The Blog Series: How to Pitch to Brands

Ever wondered how to send an email pitch to brands you want to work with? Here are my five tips for writing an effective email pitch!


This month for the blog series I’m sharing all of my tips and tricks for reaching out and pitching yourself to a brand as an IG blogger. It’s taken me a while to gather up the courage to post this, as I’ve never felt I’m quite “there yet” but as blogging is now my full time job and I’ve been at it for almost two and a half years, I figure a little bit of information is better than none!

As a blogger, knowing how to pitch yourself to brands is extremely important. A lot of our work comes from contracts with brands that we love, but in order for these brands to recognize or discover us, sometimes an email needs to be sent! In the beginning stages of blogging a lot of the work has to be found, AKA we are the ones sending out emails and pitches to brands. After a while and usually after some good growth, brands will begin to find you on social and email you first to set up a collaboration.

I still send out pitches to brands regularly as I feel it’s good practice. So if you’re a beginner blogger or have been doing it a while, I hope that this post will be helpful!

#1 Introduce Yourself

The first thing that I include in my emails is an introduction. I state my full name, what type of blogger I am and where I’m from. I think it’s pretty obvious why you need to do this haha!

#2 State Your Intent

Next, I say why I’m reaching out, which is usually to discuss a potential collaboration. It can go something like this…

“I’m reaching out today in hopes of discussing a potential collaboration with brand.

“I’m reaching out because I’m interested in working with your brand.”

#3 Back Yourself Up

If you’re going to ask a brand to work with you, you’ve got to give them a reason to. This can include why you feel you align with that brand and also your statistics! Some of the bigger stats to include can be stated in the email directly, which include your following, reach and engagement rate. Make sure that these are current and completely up to date. Your engagement rate on IG can be found by simply using a Google calculator, like this one.

A big part of reaching out and landing a contract with a brand is explaining to them why you feel you’d work well together. For example, maybe they are a local company in your city and the majority of your audience is located there. This would definitely be an advantage for you and for them as whatever you promote for them will be seen by people in the same area, and therefore it will gain them really good exposure. Another reason why you might feel you’d work well with a brand is if their aesthetic or style aligns with your own. For example, a clothing brand that you reach out to should definitely fit your own personal style. This is key in creating authentic content that your followers will love.

#4 Links

One way to make it really easy for a brand to notice you is by linking directly to your social accounts in the email. Whenever I mention Instagram or YouTube I always hyperlink my pages so that the brand can easily click and visit them. I typically link the accounts in a sentence like this…

“I have a loyal following of # on Instagram as well as a subscriber count of # on YouTube.”

#5 Attachments

The last thing to include in an email pitch are attachments. These can be samples of your photography, a list of your previous brand work and a media kit. I wouldn’t suggest sending your rate card in the first email as it may be taken as presumptuous. If anything, you should definitely include your media kit! The media kit should outline your additional social media stats and demographics as well as a short bio of who you are and what your blog stands for.

If you have any questions about pitching to brands feel free to ask in the comments or DM me on Instagram! I hope this post was helpful!




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