Summer One Piece Collection

Hello lovely people! Today I’d like to chat about the good old one piece bathing suit. Ever since I was a little girl I hated that my parents would never let me wear a bikini but they had their reasons and I had no choice but to obey and listen. Tankinis and one piece suits were all that I really knew, and even though I hated not being able to show my belly button at such a young age, I’ve now come to realize how stylish the right one piece suit can be! Now when I say stylish I do not mean a one piece that attempts to be a bikini… like the monokini. Really what is the point of a monokini?!? (I admit I owned one at a certain point in my life, but that phase quickly passed.)

As a young woman growing up in a generation of extreme exposure, sexuality and social media influence it can be hard to choose a suit that makes one feel good AND be comfortable in. If a bikini just ain’t your thang and you want to cover up a little more, then a one piece is the BEST option! Let’s not do the tank top over bikini thing OK?

Throughout my teenage years I have gone searching high and low for the perfect one piece suit and I have to say it was quite hard to find a nice one even just 2 years ago. I’m so happy that one piece suits have become a trend now! *CUE BAE Watch* I’m fully stocked up for the summer and I’ve collected quite a few different styles to share with you all, so let’s get to it.

#1 White, Tight, and High-Waisted

Inspired by the recently released BAE Watch movie, I just had to grab this one off the rack! It’s the perfect high-waisted waistline, is a flattering colour, AND HAS BOWS going down the sides. I honestly think a high-waisted suit will look flattering on anyone, and you can’t go wrong with bows right?! I picked this one up for about $45CAD at Zara.

#2 Cut-Outs Galore

This might have been my wannabe VS model brain speaking to me when I made the purchase, but this black suit has the cut in the right place! The strapless top ensures a good chest tan and the colour just looks purely chic. I do dread the tan-line I’ll get in this one though! I picked it up at Forever 21, for around $30CAD.

#3 Classic Cut with Some Room for Risky Business

Just kidding, no risky business happening over here! The caption just spoke to me 😉 I couldn’t get my eyes off of this suit when I saw it! The yellow colour was very eye-catching, in the right way, and the style reminded me of suits from the 60’s. The zipper on this suit also adds a nice detailing and it’s made of a thick, good quality material. I purchased this one at H&M last summer, and I believe it was around $40CAD.

#4 The Name-Brand Suit

I lived in this suit last summer and for a good reason! It’s two of my favourite colours, super comfy, and looks as good on as it does on the rack. I saw this suit on one of my favourite Instagrammer’s feeds and tracked it down at PacSun in the US. It’s a part of the 2016 Kendall+Kylie Summer Swim Collection and retailed for around $45USD.

In all honesty, I’ll probably collect a few more one pieces this summer, so stay tuned for those! What’s your favourite style?




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