5 Ways to Sleep Better

A good night’s sleep is important for your overall health but a lot of us, actually the majority of us, get distracted by little things making it harder to get proper shut-eye.

The countless distractions of phone screens, Netflix, food, drinks, and more certainly do not help our sleeping patterns. So here’s 5 ways that will help you to sleep better.



Caffeine keeps you up, period. Skip that extra drink or late night latte to prevent the jitters in bed. If you’re really craving something then try Camomile tea, a non-caffeinated and extremely soothing treat before sleep.

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Cleansing your face before bed will help to prevent the irritation of day-time oils and dirt that have gathered on your face. Not to mention, going to sleep on the same pillow every night should force you to want to put your head down spit-spot clean!

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Although snuggling into a warm and cozy bed sounds amazing, it’s not always that great when trying to get to sleep. Getting into an already warming bed spread will heat your body up more overnight and cause you to have difficulty trying to sleep. Set the thermostat to 20-22°C during the day so that your room is cool enough for a good night’s sleep and don’t use a thick comforter if the weather is warmer.

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Eating less than three hours before you sleep will surely give you trouble when your head hits the pillow. Your body will naturally keep digesting the food you’ve eaten, even if you’re laying in bed with your eyes closed. Have a cup of tea and distract yourself with a book or magazine instead.

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The blue screens from our devices automatically tells our brain to stay awake and keep searching. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Want to be asleep by 11? Put your phone down by 10:30. Read instead!

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How do you get a good nights rest? Share your ideas with me in a comment below!




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