Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

It’s almost fall so I thought it was good timing to go over this year’s fall fashion trends! This is one of my favourite posts to write and research for because I get to go over everything that was seen on the fashion runways as well as the street style of bloggers, influencers and celebrities attending these shows! This year we’re really seeing a mix of everything. From pink suits to kira-kira shimmer inspired outfits and prairie style dresses to clueless plaid, these trends are definitely for everyone! So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Trend #1 – HOT PINK!

I’ve never seen so many pink suits! They’re HUGE in store trends right now, especially Zara and Topshop, and they’re also hot on the runway. We saw them a lot on the Spring and Summer runways and we’re seeing them come out again for fall. I’m not mad about it, how about you? I’m actually considering buying a matching pink pant suit for fall… 😉

hot pink

Trend #2 – Clueless Plaid

If you’re going to wear plaid, you might as well go all out and wear some colour too! This year the bright coloured plaid (inspired by movie Clueless) is making a huge comeback. Matching sets of this vibrant pattern can be found in almost every trendy store, and certainly on the city streets being worn by your local bloggers and influencers.

Trend #3 – Leopard or Cheetah Print

If you asked me to decipher between the two of them when looking at a pattern, I really wouldn’t know the difference. However, whatever it actually is, animal print is IN this fall. Not only are we seeing neutral animal print though, designers are bringing out colourful, even neon, prints!

Trend #4 – Colourful Eyewear

We’ve gone through the tiny sunglasses trend, and now we’re on to coloured lenses. Tinted lenses are the latest and greatest accessory, and I personally think they really add something to a plain outfit!

Trend #5 – Blazer Dresses

I think this has been a trend for a few months already, as I’ve been seeing it again and again on the gram, but it’s definitely going to continue to be a hit during the fall months. They’re super easy to style too! Throw on an oversized blazer, wrap a belt around your waist, pair it with some sock boot heels and you can call it a day!

Trend #6 – Latex & Plastic

It’s a pretty convenient trend if you ask me – said the blogger from rainy Vancouver. During New York fashion week we saw more patent pieces than ever on the runway! Patent skirts, pants, dresses and coats are all the rave for fall, AND they’re waterproof, how handy!

Trend #7 – Brown

I feel as if this colour already naturally makes its way into our autumn wardrobes, but NYFW has just confirmed it. All shades of brown are in this season, so grab the cutest pieces you can find in this colour now before they’re all gone!

Trend #8 – Tweed

It was here last year for fall and winter, and now its back. Who are we kidding though, doesn’t everyone love a good tweed blazer? It’s the perfect balance between chic and cozy! You’re going to be seeing a lot of tweed blazer and skirt sets and jackets this season.


What do you think is going to be ON TREND this fall?





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