Lip Products That I Can’t Live Without

Chapped lips are the worst, agreed? They feel horrible, don’t look so great and often result in countless dollars being spent on any chapstick you come across. So….buy no more! Below are my favourite solutions for chapped lips. They are literally the lip products that I can’t live without because they do wonders to plump, hydrate and smooth, and who doesn’t need that?

A few things that I look for when I’m trying out new lip products are…

  1. Longevity. How long do they actually last on my lips before having to reapply?
  2. Stickiness. No one likes a sticky lip balm or serum…
  3. Application. I prefer not to stick my fingers in a tin of lip balm so I always try to find tube versions!

#1 Rodan+Fields Lip Renewing Serum

I think this will always be my favourite lip product because of how well it works. This serum truly plumps your lips and renews their moisture from any state. Put this on completely chapped lips overnight and you’ll wake up with what seem to be brand new lips! This is also an anti-aging product that works to reduce fine lines and the plump-ness that you get after using it is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Shop here.

#2 Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex

Wow that’s a mouthful! I recently started using this lip enhancement in the sheer pink shade and I have to say that it gives the nicest plump and glossy look! Not only that but it provides really good hydration throughout the day and doesn’t need to be re-applied often. Shop here.

#3 Vaseline Lip Therapy Advance Healing Lip Balm

I found these little guys when I was in Hawaii and I was SO excited that I bought 3! LOL. Over the years Vaseline has solved many, many of my chapped lip problems but always hated having to carry around a tin that required me to use my fingers for application. Until I found this version!! It’s easy to carry around, applies super smooth and works well underneath lippies! Shop here.

#4 Revlon Kiss Exfoliating Balm

This sugar mint scrub is such an enjoyable pick-me-up for the lips! The soothing sweet mint flavour exfoliates your lips resulting in a smooth canvas for a colour application on top. I love that the sugar particles actually melt into your lips, especially when they’re cracked! I like to pair this with my Revlon Kiss SPF 20 Colour Balm in shade Berry Burst. Shop here.

#5 Lush Lip Scrub

If I’m looking for a quick fix on chapped lips before I apply a lipstick I love using the Lush Lip Scrubs! These scrubs really get rid of the dead skin and leave you with silky smooth lips. My favourite flavours are the Bubblegum and Honey! Shop here.

What are your favourite lip products?





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