Product Comparison: Batiste & Cake Dry Shampoo

If you’re reading this and you’ve got hair then you probably know the struggle of Day 2 or 3 hair. It can often become an oily and greasy mess and that’s when dry shampoo comes into the equation.

Finding the right dry shampoo can be tricky though because you can’t exactly get a sample of an aerosol bottle right? The smallest portion that you can buy for product testing would be the travel size, but even then it’s a lot of product to use up if it doesn’t end up working for you. So today I’d like to share two brands of dry shampoo that I have been using and which one I prefer over the other.

For a couple years now I’ve been using the Batiste Dry Shampoos, but recently I purchased “The Do-Gooder” from Cake beauty because I’d seen it in store a few times and duh it smells like cake!

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo

Scent: Fresh & Clean; it’s very refreshing when sprayed on and it doesn’t have a lingering smell that gives you a headache.

Long-Lasting Effect: 9/10; for an original, non-voluminous dry shampoo this one does the job well. My hair doesn’t need many re-sprays of this dry shampoo throughout the day. But obviously by the end of the day my hair starts to get a little oily again.

Volume: 7/10; although this product doesn’t focus on volume as much as de-greasing your hair, it does a good job of lifting the roots!

Colour: One of my pet peeves about this product is that it sprays on very white and powdery so I always have to brush it through or scruff it up with my hand before going out or styling it.

Rate: 8/10

Batiste Oomph It XXL Volume Dry Shampoo

Scent: Sweet & Refreshing; this one is a little sweeter smelling than the original but still not overpowering! I quite like the scent actually.

Long-Lasting Effect: 9/10; just like the Original Batiste dry shampoo this one has an all-day lasting effect and I don’t need to re-spray my hair throughout the day.

Volume: 10/10; I have naturally pin straight hair and that means when my hair gets oily it gets flat. This dry shampoo does an amazing jobs for lifting my hairs, de-greasing it, and providing ample volume.

Colour: Once again this product sprays on quite white and powdery like the original, but it’s nothing that can’t be brushed out!

Rate: 9/10

Cake Beauty the Do-Gooder Dry Shampoo

Scent: Sweet, Delicious Cake; probably half of the reason that I bought this dry shampoo was because of the scent, but after a while it smells artificial and can give you a headache. It’s nice for the first couple of sprays but after that not so much. It lasts throughout the ENTIRE day too.

Long-Lasting Effect: 6/10; in order to really de-grease my hair I need to spray this about 6 times in my roots and it doesn’t last throughout the day. My hair returns to its oily state half way through the day.

Volume: 5/10; this dry shampoo is definitely not good for volume so try not to expect too much from it!

Colour: In contrast to the Batiste dry shampoos, this one sprays on clear! That’s something I really like about this product because I don’t need to brush it out!

Rate: 7/10

My Conclusion

Out of all three of these dry-shampoos, and I know there’s many more out there, I prefer to use the Batiste Oomph It XXL Volume Dry Shampoo! If you have other brands that you think I should try out leave their names in the comments below!



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