My Go-To Gold Jewellery Pieces

When I first heard about Mejuri, a Canadian based luxury jewellery brand, I was still in my Tiffany & Co ONLY obsession. Every piece of my daily-wear jewellery was from Tiff & Co except for a few Pandora rings and it was all sterling silver, because I’m a simple gal (so I like to think) and didn’t want to own a hundred different pieces that I would barely wear…until I found Mejuri and my entire perspective of jewellery changed. I developed a love for gold pieces and the beautiful designs that the brand offered.

I remember following the brand on Instagram for a while as I was just starting up my blog and growing my Instagram portfolio and they were one of the first brands to reach out to me for a collaboration! I was in complete shock (good shock obvs) and extremely grateful for the opportunity so I said yes and a beautiful relationship formed πŸ™‚

Each of the pieces in this post are truly special in their own ways and have a unique spot on my jewellery stand. I find myself going between my Tiffany & Co pieces and these gold pieces depending on my mood and outfit. However I still feel like I have a very simple jewellery collection, which is one of the things that I love about Mejuri. Their pieces have this ability to shine but in the most minimalistic way. It’s gorgeous!

Lotus Necklace

My very first piece was the Lotus Necklace which is made up of gold vermeil and a beautiful white sapphire stone. A very dainty but layer-able piece that I find myself wearing almost every day!

Layered Spheres Choker

Pictured below are both of the Mejuri necklaces that I own, the top being the layered spheres choker. I actually wear them both exactly like this! πŸ˜› It’s also gold vermeil and extremely dainty which I really like in chokers.


Between Hoops

Before these earrings I really wasn’t a hoop wearing gal but I couldn’t pass up these beauties. What I love the most about them is that they’re flexible and not stiff like a lot of hoops, which makes it easier to put them on and take them off!


Trio Hoops

Out of all of my Mejuri earrings these are my FAVE! I absolutely love the simple link design and the way they dangle on my ear. They’re perfect for any outfit, casual to formal and they’re not too heavy!


Pearl Hoops

These cute hoops were actually the first earrings I received from Mejuri and they’re perfect in my opinion because one I love the gold and two they have mini pearls attached! They’re super great for layering on the ear and I like to pair them with my actual Tiffany & Co pearls.


If you’re interested in the brand you can click here to check them out, shop and get free shipping! I always want to be 100% honest with you babes on here though so I will let you know that for each purchase I’ll make a small commission. <3 Make sure that you see this at the top of your page when you’re shopping so that you can get that free shipping!

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