The Best Hair Tie for Thin Hair

Hair can be tricky, kinky, frizzy, and just straight up rude; especially if it’s not taken care of or styled with the correct tools. As a gal with insanely thin hair I’ve had a lot of trouble in the past with hair ties. They would fall out 5 minutes into my workout, create massive indents, and cause a lot of stress when I was in a rush and trying to figure out how to style my hair. No matter what hair type you have there is a hair tie solution, and today I’d like to cover the <<thin >> category for all of my babes out there with a mane that’s fragile AF.


Thin hair tends to be quite smooth, causing anything placed in it to fall out, so if you’re a gal that’s looking for a sturdy hold then these textured hair ties will do the trick.

Goody SlideProof Hair Elastics


A good ol’ crease just knows how to ruin your day, and believe me I’ve had many of these days. Since thin hair is so fragile it requires a hair tie that prevents breakage of the strands, and through all of my tests and trials the invisiBobble has worked the best. They may look silly at first glance, but they come in a wide range of colours and truly do prevent creasing and keep your hair in place. Check out some of my favourite colours below!

Pink BlackBrownClear


You may not always want to rock a textured hair tie or an invisiBobble, so these satin and polyester options are fantastic for thin hair on a day to day basis. Not only are they gentle but they also come in a HUGE selection of styles! I always find gorgeous satin hair ties at Anthropologie so you can check out a few of my faves below.

Knotted Satin Hair Tie Set
Preppy Pony Holder Set

Having thin hair is a blessing in many ways but definitely requires extra TLC so hopefully this post helps in the way you style it up!



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