The Blog Series: Posting What Makes YOU Happy

This month I’d like to focus on the topic of posting what truly makes YOU happy. A blog is not only a place where people go to read, learn and be inspired, it’s also a creative outlet for you! Most blogs are started simply because the writer wants to share something about what he or she loves, however it can easily turn into a chore if you’re not writing about what you’re actually interested in.

I personally write about topics that are appealing to me, things that I could talk about for hours! They’re also topics that are always changing and evolving which makes it a little easier to be so invested in them. Since I’m a consumer of both the fashion and beauty industries I’m already looking for the latest and greatest products and/or trends. I love trying out new skincare and makeup products and then sharing my thoughts on my blog! Fashion on the other hand is something that I love but I’ve realized that it doesn’t come easily to me when I try to write about it. Clothing and accessories inspire me in many ways but I feel like I’m not as engaged by it as I am with beauty. But that’s OK. It took me a while to realize this but when I finally did and I started writing more about other topics I felt happier!

The same goes for Instagram and other social media platforms because they’re all meant to be creative outlets for YOU. You shouldn’t feel forced to post anything or keep things the same just for an aesthetic. I’ve struggled with this quite a bit on Instagram, trying to have a cohesive feed, have everything match and really keep everything as perfect as possible but it was exhausting. So exhausting that I started to feel unmotivated and quite disappointed to be honest. I wasn’t doing it for myself anymore but rather for all of the eyes looking at my account, which isn’t completely bad, but when that’s all you’re focussing on it can really consume you. It’s especially hard to stay happy with your feed on Instagram but once you relax a little and go with the flow, good things will happen! There are days where I’m completely in love with how my feed has turned out and days where I wish it would all disappear but I take the good with the bad and don’t fixate on it so much. I’m learning to post what makes ME happy.

This is a short little post but I just wanted to remind any of you that may be starting a blog or already have one how important this is <3 If you have other thoughts on this topic please feel free to comment below 🙂







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