Styling a Phone Case with CaseApp

Over the past few years phone cases have shifted from being just about protection to a stylish everyday accessory. Some people like to match their phone cases to their outfits (I admit I occasionally do so myself) and others use them to simply express their personal style. CaseApp has now made it 100x easier to make your phone case reflect your personal style with their handy-dandy customization tool. Not only do they sell phone cases though, they also sell laptop skins! How exciting!

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Customization on is an easy process and it goes like this…

  1. Upload 1 or more images of your choice. You have the option of collaging photos.
  2. If the image doesn’t cover the entire case you can choose the background colour.
  3. Choose the material of your phone case; matte or glossy.
  4. Optionally add text or clipart to the case on top of your image(s).
  5. Voila! It’s off to printing and delivered right to your doorstep!

The same goes for laptop cases and skins as well, very convenient if you ask me! You can even match your phone case to your laptop case, woo!

Since I wear mostly neutral colours and accessories I chose to make my phone cases minimal in black and white. I found a couple of quotes on Pinterest and stuck em on the cases! They turned out beautifully and the quality of the cases definitely lived up to my expectations.

Both phone cases are matte.

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