Exam Study Techniques

It’s that time of year again, yikes! The time of year that college students (like myself) are scrambling to meet deadlines, attempting to study for multiple courses at a time, and basically just trying to stay sane through it all. Today I’d like to share a few of my study techniques in hopes of helping you figure out your schedule and to relieve you of some stress. Since day one I’ve been a studious student (or a keener in other words) always preparing weeks ahead of time for tests, exams, and assignments but that doesn’t always mean I want to be doing it. There are times that I feel like dropping out and times that I completely lose track of what I’m doing. The worksheets that I’ll be providing you with today help me to stay on top of all of my courses and I really hope they help you do the same!


This year since my courses are so dense I’ve decided to start studying 3 weeks ahead of time. With multiple chapters in each course it can get hard to figure out which ones you should be studying for and when, so the first worksheet will help you to figure out what it is you should actually be focussing on.


The second worksheet attached in the document is a calendar that you can use to schedule which chapters and courses you will be studying each day. Depending on the time allotment that you have made for each chapter on the first worksheet, you can decide how much time you have to study everyday and which chapters you have room for.  It’s very easy to use but extremely helpful when it comes to knowing what you need to do! Think of it as a month-long to-do list.



  • Make sure you take at least one day off during the week, or at least an evening off to re-energize and re-focus your energy. Studying can be very draining so a little bit of time for relaxation is definitely necessary for your success.
  • Try exercising before a studying session! It stimulates the brain, wakes you up, and it can make you feel really productive and determined!
  • Eat wholesome and healthy foods. Eating junk foods will not help you when it comes to studying because you’ll be tired and lazy. Eating fruits, vegetables, and proper meals will keep your energy levels up.
  • Be strict on yourself! Don’t give in for that “one night out drinking ” or other activities that will take you off track of your study schedule. Unless you’re willing to work extra hard and complete double the amount of work the next day.
  • Study in a place that allows you to focus. I personally find that I get a lot of work done in a cafe setting, but whatever it may be, choose a place where you can study in peace and really focus.

Got any other studying techniques or tips? Share them in the comments below!



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