My Opinion on Eyelash Extensions

Over the past year I’ve gone through three different eyelash technicians, around 5 extension appointments and 1 removal appointment, leading me to write this blog post for you. Eyelash extensions are 1) an investment and 2) something that you should be educated on before actually doing. I didn’t educate myself properly on the process before getting them done the first time and the result wasn’t so great. If you’re considering getting your lashes done for the first time then I hope I’m able to help you by sharing my experiences!


As I said above, I didn’t research anything about eyelash extensions before getting them done the first time and pretty much went into my appointment blind. That was a major NO. Of course I went through the different technicians’ websites, Instagram pages, and profiles but in the end it was the pricing that helped me make a decision. I believe I paid around $75 for a full set (1 extension/natural eyelash) and the technician travelled to my house for a $10 fee. The pricing was reasonable to me in comparison to the other technicians that charged over $100 for a full set, and I liked that she could travel to my house to apply them. However my eyelashes turned out to be too voluminous, which I forced myself to get used to for Grad events, and my eyes stung and itched right after the appointment and continued to be that way for around 2 weeks. It’s safe to say I didn’t get them done by her again. What I regret from this experience:

1) I didn’t research enough on how to find the right technician and how pricing varies; pricing is dependent on the skill level of the technician, experience, and quality of the glue and lashes used. The lashes from my first appointment weren’t the most natural looking and obviously the glue wasn’t the best either because I had a reaction. This is NOT supposed to happen at all.

2) I didn’t look up the different styles of eyelash extensions before going into my appointment. Refer to the chart below to see what style you like best and then tell your technician!

Extension Lengths
Curl Type
Extension Curl Types

3) This part wasn’t really my fault but I still regret it. The length of the lashes were SO LONG! Longer than my liking, and this can be prevented by asking to see a sample length of the extension on your natural lash before the technician continues to apply them.

The next experience I’m about to share with you was very recent and in no way do I blame the technician because you get what you pay for. This one’s on me. My regular eyelash technician wasn’t available for an appointment in the week I wanted them done, so I went looking for other technicians and came across a brand new one who was charging $40 for a full set. I was intrigued by the offer because the photos shown on her profile were just as nice as the one’s on any professional technician site, plus she was available when I needed them! Long story short, the application process was 3 hours long (which was OK), my eyes stung and watered after the appointment, the isolation of the lashes was great, but the quality was far from my standards. My regrets:

  1. I shouldn’t have impulse chosen a technician just because I needed them done ASAP. I wasted money because I had them removed 2 days later for an extra fee. They were really bugging me.
  2. I didn’t consider the quality of the lashes and glue that I would be getting when I looked at the price. This left me with almost spider-leg-looking lashes and tiny spots of black glue on my skin.
  3. I betrayed my #1 lash technician for a beginner. If you’re used to high quality lash extensions don’t even try going to a brand new technician because you’ll constantly be comparing the two! It’s normal though, you need to practice to gain experience and get better right?

What to Consider When Making an Appointment

  1. Price: My regular lash technician, Deana Nguyen, charges $80 for a full-set of synthetic mink lashes and I have to say I fall in love every time I have them done. They look SO natural! Other places usually charge a similar price or just over $100. So if you’re below this range then consider asking about what type of eyelashes/glue the technician uses.
  2. Style & Curl: You’ll want to go in knowing what style/curl you want or else you might panic and choose something you end up regretting! You can go for a natural looking eye, cat-eye, or volume!
  3. Length: The length in addition to curl type is what will make your lashes look fake. Choose wisely and if you’re unsure then ask the technician to show you a sample of one extension on!

My Opinion


  • They look amazing and natural when done right!
  • They save so much time when applying makeup. You look flawless even without makeup!
  • They’re easy to maintain.
  • They can change the shape of your eyes…not kidding. The right length and curl can either shrink or open up your eyes.


  • They’re an investment, especially to continue getting them filled! It’s up to you…saving time with the extensions or saving money without them.
  • You can’t use oil based eye makeup or creams that touch the extensions. This isn’t so much a problem for me, but if you have an oil-based eye makeup remover then you’ll have to buy a new one!

My New Lashes

I just had my lashes done by Deana yesterday and instead of going for my usual “natural round eye” I chose a cat-eye! They turned out lovely and I think I’ll continue to get the cat-eye from now on.

9mm – 14mm Cat eye, 0.15 diameter

Note: VAVYCO (Deana’s business) does NOT support animal cruelty and all of her lashes are synthetic mink!

Overall I think that eyelash extensions are one of the greatest leaps in the beauty industry and I will continue to get them done! If you live in the Vancouver area hit up my lash girl Deana! Visit her website here or check out her Insta @vavyco. Let me know your thoughts on lash extensions in the comments below! I always love looking at lash jobs so if you’ve got pictures of your own lash extensions post those too! A little lash inspo never hurt anybody 😛




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