THE Mask for Exhausted Skin

The mask I’m about to share with you all has continuously left my skin plumped, hydrated and quite honestly, looking like a million bucks! It’s a product that truly lives up to all of its hype…it’s the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask.

Summer Fridays is an American brand founded by bloggers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores. They’ve now successfully launched two masks, the Jet Lag Mask and the Overtime Mask and people are raving about them! I waited a couple of months after the launch of the Jet Lag mask to purchase it so that I could get a better sense of whether or not it was worth it, and let me tell you, it’s worth it. This mask visibly reduces the appearance of stressed out and tired skin so much that no one can tell if you only get 3 hours of sleep at night šŸ˜‰

I find that I examine my under eyes a lot in the morning to see if I’ve actually had a good night’s rest, but now since using this mask, I might feel tired but I certainly don’t look it. It’s pretty magical if you ask me.

The best part about this mask though is that it’s Paraben, Synthetic Dye, Synthetic Fragrance, Sulfate and Cruelty Free! Plus it’s Vegan, AKA, everybody has the opportunity feel it’s amazing results.

My favourite way to use this mask is overnight and under my eyes. I apply a pretty thick layer of it to my under-eyes at the end of my skincare routine and I wake up looking like I’ve slept for two days straight. It’s now an essential in my routine and something that I’d recommend to a friend or a stranger. It de-puffs, hydrates, reduces darkness and really makes the skin glow. Even as a 10 minute face mask, this product proves itself worthy by leaving your skin radiant as ever.

I haven’t yet applied this as a primer under makeup, but when I do I’ll share how it goes! If you’ve tried it as a primer I would love to hear how it works!




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