Review on Kylie Matte Lip Kit

We’ve all experienced, seen, and heard the rave about Kylie Lip Kits and so I just had to try one out for myself! You can see my makeup look with the Kristen Matte Lip Kit here.


Lip Liner

The lip liner itself is very smooth and applies like butter. I love a good lip liner (sometimes thats all I use to fill my lips) and this one worked so nicely! However you end up having to sharpen it after one application if you line and fill in your lips.

Matte Liquid Lipstick

I haven’t tried too many liquid mattes but I personally love the Kylie formula! Others make remarks about it being dry but I definitely don’t experience that when I use it. It might be because I take care of my lips, constantly moisturizing and applying lip serum at night, but the liquid itself doesn’t crack on my lips. Who knows, this might be different for everyone! But it definitely helps to have moisturized and non-chapped lips before applying a lipstick. I didn’t even have to exfoliate or put on a balm before the matte! It covered both lips with just one dip of the brush and was smooth just like the liner. The consistency is great too, not too thin and runny but not too thick forcing me to dip the brush in the bottle multiple times.

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As I just mentioned, I have the Kristen Matte Lip Kit and the colour is adorable! It’s a subtle brownish strawberry red and I think it works great with medium skin tones. Definitely a colour that can be worn day and night.


Overall the Matte Lip Kit is a thumbs up for me! I’m excited to experiment with new colours!





Nightly Facial Routine – Winter

Beauty and skin-care go hand in hand, and if you want to show off your best face possible then taking care of it night and day is so vital! I’ve decided to share my nightly routine with you to give you an idea of what taking care of your skin looks like and to introduce some products to you that I honestly swear by!!

As our skin changes from time to time, for example oily to dry between seasons, my nightly routine does change. This is my Winter routine as my face is quite dry in most areas and requires some more moisture!

First Step: Remove any and all makeup. I use the Rodan+Fields makeup-removing wipes and the Rimmel Oil-Free remover with cotton pads.


Second Step: Rinse face and top of neck with luke warm water, using my hands not a cloth.

Third Step: Gently cleanse face with a clearly defined “facial cleanser”. *don’t use soaps or cleansers that are not meant for the face* I have been using the Rodan+Fields “Soothe” gentle cleanser. It’s a cream moisturizer and can be rinsed off or wiped off with a soft cloth if you have dryer skin. I rub it all over my face with my fingertips (excluding eyelids) for 30-60 seconds.


Fourth Step: Rinse off cream cleanser with lukewarm water and pat dry face.

Fifth Step: Apply toner, I use the Rodan+Fields “Unblemish” pore minimizing toner and apply it all over my face with a cotton pad.


Sixth Step: Wait 1-3 minutes for the toner to dry and apply acne treatment. I use the Rodan+Fields “Unblemish” dual intensive treatment to cover any spots of acne or areas that are acne prone. Wait 5 minutes for the treatment to dry.


Seventh Step: Apply moisturizer. I recently started using the CeraVe moisturizer because my skin has been very dry from the cold weather. I put on a decent amount and wait for it to dry before doing anything else.


Eighth Step: Apply eye cream on eye bags and near crows feet area. I use the Rodan+Fields “Redefine” eye cream which helps to prevent darkness, lines, and puffiness.


Ninth Step: Apply lip serum or lip treatment. I use the Rodan+Fields “Redefine” Lip Renewing Serum which actually renews my lips natural moisture and texture. (yes it really works, I love it)


Here are a few helpful tips for taking care of your pretty little face!

  1. Use lukewarm water rather than cold or hot when washing and rinsing your face. Exposing your skin to these extremes can cause irritation, excess dryness, and even blood vessel ruptures!
  2. Pat dry your face DO NOT rub. The skin on your face is some of the most sensitive on your entire body so rubbing it can really damage its elasticity and in extreme cases cause premature sagging.
  3. Use a fresh and clean towel to dry your face. Don’t stumble around and just grab any towel you can find because you never know what kind of bacteria is on it! Yuck!
  4. Exfoliate your skin once a week. Doing this will remove the stubborn dead skin cells and excess product that might not have been removed from your previous daily washes.
  5. Moisturize both day and night. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is essential for maintaining a glowing appearance! If you don’t moisturize, the oil glands in your skin will actually work against you and produce more oil.

Check out my video on this routine here!

I would love to hear about some of your nightly rituals as well! Feel free to share with me your tips & tricks to maintaining healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin. Visit my Contact Page for more details!