5 Fashion Faux Pas You Don’t Even Know You’re Committing

Imagine this…you buy a five hundred dollar outfit, get all done up for a night out, arrive to the party feeling like Beyonce, and then someone taps you on the shoulder to tell you that you’ve got lint on the back of your pants. Without even noticing how good you look! Sounds horrible right? Unfortunately many people don’t even think to check for little fashion faux pas like this and walk out of the door looking a little less refined than they’d hoped for. Below are a few small fashion faux pas that you may not even know you’re committing 😉

  1. Hair, fibres and lint on clothing. It happens to the best of us but should really be thought of before going out! It’s as easy as using a lint roller and takes less than a minute.
  2. Pants stuck in boots. It sounds a little silly but can look messy if it hasn’t been done intentionally. Before stepping out double check that your pants are outside of your boots.
  3. Showing bra straps. It’s not always a bad thing depending on what the outfit is but in most cases, bra straps are not supposed to be shown, like when wearing formal dresses or blouses. Use a pin or tape to stick those straps in place!
  4. Spaces between blouse buttons. For bustier gals this is an ongoing problem, sometimes I even find myself having this issue with tighter tops! Try going up a size or pinning the spaces between buttons of a blouse in place to avoid this little slip up.
  5. Underwear lines. It seems simple but can be quite irritating! Even if you think nothing is showing, just do a triple check before you go out.

Do you have any other common fashion faux pas that should be added to this list? Comment them below! 🙂




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