The Nail Colour That Goes With Everything

A question that I get asked a lot is “what nail colour are you wearing?” so I thought I’d finally share with everyone what polish I have on (almost) 24/7.

This is a colour that I was actually searching for because I’d chosen a similar one at the nail salon and fell in love with its simplicity. I couldn’t find the exact brand and name but this one fit both the quality and colour that I was looking for!

The brand is L’Oreal and the name of the polish is ‘Wishful Pinking’.

One of my favourite things about this polish is that it applies smoothly and can be layered to a colour of your liking since it’s translucent.

The above photo shows one layer of polish on my nails, without base coat.

This is two layers of polish which I feel is perfect if you want a see-through nail. I like to put on one more layer though so that the true colour can be seen.

This is the finished product and you can see that it’s almost the same colour as the inside of my palm! It’s so subtle and natural that it really does match any outfit and jewellery that you wear.

After applying the polish I put on a top coat and use Essie’s drying drops to get a quick dry!

The polish is affordable and can be found at just about every drugstore! I believe it’s around $7-8CAD.

If you have any other polishes similar to this colour or transparent nudes that you like to wear please share them in the comments below! 🙆🏽💕



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