Bali Body Review

If you follow me on Instagram then you are well aware that one of my latest obsessions is Bali Body! After just my first application of their bronzing lotion and BB cream I knew it was the best of the best. So today I’d like to share what I love about my Bali Body products 🤗

Bronzing Lotion

This temporary tanner is like no other for several reasons…

1. It dries almost immediately and doesn’t require you to wait for 15 minutes like others.

2. You don’t need a lot of product to get good colour. With just one layer of the bronzing lotion I went up between 2-3 shades (in my opinion of course).

3. It passes the wipe test! Right after applying the bronzing lotion I tested its drying capability by wiping a piece of white tissue paper on my arms and nothing showed up on it! 🙌🏽 Super important if you plan on wearing lighter colours with a fake tan.

4. It’s a one day or night thing! Which some might not be fond of but I think it’s great for those nights out where you have another important commitment the next day that you don’t necessarily want to be bronzed up for. Like a work event or class! 😂

BB Cream

Although I don’t usually wear tinted creams on my face this BB Cream has won me over! I’m all about natural looking makeup (less is more) and Bali Body has achieved that in this cute little bottle. I’ve tried the “Tan” shade and it matches my bronzed tan perfectly when put on together. Here’s what else I love about it…

1. It applies in a silky smooth manner. I know that not all BB Creams apply easily but this is not one of those!

2. It’s hydrating. Yes believe it or not, this BB Cream keeps my face hydrated the entire day!

3. It has SPF 15! This is a super important one if you’re going to be wearing this in the daytime, sun protection is everything 🙌🏽

4. Even though it has a set “shade” already, once applied itadjusts to your skin tone.

This BB Cream comes in multiple shades so you can choose whether you want a subtle daily cover or a little more colour.




Have you tried any of Bali Body’s products? How do you like them? Share with me in the comments below! 💕



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