DIY Halloween Costumes

Everyone gets stressed about costumes when Halloween draws near….unless that’s just me. I’m always scrambling at the last minute to find a costume that I feel is unique, but I also try not to break the bank. Here are a few costume ideas that you can stir up from your very own closet! Of course some of the items need to be purchased, but they certainly won’t cost you as much as a full costume.

Black Swan

Throw on one of your LBDs (little black dress), cover your eyes in black eyeshadow, and put a crown on your head!


Jessica Rabbit

Not all of these pieces will be in your closet but if you put on a risqué red dress, find a pair of cheap purple gloves and a red wig then you’ll look like her in no time!



The classic sailor costume oh yes! Choose a short white or navy dress (preferably with short sleeves), loosely tie a small silk scarf around your neck, put on mid-long white socks and shoes, and then find an affordable sailors hat!



Let’s be real here, no bunny that I have ever seen on Halloween has actually looked like a bunny, so make it your own! Find an outfit that you wouldn’t regularly wear and pop on a pair of bunny ears from your local dollar store.



Spice Girl

You’ve got five personas to choose from, which one will it be??? All of them should be easy to style from your own wardrobe.


Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen

I obviously saved the best for last, I LOVE Gossip Girl and if you do too then this one might excite you! Need some inspiration for a Blair look? Find it here! Can’t forget Serena, find inspo for her here.

Here’s what I’ve been for Halloween over the years!

Bumble Bee


Diego’s cousin (from Dora the Explorer) and my boyfriend was Diego!

Baseball Player

Wonder Woman

What will you be dressing up as this year?





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