What’s in my beach bag?

When it comes to the beach you always want to be prepared, aka always having your bag packed right. Staying out in the sun for more than an hour can be pretty dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right items with you. Let me share with you what I pack in my beach bag 🙂

What’s in my bag?

Sunscreen & Tanning Oil

Obviously a must! I usually apply SPF 30 lotion and then SPF 4 tanning oil on top. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours!


Protect those eyes people!


Just in case you really start to feel the heat. Better yet wear it to the beach instead of packing it!

Towel or Sheet

A large towel works but you know what’s even better? A fitted bed sheet! Grab a double-king sized fitted bed sheet, lay it upside down, and fill the 4 corners with bags. You’ll have your own DIY walls and sand won’t seep onto the sheet!

After-Sun Lotion/Aloe Vera

If you plan on going out for dinner after a day at the beach then I recommend bringing an after-sun lotion to hydrate and cool down your tanned (maybe burnt) skin.


In case there’s a concession or some ice-cream near by 😉

Games/Cards/Sports Equipment

A must if tanning the whole day isn’t for you. Bring a football or volleyball to make the day more fun!

R+F SPF Lip-Balm

Don’t forget about the lippies! They can get burned just as easily as any other part of your body. You can find the SPF lip-balm that I use here.

OUAI Wave spray

Whether you travel to the beach with your hair up or down, the OUAI wave spray will make your hair look effortlessly wavy and stylish! No one has to know there’s product in your hair 😉


Unless you’d rather play music on your phone, a mini speaker will change the mood of your beach day within seconds!

Advil or Tylenol

The sun can definitely bring on headaches, so I usually bring a small bottle of Advil or Tylenol just in case.

What’s in my cooler? All of the essentials so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary $$$.


Fresh fruit, pre-made sandwiches, chocolate, nuts, etc.

Water Bottles

There’s no limit to how many water bottles you should bring. If you know there’s a place nearby that you can refill your bottles at then bring one or two with you and refill throughout the day!

Ice Packs

You don’t want that water and food to get warm!

What do you pack in your beach bag loves?



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