How to Clean Up Your Wardrobe

Spring is here and you know what that means…spring cleaning! My favourite way to clean up during the Springtime is in my closet. The more that gets thrown out, the more room there is for new things 😉 Although instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new clothing pieces I try to recycle the money I’ve already spent by selling my pre-loved clothing.

Over the years I’ve learned how to properly go through my wardrobe and actually make a dent in the purging process rather than convincing myself that I still wear every single item. We all know that’s never true! It takes a lot of self-control and determination but it is possible! Let’s get started shall we?

Since Winter is ending it’s time to clean out the Fall and Winter seasonal clothing because I’ll know which pieces I did and didn’t wear.

  1. Use the 6 month rule. If you haven’t worn the item within the past six months, chuck it. Don’t even try to convince yourself that you’ll wear it next Winter because it’s most likely going to be replaced with new trends anyway.
  2. Use the 3 outfit rule. If you can’t think of 3 completely different outfits to wear the item with, chuck it. I don’t typically use this rule against formal dresses and such because those are a little harder to create different outfits with, but for pieces like blazers and blouses I find it important to have different uses for them or else they get forgotten.
  3. Compare similar or same pieces. I think I’ve got like 10 white t-shirts and let’s be real, it’s not realistic because I’m always going to go for my favourite one! Compare your pieces if you have duplicates and keep the better quality one. If a few of them have different traits and you can see yourself in multiple outfits then keep up to half of your collection, but be realistic.
  4. Do quality checks. Sometimes we hold on to pieces that we’ve worn a lot in the past in hopes that we’ll put them on again but they may not be in the best shape. Check for underarm marks, tiny holes, excessive pilling and shrinkage. Obviously throw away the damaged goods.
  5. Think about why you bought the piece. If an item was purchased purely because it was a trend and you wanted to fit in then ask yourself if you actually like it! Trends are tricky and at the time of purchase you may have loved it but it was also probably because everyone else did too.

What helps you clean out your wardrobe? Please feel free to share in the comments section below!




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