Best Gucci Loafer Dupes

Ever heard of the term baller on a budget? Well ladies and gents, this week I’m going to be sharing with you a few of my favourite sites for designer dupes. Some of them are more than affordable and others are a little more pricey but for a good reason; quality.

Just recently the Gucci leather and suede loafers have become a trend amongst the boujee community on Instagram, but if there’s a less expensive option out there that basically looks the exact same… wouldn’t you want those instead?! It’s a yes for me! Here’s the real version of the black Gucci leather loafers…

Princetown Leather Slipper

And here’s the less expensive version…

Black Faux Leather Flat Loafer Slippers

Can you really tell much of a difference? I didn’t think so. But that’s about a $750CA difference right there. It’s all about the look, and this pair from Romwe does the trick.

The only downside to buying the less expensive version of the loafers is that the quality is obviously not nearly as good as the real deal. I purchased this exact pair and as soon as I pulled them out of the box the smell of glue and leather flooded my room. I had to air them out on my balcony for a few days, and even then the smell didn’t leave. That’s what you get for $35 though right? Since then I’ve worn them multiple times and they’re still good as new!

In addition to the leather loafers, I also purchased a pair of the black leather and fur loafers, out of complete curiosity. It was definitely a risk, as I knew the fur would be faux and not nearly as nice as the real ones, but what the heck it was only $30! In all honesty though, I purchased them in the Spring, received them closer to summer, and it was too hot to wear them! They’re still sitting on the shoe rack waiting to be picked up.

Princetown Leather Slipper
Black Faux Leather Fur Lined Slippers

Another site that you can find these dupes on is Jessica Buurmann, one that I assume to be a little better quality than the Romwe version. Although I have not purchased the pair from this site, I’ve read tons of reviews and it seems to be quite popular and reputable.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.18.44 PM.png
DINAH Leather and Fur Slipper Slides
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 10.21.54 PM.png
This pair from Jessica Buurman also comes with a silk scarf for a unique touch! 

Below I’ve linked a few more look-alikes that you might be interested in!


Tiger Embroidery Metal Detail Loafers
Mixed Print Loafer Mules
Tropical Pattern Loafer Mules

Before I sign out on this post, be warned that ordering from Romwe is a little bit stressful, and although it may take a month for your items to arrive, they really will arrive!

Got another great dupe site? Leave the link in the comments section below!




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