How to Get a Good Insta Shot

To this very day after a full year and a bit of blogging I still get nervous in front of the camera. However, I’ve learned a few things about how to get just the right shot even if my nerves are there and today I’d like to share them with all of you! Some of these photo tips have to do with you and some of them have to do with your surroundings but nonetheless they’ll help you get that Insta-worthy shot.

#1 Be happy and comfortable in your outfit.

Feeling comfortable about what you have on is key to getting that candid or even posed image. No one takes a good photo if they’re feeling awkward and not put together right? Do a few jumping jacks, listen to an upbeat song or do whatever it takes to get yourself in a comfy and vibrant mood to shoot!


#2 Location is key; stay away from distractions.

The perfect background is hard to find and that’s something I used to struggle with a lot (I still do sometimes) but it doesn’t need to be difficult! If your focus of the image is you then choose a background that has the least amount of distractions. Go for a simple wall, an empty (or semi-empty) sidewalk or the front of a minimalistic building. If there’s text on the building you’re in front of, don’t let it stop you! Try to photoshop it out like this one below.


#3 Lighting sets the mood.

We all know that lighting can make or break a photo so when you’re taking a picture make sure that it’s on point. Ideally you’ll want daylight for your photos as it shows every texture, feature and detail in the shot. My favourite time of day to shoot is about an hour or two before the sun is going down or in the early morning when the sun isn’t fully up yet. Two rules I try to follow are: 1) don’t have the sun to your back because the shadows will ruin the entire picture and 2) don’t standing directly in front of the sun because the glare might cause extra shininess, whites will glow and your eyes will be squinting no matter how hard you try not to.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

#4 Capture candids.

Don’t just take posed photos because you’ll eventually get bored and your mood will go downhill (at least that’s what happens to me). If I only go for posed shots and then they don’t turn out the way I wanted them to it’s tough to want to shoot more! Capture candid photos by using the burst feature on your iPhone or rapid shot on your camera. I guarantee your photos will turn out much less structured, you’ll look happier and you’ll have at least one shot you love!


#5 Find a pose that you love.

Just to make this confusing for you here’s a tip that contradicts with #4 haha! If you want your photos to be posed (which is 100% acceptable too) find 1-3 poses that you love the way you look in and use them! By practicing these poses in a mirror and figuring out which ones are best for your figure your shots will always be clean.

What are your tips for taking a good Instagram shot? Let me know in the comments below!




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