Gift Ideas for the Bath & Fragrance Lover

Christmas is right around the corner and although it’s very close, some of us may not have completed our holiday shopping yet! This season makes it so easy for us to get caught up in holiday festivities that gift picking and wrapping often get left until the last minute. If you’re scrambling to find a gift for a special someone or maybe even for a staff party gift exchange, I’ve got a quick & easy solution for you! It’ll be even better for you if the person you’re gifting to is a fragrance, bath, or body care lover.

I’ve teamed up with Thymes Fragrances to present to you some amazing gift or stocking stuffer ideas in the forms of body lotion, bubble baths, and perfumes. Here are a few of my favourite scents and products from the brand.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Petite Body Lotion

Scents Available: Aqua Coralline, Eucalyptus, Goldleaf Gardenia, Goldleaf, Kimono Rose, Lavender, Lotus Santal, Tupelo Lemongrass, Vanilla Blanc

These little guys are perfect for on the go and travelling. The size is insanely convenient because you can easily carry them around in your purse! Two of my favourite scents from Thymes are Kimono Rose and Goldleaf Gardenia.

Cologne or Perfume

Thymes Fragrances just came out with a brand new scent, Vanilla Blanc, and I have to say it’s probably the best vanilla scented perfume I’ve ever tried on. It has an exotic and natural scent of vanilla tied with orchid, amber, and bergamot. An absolute treat to wear and perfect for someone who loves to smell sweet!

Gift Ideas

Body Lotion

If you’re looking for a bigger gift to give then the larger versions of the Thymes petite body lotions are perfect! Who doesn’t love a great smelling lotion right?

Bubble Bath

The Thymes Fragrances bubble bath selection is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, stress free, and hydrated. My favourite fragrance from the collection is Goldleaf which includes notes of jasmine, roses, hyacinth, lily of the valley, and oak moss. It’s one of those scents that instantly soothes you and puts you in a relaxed mood. I’d happily accept it as a gift!

I hope this post has been a help for you last minute shoppers! Order soon from the Thymes website or pick up a few of their products at your local Chapters-Indigo in time for Christmas. There’s nothing better than the gift of a good scent!

Happy Holidays my loves!




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