I’m not a model and I’m not a stylist, but I do love clothes, putting outfits together and expressing myself through them! This category is all about my personal style, current trends and fashion tips and hacks.


Beauty is a huge part of this blog and here you will find all of my go-to products, skincare  advice and reviews on some amazing and maybe not so amazing products on the market!


Why just blog about fashion and beauty when there’s so much more that I love?! I’ve got this thing for interior design which you will find in the Home sub-category, I love travelling and of course, eating, where you’ll find my favourite restaurant spots and reviews.


I occasionally do very personal and deep blog posts that speak of my thoughts on certain issues or situations relating to relationships, family or friends and this is where you will find those special pieces. I also love fitness so here you’ll find healthy meal and snack ideas, workout routines and sometimes even my own personal fitness journey progress.

The Blog Series

I started this series for those of you that are interested in starting up your own blogs or have already started one and don’t know what to do next! I hope that this series will motivate and inspire you to put your all into blogging because for me it was a very unexpected passion that I developed and have grown to truly love. This category includes advice on editing and the work-around of blogging as well as personal experience posts about being a part of the blogging world!