How To Pack for a 2 Week Trip

Since I’m going away I think it’s only fair that I share how I’m packing my suitcase for a two week trip. Specifically in the outfit department. This is going to sound bad but it honestly used to take me a few hours to pack one suitcase, even just for a few days. I’ve figured out a way now, just like my carry-on post, to pack strategically and make the most out of my luggage space.

2 weeks is a long time and really intimidating when thinking about all the clothing options I could be bringing, so I break it down. Follow the steps below to achieve a flawless suitcase and put-together outfits.

  1. Create a trip itinerary; how many days/nights you will be staying, what you will be doing, where you will be going.
  2. Figure out according to the itinerary how many outfits per day you’ll need. For example, I’ll be doing workouts in the mornings and then going out later in the day, that counts for two outfits.
  3. Make a list of all the clothing items you would like to bring. Categorize this list into the following:

Tops, Pants, Shorts/Skirts, Dresses, Active Wear, Shoes, Coats/Jackets, Misc (pajamas, undergarments)

  1. Create a list of different outfits with your list of items.
  2. Choose and pack the pieces that are repeated in your outfit list. Consider the fact that you may be able to do laundry and make sure you pack enough outfit options for the entire trip!

Now I know that may sound tedious, but trust me once you actually do it and pack properly, your suitcase will be much lighter and you won’t have to chuck things out of your bag looking for an outfit.

PS. It’s easier to create your lists if you type it down on a word document rather than hand writing!

How do you pack your suitcase?




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