Recent Steals & Deals: Chapter 2

Since I’ve started working a second job I’ve been on the hunt for cute summer items to buy, but also on the hunt for some good steals and deals! Over the last couple of weeks I found a few great additions for my wardrobe, hence Chapter 2 of this blog series!

I always go shopping with ideas in my mind about what types of looks I’m trying to create and the mood that I’d like my style to portray. I go into discounted and regular stores but always try to find pieces that are lookalikes of the more expensive items that I want.

This time around I was looking for versatile summer pieces, both clothing and accessories. Here’s what I picked up…

$60.00CAD – TopShop Striped Blazer

This blazer stood out on the clearance rack at TopShop and upon picking it up I realized it was one size larger than my usual, but because I loved the pattern so much I decided to try it on. Thankfully the shoulders fit and only the sleeves were a little too long (easy fix, going to get them hemmed). The price turned out to be 50% off totalling around $67 Canadian! What a steal! I think it’s the perfect summer blazer, not too heavy but warm enough for the cloudy days. Plus it’s in a very versatile colour combo!

$35.00CAD – White Wooden Handle Tote Bag

There’s a huge trend going on right now in the handbag realm, and it’s wooden and woven bags! While searching for shoes in Marshalls this cute bag immediately caught my eye! It was the perfect white shade and the dark brown wooden handles were SO ON TREND. The only thing that bugged me were the gold shoulder strap loops on each side of the bag (which I tried to remove with pliers but failed at LOL). Although when wearing it I realized they weren’t noticeable and for a price point of $35CAD I had to get it. Easy buy and great for carrying snacks around! 😉

$18.00CAD – Oversized Cream Wool Sweater

Banana Republic has had my heart since day one, specifically because they have a Petite section, but also because their sales are ridiculously good! I never pass up the chance to go through their sale rack and I’m glad I did this time around because I found the softest wool sweater and it was almost 85% off! I found it in a size large but thought it would be a great oversized fit so I tried it on and my thought was correct! I’ve probably already worn it too many times because it’s so comfy, haha!

This was a short little haul but I love sharing the types of deals that I get when shopping! It’s such a thrill to me and I hope you babes are enjoying this series!



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