and height so they’re pretty accurate. Once you know your target calorie range, subtract 500-1000 calories a day, to get into that calorie deficit.

#2 Cardio, cardio, cardio!

This is an easy one to understand. Cardiovascular activity simply burns calories! Whether you’re a runner, swimmer or love to skip rope, any type of cardio daily will help you tone for summer. This is especially important if you do regular strength training in the gym or at classes.

#3 Drink tons of water!

Thousands of calories are consumed through sugary or alcoholic drinks. Water is your best friend this summer girl! Drinking water, at least 2L a day, keeps you hydrated, flushes out toxins and tightens the skin. When you do want a sweet drink or alcoholic beverage, make sure you drink lots of water at the same time so your body doesn’t retain a lot of water.

#4 Eat your greens and fruits!

If you’re in a calorie deficit, you’re going to need energy from something. Try to increase your vegetable and fruit intake daily so that you’re getting all of the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Pass on the potatoes and get the carrots 😛

#5 Stay Consistent

One of the easiest ways to stay consistent is by planning out at least one or two meals a day. For example, I eat the same thing for breakfast every day! Two eggs and a sausage patty right after my workout provide the protein I need to stay strong and grow muscle.

I hope these ways help you to tone your own body for summer! If you have any tips of your own feel free to share them in the comments 🙂




My Experience with Body Contouring

Over the past few months I’ve been going to The Skin Girls (TSG) for body contouring and I feel that this post is long overdue! Many of you have asked me questions about it on IG, so I want to share everything I can with you in this post. If you still have questions after reading this you can always comment below or DM me on IG!

Area Contoured: UPPER ARMS

The reason I chose to get my arms contoured is because it’s always been a stubborn fat part on my body and something that I was always insecure about. We all have idealistic images of our own bodies and no matter what I did or ate, my arms just wouldn’t tone down the way I wanted them to. I knew that with a healthy diet and consistent working out, this treatment would pay off and get me the results I wanted.

How it works…

BodyFX is a form of body contouring that permanently reduces fat and tightens your skin. In simple terms, it basically zaps your fat with heat. I’ll leave the technical explanation for the pros. The machine that TSG uses heats up to 42 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature that fat melts at.

How it feels…

I’m not going to lie and say that this procedure is painless because it depends on your pain tolerance. For me, the procedure on my arms burns for very short periods of time when the machine heats up to its highest temperature, but after the treatment I feel normal and don’t experience any sort of pain.

In regards to how your skin looks after, depending on your skin type there may be bruise-like marks where the area has been heated and suctioned. Since I naturally bruise easily, I always leave with red marks and over the next few days after treatment they begin to turn purple. But they do not hurt. These marks last up to a week and a half for me. Some people don’t experience any marks at all, it really depends.

What it costs…

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with The Skin Girls so the treatments I’ve had done were complimentary. Body Contouring at TSG costs $299CAD/session plus tax. Before you gasp at the price, average costs for this type of treatment are usually around $599CAD and from the results I’ve experienced, I would certainly pay for this treatment myself.

Did it really work…

After my very first session of Body Contouring at TSG I couldn’t immediately see results because of the red marks and also because it takes up to 4 weeks for the fat to dissolve. After about two weeks I noticed that my arms had toned down a bit. They say that each session typically lowers your fat percentage by 5%. Now after three sessions I can see a huge difference from before the treatment (pictured below). I’ll update this post a few weeks after the session I have today to show you my final results. I’m happy with the way my arms look now and am no longer insecure about them, so I think my 4th session will be my last.


In addition to getting these treatments done I have been watching what I eat, not crazy dieting, but eating in moderation and working out consistently. I believe that working out 5-6 times a week has really helped to maintain the fat loss and tone down my arms. The bulkier parts of my arms, the upper shoulder area, are mainly muscle now which is what my goal was in the first place! If you’re looking to slim down your arms and you workout, don’t expect to get stick-thin results as muscle plays a huge role in their appearance.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below! If you’re local and are interested in visiting The Skin Girls you can get 10% off services by mentioning my name “HALEY10”.





How to Prevent Sugar Cravings

I’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s no doubt about that. It probably comes from my Dad’s genetics and most of the time I’m OK with it, except for when I’m trying to tone up and eat healthier.

My sweet tooth is what gets me in trouble whenever I try to “diet”. Whether I’m trying to get in shape for an upcoming vacation or simply burn off holiday calories, I always need to work extra hard to prevent my sugar cravings.

So today I thought we’d chat about how these cravings can actually be prevented! It’s always harder in the first week of cutting out sugar, but after that it’s usually smooth sailing. I actually find that after about 3-5 days of not eating sugar I no longer crave it or feel like I need it after a meal!

Tip #1 Drink Lemon Water

Throughout the day I find that lemon water helps to curb any sugar cravings I might have. It’s different for everyone but it’s been proven to keep blood sugar levels down and the pectin fibre in lemons actually helps fight cravings.

#2 Cut Out ALL Sugar

The type of sugar I’m talking about is processed sugar. In your coffee, tea, cookies, ice creams and even some sauces! I’ve tried the “eat in moderation” bit and it does NOT work nearly as well as cutting it ALL out does. It sucks for a few days but once your cravings are gone, they’re usually gone for good.

#3 Eat enough during your meals.

If you finish a meal feeling unfulfilled then you’re obviously going to want something sweet afterwards. By eating until you’re full (not overly full) you have a better chance of avoiding dessert.

This is what works for me but I want to know what works for you! Do you have any tips on how to stop sugar cravings?



1-Month Health & Fitness Journey

Hello lovely people! I’m so happy you’ve come across this post because it’s something that I’ve been wanting to share with you all for a very long time. Just like anyone else would I’m preparing for a tropical vacation that’s coming up very soon, and by preparing I mean getting my butt into shape! I’m generally very good about staying in shape (eating right and exercising) but I took a loooong 3-month break between July and October this year so now I have a little more work to do for my vacay.

My fitness journey is going to be exactly one month long, starting one month from the day that I hop on my plane. I will be watching very carefully what I eat and also starting my regular 5-7 days a week home workouts. Today I’d like to share with you what my eating schedule looks like in a day, meal and snack ideas, and the types of workouts that I’ll be doing.

If you’re going on a vacation over the holidays that includes swimwear and a beach and you feel like getting fit before you go then this post might be perfect for you! Let’s get in shape together shall we?!


*I eat every 2 to 3 hours to speed up my metabolism and ensure that I always have energy!*


Small Snack


Small Snack


Small Snack

(note that you shouldn’t be eating less than 2-3 hours before you sleep!)


Aside from starting to workout again the other major change in my lifestyle during this fitness journey will be what I’m eating. I’ve decided to minimize the amount of carbohydrates that I eat as well as cut out as many sweets and junk food that I can (aside from the few cheat days that might occur). Here are the main foods that I will be holding back from for the month:








Juice and Pop (I don’t drink soda but I’ll include it anyway)


Some of these foods make up large parts of our everyday meals and snacks so below are some ideas on what you CAN eat!

Breakfast Options

Fried egg and avocado.

Egg whites with spinach, tomato, cheese.

Banana, strawberry, almond milk, vanilla breakfast shake smoothie.

2 slices of turkey bacon with a grilled avocado.

Mixed berries, almond milk, vanilla or strawberry breakfast shake smoothie.

Scrambled eggs with cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Seared tomatoes and mushrooms and fried egg.

Lunch Options

Pre-packed salads (with a small amount of dressing).

Sautéed veggies with kale & spinach sausage.

Seared tomatoes with sausage or other meat.

Spinach salad with mushrooms, tomato, and balsamic vinegar.

A lot of the time I just bring left over dinner for lunch which includes some form of meat (chicken, fish, pork) and a side of veggies or salad.

Dinner Options

I’m no chef so I don’t have any specific ideas for dinner, but I usually just eat some type of salad (caesar, kale, thai) with a portion of meat (chicken, fish, pork, beef).

Snack Options

Cherry tomatoes with sliced cheese

Half an apple with peanut butter

Banana (can be with peanut butter)

Small handful of almonds

Grapes and sliced cheese

Raw veggies

Raw fruits


When I really get into a proper schedule I usually workout 5-7 times a week alternating abs/arms days with full body days (abs/arms/legs). I always make sure to be energized with a small snack before my workouts and to drink water throughout as well. My workouts come before dinner and my last snack of the day! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see a list of the workouts I do.

I’m a firm believer in working hard for what you want and I guarantee that if you stay determined and on track you can definitely achieve your goals! Feel free to use my Contact Form or DM me on my social media accounts if you have any questions or suggestions! I would love to hear from some of you! You can stay up to date with my progress by following me on Instagram and watching my Insta-Stories.



3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Working out isn’t always easy, especially when we’re not as motivated as usual so today I’d like to share three of my favourite ways to motivate myself to workout. Hopefully they get you off the couch the next time you’re feeling lazy.

#1 Put on your workout clothes.

We all know “if you look good, you feel good”. Either that or the fact that putting on workout gear and then NOT working out makes you feel pretty bad after taking them off. I’ve strategically paired all of my leggings with matching sports bras and chosen pieces that I look cute in so that when I put them on I actually want to go work out! Read more about my Workout Wardrobe here.


#2 Create mini challenges for yourself to get going.

Tell yourself you’ll do 50 crunches without stopping, 100 jumping jacks, even a 5 minute jog on the treadmill and actually do it! Even if that’s the only thing you tell yourself you’re going to do, once you do it you’ll want to keep exercising.

Try this workout every night (or morning) to get into a routine and then step it up once you’re ready!

#3 No workout, no sweets.

Make it a rule that if you’re not working out then you’re not eating sweets either. If I’m lazy to workout but I know I have plans to go out within that same week I’ll tell myself that I’m not allowed to indulge.

What do you do to motivate yourself to workout?



Workout Wardrobe

What you wear while working out is obviously not the most important thing in the world, however wearing the right outfit to the gym or even at home can boost your confidence and enhance your workout. I’ve never been the type to spend hundreds of $$$ at a Nike Outlet Store or any fitness store for that matter, but if I see something cute and it’s on sale then I’ll grab it!

If you read this blog post, about why I started working out, then you’ll know that I exercise at home and don’t have a gym membership. The outfits that I wear while working out are for me, and me only. It’s not about trying to impress anyone (there’s no one to impress if I’m at home anyway) but rather feeling good. When you look good, you feel good.

Here are some tips for creating your perfect workout wardrobe!

Buy matching sets.

Matching sets are so satisfying and super easy to pair when you’re about to workout.

Aim for neutral colours.

Don’t get me wrong, bright colours are poppin and can also boost your energy, but neutrals will be so much easier to make outfits with! Go for black, white, olive green, tan, navy, and grey!

Invest in the better quality items.

There is a big price difference if you’re choosing between cotton or spandex and dry-fit, but in the long run you’ll want to invest that little bit more into pieces that will last. Skip the cotton leggings, they won’t last long!

Design and texture is everything.

Sports bras in specific have so many different designs and straps, so why choose the boring ones?! Buy the ones with a little mesh or multiple straps. They make you feel good and they’re especially cute when you take progress pics 😉 The same goes for leggings too! Try mesh stripes or a mesh strip up the side of your leg.

Check Marshalls, Winners, and Ross.

It doesn’t hurt to look for cheaper designer options right? Check your local discounted stores for popular brands like Nike and Adidas.

Take a look at some of my favourite workout fits below!

CK Camouflage set from Macy’s; Nike Air Max Theas

White Lululemon sports bra; Crane & Lion leggings from Winners; Nike Air Zoom Strong Trainers

Black Nike tank top; black sports bra from Target; Navy Blue and Mesh leggings from Winners; Nike Flyknits

Yellow, Blue, and Black sports bra from Aritzia; Nike Pro leggings

Green Lululemon leggings; White and Blue Lululemon sports bras; Adidas Tubular Shadow shoes.

What’s your favourite thing to wear to the gym?



DIY Halloween Costumes

Everyone gets stressed about costumes when Halloween draws near….unless that’s just me. I’m always scrambling at the last minute to find a costume that I feel is unique, but I also try not to break the bank. Here are a few costume ideas that you can stir up from your very own closet! Of course some of the items need to be purchased, but they certainly won’t cost you as much as a full costume.

Black Swan

Throw on one of your LBDs (little black dress), cover your eyes in black eyeshadow, and put a crown on your head!


Jessica Rabbit

Not all of these pieces will be in your closet but if you put on a risqué red dress, find a pair of cheap purple gloves and a red wig then you’ll look like her in no time!



The classic sailor costume oh yes! Choose a short white or navy dress (preferably with short sleeves), loosely tie a small silk scarf around your neck, put on mid-long white socks and shoes, and then find an affordable sailors hat!



Let’s be real here, no bunny that I have ever seen on Halloween has actually looked like a bunny, so make it your own! Find an outfit that you wouldn’t regularly wear and pop on a pair of bunny ears from your local dollar store.



Spice Girl

You’ve got five personas to choose from, which one will it be??? All of them should be easy to style from your own wardrobe.


Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen

I obviously saved the best for last, I LOVE Gossip Girl and if you do too then this one might excite you! Need some inspiration for a Blair look? Find it here! Can’t forget Serena, find inspo for her here.

Here’s what I’ve been for Halloween over the years!

Bumble Bee


Diego’s cousin (from Dora the Explorer) and my boyfriend was Diego!

Baseball Player

Wonder Woman

What will you be dressing up as this year?




10 Healthy Snack Ideas

From school to work or just when I’m hanging around the house I’m always looking for healthy snacks to eat. Here are 10 of my go-to healthy snacks that boost my energy and keep me feeling good throughout the day.

#1 Apples and Peanut Butter


#2 Greek Yogurt and Berries


#3 Celery, Cucumber, and Carrots with Hummus


#4 Nuts


#5 Celery and Peanut Butter


#6 Plain Rice Cake with Avocado and Lemon


#7 Plain Rice Cake with Laughing Cow Cheese

There are so many different flavours to choose from!

#8 Whole Grain Bread with Goat Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes


#9 Greek Yogurt with Honey and Banana


#10 Banana with Crunchy Peanut Butter


I’m always on the hunt for healthy snack ideas, so if you have any of your own please leave them in the comments!




Home Exercises ft. Ankle Weights

As you may know I work-out 5 to 6 days a week in my home gym (recently I’ve been doing 6 days a week to get ready for summer 😉 ) I’ve been asked a few times to post about my work-out routine and I have finally come around to doing it! These exercises are what I do specifically with ankle weights, but most of them can also be done without.

I’ve been working out since 2014, and I’ve always worked out at home, never owned a gym pass! You can read about why I work-out from home right here. Something about having a home gym just makes me feel as if I have an obligation to work-out every time that I pass by it! Self-motivation is key though.

Now let’s get to the exercises!

Arm Workouts with Ankle Weights Around Wrists

  • Straight Arm Movements (up, down, forward, backward); Keeping your arms extended and level to your shoulders, make rapid movements and alternate going up, down, forward, and back.
  • Boxing Punches (Rapid Fire)
  • Arm Circles; Keeping your arms extended and level to your shoulders, move them in a small circular motion for a set amount of seconds.

Legs/Glutes Workouts with Ankle Weights Around Ankles

  • Jump Squats
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Standing Sideways Leg Lifts; stand straight and hold onto something, keep your lifted leg straight and the supporting leg slightly bent. Alternate lifting your left and right legs to become level with your waist.
  • Fire Hydrants; Get on all fours and alternate lifting (not extending) your left and right legs.
  • Lunges
  • Leg Extensions (on chair); Sit on a chair with both hands to your sides holding on. Extend both legs from sitting position to straight and repeat.
  • High Knees

Abdominal Workouts with Ankle Weights (around ankles)

  • Leg Lifts Laying Down; Lay down on your back, lift both legs off the ground and repeat.
  • Leg Extensions; Lay down on your back and put your hands behind your neck with your head slightly raised off the ground. Pull in your knees then extend both legs together and repeat.
  • Leg Raise Toe Touches; Lay down on your back with your arms extended up above your head. Lift both hands and feet at the same time to meet above, keeping your arms and legs as straight as possible.
  • Bicycle Kicks

Now all of these exercises are great for home workouts, but the number of reps for each exercise will vary depending on how fit you are and how often you workout! Consistency is also key if you’re working towards a certain body goal, so keep that in mind when you set up your workout routine!

If there are other workout tips or exercises that you would like me to post about please let me know in the comments below or through my contact form here.



How to Stay Fit & Healthy in the Summer

You may or may not be wondering why the title of this post is specified to Summer, but if you really think about it summer (in Vancouver anyway) brings a lot of different conditions compared to other seasons. The sun and heat being two major game changers! Here’s how I stay healthy and fit in the summer.

  1. Stay cool and hydrated.

Hot weather and dehydration can add up to some serious bodily issues so make sure you’re drinking at least 8 eight-ounce cups a day! Especially on the days that you know you’ll be exerting more energy than usual.

  1. Choose fruits over pastries.

No not all the time, but most of the time. Eating healthy will surely make a positive impact in your body shape and how you’re feeling throughout the day. Go for natural sugars instead of processed. Remember people…a moment on the lips….forever on the HIPS!

  1. Get a good sweat in daily.

Whether it’s a jog around your neighbourhood or a full-on trip to the gym, working out will keep your happy feelings flowing, make you feel (or be) more productive, and ensure that you’re maintaining a fit summer bod.

  1. Take care of your skin.

Don’t slack on the skincare people. It’s uber important to take care of your skin in the summertime because there’s so much damage that the sun can cause. Wear the proper SPF, apply after-sun lotion, and ALWAYS apply your skincare at night.

  1. Don’t expose yourself too much!

If you’re like me then you love the sun… but don’t get carried away. Take breaks in between the rays during a day out in the sun and hangout in a shaded area for a while. You’ll feel rejuvenated and more energetic, I promise!

  1. Let yourself relax.

This is a tough one if you’re working, going to school, or have a pile of daily activities to keep you going. It’s so vital to relax your body and let yourself rest in the summertime, after all that’s what summer is about isn’t it? Resting your body and taking some time off will leave you feeling refreshed and more productive, and is ironically good for your health!

  1. Take your vitamins.

Not everyone takes daily vitamins, but it’s something to definitely consider in the summertime. We’ve got plenty of Vitamin D going on, but don’t forget about the other ones! Vitamin A helps repair skin damage from the sun and can be found either in vitamins or kale, strawberries, and kiwis. Vitamin C keeps your sweats glands in working condition, a must for the summer time and Vitamin E protects your skin from sun damage and increases physical endurance.

I’d love to know what your ways of staying fit and healthy in the summer are, so please feel free to share a few ideas in the comments section below!