Best Givenchy Antigona Dupe

Oh yes, we have hit the jackpot! I’ve searched high and low for a dupe of the luxe bag… Givenchy Antigona in black…and found it on Fashion Drug!

The retail of the actual designer bag (medium sized) is around $3300CA but this dupe goes for $135CA!! How amazing is that!

Givenchy Antigona Black – Medium

Although there is no “Givenchy” label on the dupe everything else looks the same and better. The non-removable and non-adjustable strap that’s attached to the real bag is actually adjustable AND removable on the Fashion Drug version. Making it a much more convenient bag, imo.

Not So Boring Black – Fashion Drug

Another great thing about the dupe is that it’s offered in two sizes. One is big enough to be a diaper bag (for all you Mamas out there), and the other is mini and perfect for a few day-to-day items.

Tag me in your photos with your Fashion Drug bags, or leave me a comment below on what you think about this dupe!




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