Instagram Travel Accounts You Should Be Following

I wish I could travel for a living but realistically that will probably never happen, so I turn to Instagram for inspiration and a little travel fix. Below are some of my favourite travel accounts, take a look!

@taylorcutfilms – Taylor’s page will never disappoint because each photo is something completely new and stunning! His photography and editing skills go beyond just photos though, check out his YouTube channel for mind-blowing travel videos!

@alyssalynch – She’s one of my all-time favourite bloggers and has a page that will captivate you for days. As the girlfriend of @taylorcutfilms, her page features some of the same photos that he edits, as well as pics of her latest outfits and travels. She’s a cutie!

@girleatworld – All your food and travel dreams come true on her page! This is no ordinary food page that’s for sure because each photo contains a shot of a unique treat from the place she’s currently located in and also a distinctive background to tell where she is.

@doyoutravel & @gypsea_lust – Jack’s page has a very smooth flow to it as he travels and explores the world with his girlfriend Lauren (@gypsea_lust). Both of their pages feature similarly filtered and edited photos that catch the eye right away. They just released their Lightroom presets for sale so checkout their pages for more details!

@taramilktea – Originally from Sydney, Tara explores all parts of the world and expresses her creativity through her gorgeous photos. Each destination she posts is jaw-dropping!

@muradosmann – If you’re familiar with the hashtag #FollowMeTo, then you may have come across this page already. It’s literally goals! Majority of the photos on this page consist of @natalyosmann, Murad’s girlfriend, holding his hand and walking into a beautiful travel destination.

Do you have a favourite travel account? Leave some usernames in the comment section below! 🙂





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