Expectations & Consistency

Ahh the first of what I hope will end up being many posts within The Blog Series… here we go!! In all honesty this post feels a bit ironic at the moment because I’m laying in bed practically half asleep, writing this piece so that it’s ready to go for tomorrow morning (aka this morning). The clock is nearing 12am and even though my eyes are ready to close, I’m pounding out this post because I know that my subscribers and followers are always expecting something new on Sunday! This is exactly what I’ll be chatting about today, expectations and consistency. The two of these things go hand in hand and although it took me some time to realize the importance of them, once I did my blog really started to take off.

When I first started my blog I was posting pretty inconsistently and whenever I felt like it and of course as a newbie I wasn’t getting a ton of traffic. It wasn’t until I created a set schedule that I was able to offer something that was guaranteed weekly to my audience and the traffic starting rolling in. Having a blog is awesome and being able to call yourself a blogger is awesome too, but if you barely post and people can’t expect anything from you then you might need to ask yourself why you started it in the first place. People visit blogs to learn things and sometimes even reflect on things so it makes sense that consistent posting is going to attract more people, especially if what you’re posting is what they’re looking for.

Consistency will help you meet the expectations of your audience and have them coming back for more! For example, about a month or two into blogging I decided that I would start posting twice a week on specific days. By doing this I was creating a schedule for myself and letting my followers/subscribers know that they could expect to see new stuff weekly! I believe it helped both me and my followers because we all sort of knew what was actually going on.

Think of the people that call themselves bloggers but post maybe once within 3-5 months! You can’t expect anything from them, especially consistency, so you don’t go to their blogs to see what’s going on. At least I don’t! If you really want to drive traffic to your blog you need to set the expectations for them and be consistent.

There are a few ways that you can do this…

  1. Create a posting schedule. If you’re a new blogger try posting once every one to two weeks on a specific day. If that’s not enough for you or people want more then bump it up!
  2. Plan out your post preparation. This includes brainstorming post ideas, shooting content and writing. Shooting content doesn’t need to be included in the beginning stages of a blog if you’re borrowing and crediting other people’s photos, but once you start taking your own photos you’ll realize that it takes a lot of time to shoot and edit. Time management is key!
  3. Execute your plans. Laziness and busy schedules get us all but if you’re serious about your blog you’ll do everything you can to push out new content! Especially if it’s something that you’re planning to do full-time. Right now I’m writing this just hours before I post because it’s exam season and honestly I haven’t had a ton of time to sit and write. But since I know you guys are expecting a new post I’m giving the last bits of energy I have to write this out.

Consistency is MAJOR if you’re a blogger and it really does help on the professional side of things too! One great example of the payoff of consistency is brand collaborations. If you propose a collaboration to a brand and give yourself the title of “blogger” they’re definitely going to look into your blog and assess your credibility. Who do you think they’ll choose, someone that posts weekly for an engaged audience or someone that posts randomly every few months? Of course there are other factors involved in a collaboration but consistency is definitely a big one!

Phewf that was a long one, how did I do?! I’d love to know your thoughts on this new post so please feel free to use my contact form here or comment below!





2 thoughts on “Expectations & Consistency”

  1. You’re very right about the credibility. If you want to be a serious blogger – you should be somehow consistent. I understand everyone has a life and majority of us can’t sustain ourselves from our blogs (plus blogging is like a part time job at least) but you can schedule your posts! For now, I’m working on developing future content and scheduling it every Wednesday. My goal is to have at least a month of posts ready at all times because you never know if you’re going to have time or energy. And well… sometimes you just need a break from writing. Having posts ready to go is key!

    1. Yes of course everyone has their own busy lives and if blogging is just a fun side gig then there should be less pressure to be consistent! I do agree 100% that scheduling your posts and having content ready to go is insanely helpful. I always strive to have a month of posts ready to go as well! 😇 I’m always trying to brainstorm new ideas too which helps a lot when it comes to sitting down and writing 🙌🏽 Thank you so much for reading babe! Xxx

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