A Guide to Perfect Brows

Eyebrows can be very tricky to deal with but because they’re such a prominent part of our faces they’re one of those things that you should be taking care of! They can make or break your entire look and anyone who’s had a bad experience at a brow salon can tell you exactly what it feels like. Yikes!

Although we don’t all have the exact same brow shapes, thicknesses or colour, there are certain things we could all be doing to make sure our brows are always “on point”! These are simple daily tasks that result in YOUR own perfect brows.

  1. Trim! Whether you get them threaded, waxed or none of the above, keeping the inner parts of your brows trimmed helps to keep them looking fresh and well-kept.
  2. Use a growth enhancer. This one is up to you but I know that as a gal with thinner eyebrow hairs getting volume from product alone is difficult, so I turn to my eyebrow enhancer at night. It’s a quick and easy application and applies like mascara, but to your brows of course. It helps them grow longer and thicker! The enhancer that I’m currently using is from Hello Hair; you can shop it here.
  3. Brush them out daily. Just like your hair your eyebrows should be brushed out, with a spooly, at least once a day. This will keep them growing in their natural form and it keeps them looking clean and feathery.
  4. Keep a tweezer handy. Unless you never get your brows done, keeping a tweezer handy is very helpful to get rid of those random strays!
  5. Use highlighter. Highlighting the arch under your brow accentuates their shape and  easily makes your eyes look bigger too! My favourite highlighter right now is the Watts Up cream highlighter by Benefit. Shop it here.
  6. Visit a professional. Did you know that eyebrow hairs are the slowest growing hairs on your body? Try to visit a professional threader/waxer to fix the shape of your brows because if you try it yourself and screw up then it’ll be a long four months or more until they grow back. They may not even grow back the same….so be careful!

What do you babes do to take care of your brows? Comment your tips below! xx




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