Planning the Perfect Picnic

Summer brings many good things and picnics are one of my favourites! I don’t like to skimp on the food or fun when it comes to picnics so I hope this checklist helps you plan your next one!

Food & Beverages

  1. Casual Foods – avoid items with mayonnaise and pack your food in resealable, lightweight containers. Better yet, use disposable containers!
  2. Ice packs or bags of ice – food spoils quickly when it’s in the wrong temperature, use the ice to transport your food and then pop em in your drinks for a nice cool down!
  3. Drinks – bottled water, pop, juice, adult beverages.
  4. Condiments – if you’re bringing food that will require ketchup and mustard then try to find small packets (like at fast food restaurants) that you can chuck in your bag.
  5. Salt and pepper – not mandatory, but definitely something to consider if the food requires it!


  1. Cups and plates – eco-friendly paper or plastic work! Buy them at your local dollar store to save a little bit.
  2. Utensils – go for reusable ones.
  3. Serving utensils – depending on the food you bring, don’t forget a few tongs or serving spoons!
  4. Cutting knife – a plastic knife will do just fine for sandwiches.
  5. Bottle opener or corkscrew – or both!
  6. Napkins – bring a roll or a stack.

Other Random Things

  1. Garbage bags – ever heard the saying “leave it cleaner than you found it”?
  2. Wipes or moist toweletes – instead of pouring water over napkins, get a pack of wipes for hands and spills.
  3. Paper towel – if you chose a roll for your napkin option then it’s dual for cleanup time!
  4. Blanket, large towel, or bed sheet – make sure its big enough to hold everything in, but light enough to carry.
  5. Bag and cooler – well what else are you going to carry everything in?!
  6. Bluetooth speaker – to get the music bumpin.
  7. Sports equipment and games – cards, boardgames, soccer ball, volleyball, foot ball, frisbee, etc.
  8. Sunscreen – even if it’s overcast people!
  9. Sun umbrella – if you’re not under a tree, you might find this will come in handy when the sun peeks out.

What do you bring on your picnics? Anything fun that I should try on my next one?




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